使用本指南更换裸机逻辑板。 这需要取下附加到逻辑板的每个组件。

  1. 拆除以下十个固定在机壳上的螺丝
    • 拆除以下十个固定在机壳上的螺丝

    • 三个13.5毫米(14.1毫米) Phillips螺丝 。

    • 七个3毫米 Phillips 螺丝。

    Step 1 (technically step 9 - replacing the base plate) Apparently one of my screws was a micron or two smaller than the others. This screw belongs to the hole above the optical drive, which is also apparently a couple of microns smaller than the others. It took seven attempts to figure which screw had originally been in that hole; all the other screws were too large, but fitted perfectly everywhere else.

    Bizarre much?

    Will - 回复

    It might be a matter of how the screws are driven in, and not that they're slightly different sizes. When I reassembled my MacBook, a couple of the screws, including the one over the optical drive you mention, were hard to drive in and jutted up a little bit instead of sitting entirely flush. Swapping screws didn't help. The solution was to unscrew them and drive them in at a bit of an angle - perpendicular to the slightly curved surface of the back plate where the screw holes were, instead of fully vertical with respect to the ground the Macbook is sitting on. Doing it that way, the screws were easier to drive in and they all ended up flush in their holes. Didn't matter which screws they were. (I swapped a few around just to check after reading this.)

    Andrew Janke -

    I had no such screw issues. Either there are differences in manufacturing lots or I just got incredibly lucky during reassembly!

    xtophr -

    I discovered a great way of organizing the screws. I used an ice cube tray and added the screws in order, keeping the different kinds together. So when it came to reversing the steps, the screw order was an added control step to returning everything in its place.

    leonie - 回复

    Great advise! Love it! :)

    Ririds -

    I used to do that and that worked really great until I bumped it by accident and the entire tray went on the rug! I spent the next day sorting things out.

    Now I use these:


    The lower ones 50 to a package. I mark them w/ blue tape. Often if it's part like the fans, or the optical drive I'll tape the screws into/near the holes where they belong. I did this a lot especially w/ the bottom screws from MBPs until I'd done so many I knew exactly where the longer ones went.

    Richard Sato -

    I wrapped the screws in a piece of blue masking tape and wrote the number on the little pouch I made. Then I stuck the blue tape pouches on the underside of the case bottom in order.

    Roscoe -

    I take double-sided tape, put that on a piece of paper, stick the crews to that, and label them.

    jelimoore -

    Best I've found is a bead sorting tray. They're like $5 at Wal-Mart and they have a lid that seals up and won't let them jump between containers.

    maccentric -

    I take a sheet of paper, pierce the screws through the paper, take a pen and box the screws and write out what step they belong to.

    Nils -

    @Will, in my case I had the same result as you did. As a reminder to myself the next time I need to open the computer, I put a dot of white paint on those two screw's head and a very, very thin ring of white on the very edge of each hole, that way I'll know they go into those two holes.

    Roger - 回复

    Actually the four screws on the bottom were not threaded all the way up. I didn't check to see if the thread gauge was the same on them, but it wasn't until I had about four screws out (I didn't take them out in the order that the bottom all came out first) that I noticed a difference. I then took out the rest of the bottom ones to see if they matched the two that were already out that weren't threaded to the top. They did. So I went under the assumption that those were all bottom screws and when I put it back together everything went fine with no resistance.

    So there are three types of screws: Four for the bottom, three long ones as indicated and three others that might be slightly smaller than the bottom ones.

    wresnick - 回复


    Although its more than a year since your contribution, I thought you might be amused to know that it is not just that the screws go in more easily when at an angle, Apple actually drilled and tapped the holes at a 15% angle. I too had tried to drive them in straight. An Apple "genius" - I was in for something else - clarified the design for me. It was done so that the screws lay flush on the angled part of the lower case. Nice design, but since Apple encourages DIY memory and drive changes, they could have mentioned this little ... trap.

    H Stahl -


    Intel Core i7, 2,2 GHz, RAM 16 GB

    Mountain Lion

    May someone help me?

