你的Nintendo DS Lite出现了联网问题?更换掉Wi-Fi模块以重新接入网络。

  1. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 电池: 步骤 1 中的图像 1,2 Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 电池: 步骤 1 中的图像 2,2
    • 卸下电池盖下方固定着的十字形螺丝。

    • 螺丝会留在电池盖上。

    • 用撬棒或指甲撬起电池盖,并从盖子的底部掀起来。

    A Phillips #000 (PH000) seems to give a more secure fit (no slipping) than the stated Phillips #00.

    Ritchie - 回复

    This will be good for mods

    Matthew Bevins - 回复

    I'm having a problem getting the screw to unscrew. I have the right Phillips ( it was included with all the stuff I got this) Any tips. it doesn't look like the screw is spinning but i haven't played my Nintendo DS Lite for 3 years.

    whittlegirls - 回复

    bonjour j’ai une petite question pour vous fais trés longtemps que j’ai pas utiliser mon nintendo ds lite et quand je le branche il allume 1 fois orange après il s’enteint même s’il est brancher ça veux tu dire qu’il faut que je change de batterie ? Merci

    Marie-Julie Richer - 回复

    Soit un changement de batterie, soit la carte-mère a peut-être un court-circuit :/

    Polaris -

  2. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 2 中的图像 1,1
    • 将一根撬棒插入电池边缘与背盖之间的缝隙里,并往上撬以移开电池。

    • 将电池从DS Lite上取下来。

  3. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 背盖: 步骤 3 中的图像 1,2 Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 背盖: 步骤 3 中的图像 2,2
    • 用一根撬棒的尖端撬掉DS Lite两个橡胶垫。

  4. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 4 中的图像 1,1
    • 卸下DS Lite背盖上以下几颗螺丝:

    • 2颗金黄色4.3毫米十字形螺丝

    • 1颗黑色3.9毫米Y字形螺丝

    • 1颗银色3.3毫米十字形螺丝

    • 3颗银色5.5毫米Y字形螺丝

    Not mentioned is to remove the jumper/connector below the word "SLOT-2". Case WILL NOT separate otherwise.

    Kayla - 回复

    In the separation step below, the third picture show the case with the jumper/connector removed.

    Kayla - 回复

    I cannot remove the tri-wing screws.

    Zach Smith - 回复

    Same to me. I tried opening the case by force. Broke several parts of the motherboard…

    Leon -

    I can't remove the final tri wing screw in the battery section and it looks like I grinded the screw out too much for any screwdriver to work.Is there anything I can do?

    Quintin Harbin - 回复

    From what I know, the only solution is to drill the screw out with a very small-headed drill :/

    Polaris -

  5. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 5 中的图像 1,3 Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 5 中的图像 2,3 Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 5 中的图像 3,3
    • 将撬棒的边缘插入DS Lite顶部右端前盖与背盖之间的缝隙中。

    • 小心翼翼的将撬棒沿着DS Lite的右边缘移动,制造出一条间隙。

    • 持续沿着DS Lite的下端移动撬棒,直到背盖大体上与前盖分离。

    Don’t forget to remove the GBA cartridge placeholder before removing the backside

    Cees Jan de Boer - 回复

    You forgot to mention to remove the battery compartment Phillips screw.

    nathan lowe - 回复

  6. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 6 中的图像 1,1
    • 将背盖从DS Lite本体上掀开来。

    • 拉拽时要小心。有些组件是由粘合剂密封着的,拉拽力度过猛还会损坏电源开关。

    When you reassemble, make sure that you have the volume and power buttons in place, and make sure they are in the right position to line up with the switches on the motherboard. If they are not aligned, you risk snapping off the tiny switches on the motherboard (in which case, you are in for some soldering work).

    Eric - 回复

    I should have read the comments first - broke off the power switch because I didn't know about aligning it. No way I can do soldering, guess it's for the dustbin :-(

    Emma -

    Whoops, remembered the power button but forgot the volume slider.

    I'll do it later.

    analbonghits -

    There is no way that the fact you have to line up the volume and power switch toggles upon reassembly is not in this guide. I just carefully followed this guide to replace the shoulder buttons but ruined my DS lite because I didn’t read these (practically hidden comments due to the design of the website) comments and broke the power switch. Thankfully there are 150 million DS I can buy second hand but “repeat the steps backwards” wasn’t sufficient in this repair. And that’s what this website is for.

    Ryan -

  7. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 扳机键: 步骤 7 中的图像 1,2 Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, 扳机键: 步骤 7 中的图像 2,2
    • 将两个扳机键从DS Lite中提起来。

    • 扳机键被小小的金属栓子与弹簧粗略地固定着。别弄丢这些小零件了。

    • 为了正确地重新组装设备,请参考图二扳机键正确的组装方式。

    Anything after step 7 is unnecessary if having to replace the left or right trigger button(s).

    Nate River - 回复

    The second picture does not show the correct configuration of the button spring. It should be flipped. Look at the trigger on the left of the larger image; that is the correct configuration.

    wrekone - 回复

  8. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南, Wi-Fi模块: 步骤 8 中的图像 1,1
    • 用一根撬棒的扁端将Wi-Fi天线连接器垂直于Wi-Fi模块往上撬离其接口。

    There is absolutely no need to follow steps 8-13 if like me, all you needed to do was access the face buttons for cleaning/replacement. Once you have unscrewed the motherboard from the front casing you can just flip it up, making sure you take the front screen with it. You will have full access to the buttons and all of their contacts. No need to remove the wifi board and microphone cable, etc. Also, replacing the ribbon cables for the screen is especially frustrating. Avoid taking them out at all costs, if you can.

    James McCarthy - 回复

    what is the "etc."?

    Rita Cao -

    For those replacing the bottom screen, you can just skip to step 13 and go from there. No need to remove the wifi board, antenna, etc.

    lowestseries - 回复

  9. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 9 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用撬棒的扁端将Wi-Fi模块的连接器垂直于主板向上撬离其接口。

    the i was working on had a different wifi connector. i thought a had broken it but the thing underneath it was just to balance it on the motherboard.

    BigD29853 - 回复

    Do you have to put back in the WiFi board? As far as I know it does not require it to play games.

    Aiden Harlin - 回复

    With the Nintendo servers now off, and all the games are playable without WiFi. That being said, I don’t know what is used for local multiplayer.

    Polaris -

  10. Nintendo DS Lite Wi-Fi模块更换指南: 步骤 10 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用撬棒的扁端将Wi-Fi模块的右端从主板上分离出来。

    • Wi-Fi模块和主板间有一层粘合剂固定着。

    • 将Wi-Fi模块从DS Lite中分离出来。

    I took it apart successfully and I replaced the screen but I've put it back together and it the green light turns on for about 2seconds quiet dim, brighter for about 1 and then it turns off... I then took the wifi board out, and it turned on! What have I done to it and why doesn't it work with it and only without?!

    Brianlewis - 回复

    Exact same symptoms for me : on boot up, green light would stay on for 1 second, then shut down. Without wifi, green light would stay on, but blank screens. In fact, it's because on boot up, DS will check if wifi is present, and stop if there is an error. Then, it checks for upper screen, and after that, for lower screen. If one of these is not responding, DS will turn off. I check my cables (upper screen) and DS started again with no problem.

    Alexandre - 回复





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So I came across a "Prison edition" DSLite out of the Kentucky DOC It I was told that the wifi card was disabled but I take it apart and see that it is still there pluged in and everything you don't happen to know how to turn it back on do you it is a gift for my little brother and would like the WiFi to work.

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Question anyone knows what the pin layout of the board

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