    I have installed the second drive with ssd 840 evo, but when I try to copy the file from the new drive to the main hd this in not allowed (errore -36)

    Piero - 回复

    To my knowledge you can't transfer a single file more than 4gb. I advise compressing to a bunch of rars to split the file size and moving them individually

    1982sketcher -

    Hey everyone, here's the very best way to PERFECTLY organize your screws AND keep track of the order of the procedure: Get a piece of plain corrugated cardboard and a pen (I like using a Sharpie). For EACH step of the disassembly, draw a simple diagram of the layout of the computer on the piece of cardboard, with dots or Xs where the screws are located. Right after you remove each screw from the computer, poke a hole in the cardboard in its corresponding diagram position with your screwdriver and place the screw in that hole. If there are other non-screw related parts to be removed, you can add notes below each step diagram to remind you of where they go or how they should be placed. This cardboard method is great not only because your screws will not go flying or get mixed up by accident if bumped, but each screw goes EXACTLY back where it came from and you can keep the cardboard as a template for future use if necessary!

    - zerø K

    zeroK - 回复

    for all the mac 2011 owner. we should pressure apple to accept their fault. they gave as a piece of junk while they took our $2000. -betrayed apple fanboy

    mindful - 回复

    These instructions worked great for me. I ordered a replacement battery from Key Power (on Amazon) for my 15" Macbook Pro (mid-2010). Cost was $74 shipped.

    Battery came with 3 different screwdrivers to help with installation. I just needed the one size though, since my 2010 seemed to use all the same size screws.


    Marcos - 回复

    During re-assembling (put the screws back in), it is important to note that the 3mm threaded holes are not completely vertical, but bent a little bit such that the hole direction is rectangular to the tapered surface. The force of the screwdriver must point towards the direction of the hole. Otherwise the screw gets jammed

    kusi - 回复

    There is a FOOLPROOF WAY TO ORGANIZE ALL SCREWS and other parts removed.

    Print the repair guide.

    Yes, the actual photo of the bottom of the laptop with the circles around the screws.

    When you remove the screw, tape it to the photograph.

    You will tape the screw to the exact location that you just removed it from.

    Same thing with any part you remove.

    splashzoneent - 回复

    Thanks Splash!!! I used your suggested method, and it was perfect: kept all my screws, and i was able to, very easily, put them back in their correct place. I greatly appreciated your feedback. Thank you for sharing!!

    Tommy Kedar -

    Thank you!!! This worked fabulously - even the I.T. people at my workplace were excited as they never thought to do that before. Replacing the battery took about 10 minutes!

    nclarke36 -

    Worked like a charm! Took less than 20 minutes.

    It's Oct. 2015, and the fan cost me about $10. it was the same brand/model...

    SUNON MG62090V1-Q020-S99 .


    1- no T6 screwdriver- was careful using needle nose players to loosen 2 screws protruding up, then use a small phillips to push real hard into the T6 slots, SLOWLY turn , also used a small flat head screwdriver (for eye glass repair) was able to grab thread on T6's, made a small mark with screw driver across the top so I could see when it started to turn.

    2- no spudger -made one; cut a little strip 1/2" x 1 1/2" of plastic. couldn't get it to slide under plug, there's an edge where plug fits. so lifted old fan out, pulled upward on the plug it popped right out with very little effort. I used my home made spudger to push the new plug into place.

    3- download free "Macs Fan Control" This is how I was alerted to the fan not working in the first place. Program shows temperature of all key components in the computer.

    cheers- Durango CO!

    Dgodrummer - 回复

    Watch the video first, read the entire tutorial and all the comments before you start, and spread a white towel on the floor so you can find screws when you drop them. Watch this first -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiBxhA29e...

    kevicoll409 - 回复

    The link above is no longer available.

    Kristina Graham -

    Please be aware that you CAN do this replacement with MUCH LESS work. I successfully replaced a trackpad (TP) in this model WITHOUT removing a lot of what is described here. I think i mainly removed the logic board (LB) anchor screws along the TP side and was then able to lever up the LB just enough to get the cable unplugged and snaked out. Followed the reverse and done. Maybe not for all, but it worked for me. // Re screws: i print out the images here of the multi-screws locations and then tape the screws in place on the print-out.

    Danno - 回复

    Is it necessary to ground oneself to prevent static damage to logic board, etc. when replacing the speakers?

    If so, what is the best way to do this?

    Do you wear wrist strap designed for this purpose? To what metal object do you attach the clip and wire? I’m assuming the aluminum case isn’t going to work.

    Sibyl Smith - 回复

    I will be buying a battery from you and using your instructions. I just installed a new CD/DVD using your instructions and 1) I feel like I owe you something and 2) Although more expensive, I have the confidence your battery will work. My current battery is the original with 1399 cycles in 7.2 yrs. A tech buddy had bought me a replacement and I installed it. I had just installed a new OS and the kernel_task went going nuts, using 90% of the CPU. Hours on the phone with Apple did not resolve the issue. On a whim, I put the old battery back in and Voila! But I cannot risk my battery swelling and going south on me. I am also going to buy your installation tools. Yeah, I already have them. But you can never have enough tools…or beer. And you don’t sell beer.

    Pete Banks - 回复

    How did that work out if you don’t mind me asking? I’m a bit nervous and been on the fence for a while. Mine isn’t swollen but it’s dying after an hour which is problematic.

    Shawn -

    The instructions say that I am removing PH00 screws. I found that my MBP, mid ‘12, Retina has pentalobe screws instead!

    jsandersonq - 回复

    This laptop definitely originally shipped with Phillips screws—but, Apple has been known to replace Phillips screws with pentalobes when one of their devices is brought in for service. Sorry for the rude surprise! Fortunately the correct driver is easy to find nowadays. [Blatant self-promotion alert!] If you support free repair manuals, consider picking one up from iFixit. Good luck!

    Jeff Suovanen -

    To keep track of screws, I used the suggestions above by taping a photo of the lower case to a piece of corrugated cardboard and inserting/taping the screws in place. Also, as some have noted, the screws go back in at a slight angle; they are angled toward the center of the unit.

    Kristina Graham - 回复

  2. 使用双手在后壳接近风扇处提起固定后壳的两个卡扣。
    • 使用双手在后壳接近风扇处提起固定后壳的两个卡扣。

    • 将后壳放置在一边。

    After pulling out the lower case and put it back on, the lower case doesn't stick well with the left clip. What should i do now?

    Januar Wiyogo - 回复

    What is the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed in this MacBook?

    michael - 回复

    16 GB is the max

    Bradon Kelley -

    I can’t get the back panel off !! Removed all 10 screws but the panel is still on. Not a quick easy lift like in the picture of videos on youtube what going on…are the hidden screws locking tabs?

    Tachyon - 回复

    Solved the tabs were hard to get off to the point I thought I was going to bend the back case off before it would let go.

    Tachyon - 回复

  3. 卸下将电池固定到上壳的两个7.4 mm Y型螺丝。
    • 卸下将电池固定到上壳的两个7.4 mm Y型螺丝。

    • 注意:对于某些维修(例如硬盘驱动器),不需要卸下电池,但防止电池在主板上意外短路。 如果不取出电池,请小心,因为主板的部件可能会通电。

    • 你不一定要按照步骤3-6来取出电池,以更换硬盘。 然而,建议你在处理电子设备之前,先从电子设备中取出所有电源。

    A 1/16th flathead screwdriver easily removes the tri-wing screws in this step. I could not find a Y0 Tri-wing driver at any local stores.

    Jon Daniels - 回复

    I'd like to add that for me, a 1/16th flathead screwdriver did NOT allow me to remove the tri-wing screws holding the battery in place. After several careful attempts, it became obvious I was perilously close to stripping the screw(s), so I abandoned the attempt to unscrew the tri-wing screws with a flathead screwdriver altogether. As it turned out, I didn't need to remove the battery to do what I needed to do (keyboard replacement), but it would have been a whole lot easier had the battery been easily removable.

    dave - 回复

    The Tri-wing screw driver is impossible to find in retail, amazon and ebay are great bets but they vary wildly in quality... I ordered two, and both were so cheap, and barely got the job done. It could be worth getting it here. When you do get it, make sure you push, the Y0 screws were very tight in my macbook, pressing hard prevents you from stripping the Y screw.

    Abe - 回复

    I believe they are Y1 screws, no?

    Mark -

    Short of taking out the battery is there something else I can do to protect the motherboard?

    Bruce Bell - 回复

    What worked for me was actually a set of needlenose pliers - the heads on those screws aren't flush, they actually stick out enough that it's possible to turn them from the outside. Caused some scuff marks on the finish of the screws but it's not like anyone's going to see them anyway!

    oboewan42 - 回复

    A tri-wing screwdriver sold as 'for Nintendo Wii' marked 'HFA 360/ x50' did the job. I replaced the screws with standard-head M2x6mm metric screws (M2 = 2 mm thread, 6 mm length of threaded part). Exactly, I took them out of an old hard-disk (with torx head and slightly shorter).

    akronymus - 回复

    It says "Note: For certain repairs (e.g. hard drive), removing the battery is not necessary but it prevents any accidental shorting of electronics on the motherboard." This is obviously a boilerplate instruction that is not appropriate for a repair guide.

    Well, DO you have to remove the battery? IS this one of those repairs where it's "not necessary but prevents accidental shorting"?

    Obviously, this instruction is boilerplate text that accompanies almost all the repair guides-- but there shouldn't be boilerplate text there, since this is a specific guide for replacing the Magsafe DC-in jack and not the harddrive.

    skat1140 - 回复

  4. 用手指尖小心地撕下警告标签的一角,露出隐藏的Y型螺丝。
    • 用手指尖小心地撕下警告标签的一角,露出隐藏的Y型螺丝。

    • 拆下最后一块7.4毫米的三点螺丝,将电池固定在上盖上。

    Is removing the battery necessary?

    bname - 回复

    It is not strictly necessary. As mentioned above, removing the battery is the only way to be sure that no parts of the logic board are electrified. It is very easy to replace the hard drive without removing the battery, but it is safer to remove the battery first.

    Daniel Brauer -

    Note: removing the battery can cause a hitch with OS X 10.9 Mavericks installation to a blank drive, or at least it did for me.

    Disconnecting the battery makes the hardware clock reset to something like Jan 1, 2000. This causes the Mavericks installer to fail its self-check with the error message: "This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can't be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading."

    To fix this, you need to open up Terminal from the Utilities menu in the bootable OS X installer environment and use the `date` command to set your Mac's clock back to the correct time before proceeding with the "Install OS X" menu selection, as described here: http://blog.mconserv.net/2013/10/install...

    Andrew Janke - 回复

    Thanks for that warning, Andrew.

    Max Fenton -

    Happened here too, thanks for the tip!

    Franco Bianchi -

    As a note, my Mid-2010 Unibody Macbook did not have this third screw, just two to remove the battery.

    Max Fenton - 回复

    Can anyone answer this question. I cannot afford the entire 80 dollar repair kit listed here and the tools needed only list a spunger t6 and a phillips...it appears from some of these comments there are more drivers needed. I am afraid to do this anyway but not having the right tools off the bat will just make things more difficult while waiting for an order to come in...can someone list the exact tools I would need ? Any help would be appreciated...I am ready to order this but want to put in one order....ifixit, can you clear this up perhaps ?

    laurie - 回复

    One of the most important tool you should get is the head strap magnifier with lighting, it will make your viewing and capable ability much more confident.

    James -

    Answered my own question ... the list at the top of this page is dif from the list when you order the part.....

    laurie - 回复

    Taking the battery out is the easiest part once you have the Tri-Wing screwdriver

    Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver

    Tao - 回复

    And yes, taking the battery out does naturally make the hardware clock reset.... It's easily fixed. See Andrew Janke's comment above.

    It's a small hassle, compared to needing to possibly replace your logic board because a surge from your battery fried it.

    Tao - 回复

    Ne trouvant pas de tournevis Y1, j'ai utilisé avec succès une pince électrique à bouts fins pour déserrer la vis puis j'ai terminé avec un tournevis plat très fin (1.5x35)

    Ivan Keller - 回复

    new battery drains at the rate of about 10% a minute. i may have received a faulty one but i wouldn't have bought it if i knew what i know now.

    aozoren - 回复

    Is this a battery from iFixit?

    Scott Dingle -

    Is all of this necessary if I am just needing to put a new top to my old bottom?

    sherry williams - 回复

  5. 用塑料拉片提起电池,将其从上壳的长边滑开。 不要试图完全取出电池。
    • 用塑料拉片提起电池,将其从上壳的长边滑开。

    • 不要试图完全取出电池。

  6. 将电池从逻辑板上倾斜到足以触碰电池电路。
    • 将电池从逻辑板上倾斜到足以触碰电池电路。

    • 将电池电路从逻辑板上的插座中拔出,然后从上盖取出电池。

    • 将电池电路拉离逻辑板的中心。

    • 如果你在安装新电池,你应该在安装完成后进行校准

    • 把电池充满,然后至少继续充电两个小时。之后,像往常一样使用它,消耗电量。当你看到低电量警告时,保存好你的工作,然后让笔记本开着,直到它因为低电量而入睡。再等待至少五个小时,之后再把你的笔记本充满到100%

    • 如果在安装新电池后你发现了一些异常状况或麻烦,你可能需要重置你的Macbook的设备管理器

    I'm having the same problem as previous commenters: the battery now drains much faster. It's the original factory unit—I only replaced the HD, which is working great.

    Is there something I am missing with the battery reconnection? Maybe it's loose?

    I just want to make sure before I crack open my laptop again.

    cmalec722 - 回复

    Fast battery drain problems might be due to a corrupted power manager circuit on the logic board. To reset it, remove the battery, press the power button for about 5-10 seconds, then reinstall the battery. I know the problem might have been partly due to removing the battery in the first place, but this is the procedure for resetting what might have gone wrong. It might also help to do a PRAM reset, by holding down Command-Option-P-R at power (not just from a restart), and let the Macbook chime twice after its initial powerup chime.

    johnsawyercjs -

    The spudger works well for detaching the connector.

    skat1140 - 回复

  7. 拆下三个3.4毫米(3.1毫米)T6 Torx螺钉固定左扇逻辑板。
    • 拆下三个3.4毫米(3.1毫米)T6 Torx螺钉固定左扇逻辑板。

    Je vais juste vous surprendre car je suis français.

    JI'll just surprise you because I am French .

    I understood the problem of the left fan. In fact the problem is with the design at Apple. The fan housing is too narrow vertically a few tenths of millimeters. This is why so many problems . The left fans deteriorate very quickly.

    The solution is very simple. Buy a new fan in China, it is the cheapest and level it's very fast delivery . Warning it comes fan already used but in good condition.

    The thing to do is to over- raise the fan does not rub and deteriorating. To do so just buy a zinc washer 3 mm diameter available from my local hardware store ( € 3 for 70 pieces ) and place it under the black screw fully right and top right . The over- elevation leads to no longer have friction effect.

    Thats ALL !!!

    olivierbartoli - 回复

    on my screwdriver set, the T6 screw driver felt wobbly. It felt like I would strip the screw if not careful. So I used a T7 screw driver, and it was much more snug.

    Bryan Chun - 回复

  8. 使用一个小撬棒的平端从逻辑板断开左风扇连接器。 这是拧撬棒轴向风扇下电线电缆释放连接器有用。 在第二和第三幅图中可以看到风扇插座和风扇连接器。小心不要打破塑料风扇座从逻辑板当你使用撬棒把风扇接头撬了出来。在第二张图片中显示的逻辑电路板的布局可能看起来比你的机器略有不同,但风扇插座是相同的。
    • 使用一个小撬棒的平端从逻辑板断开左风扇连接器。

    • 这是拧撬棒轴向风扇下电线电缆释放连接器有用。

    • 在第二和第三幅图中可以看到风扇插座和风扇连接器。小心不要打破塑料风扇座从逻辑板当你使用撬棒把风扇接头撬了出来。在第二张图片中显示的逻辑电路板的布局可能看起来比你的机器略有不同,但风扇插座是相同的。

    I successfully removed my right fan, cleaned it and installed it back. But when it came to the left one I accidentally broke the connector from the logic board. Now I'm left with only one functioning fan. I'm using an external laptop fan. Do I have to replace the whole logic board or can it be fixed somehow? My temp is between 90-95 C when I run a heavy game.

    khalid alodan - 回复

    I made the same mistake! Did you solve it?

    Rosario - 回复

    In case anyone else accidentally breaks a fan connector, check the comment on step #14. It is basically the same connection, so that should work here.

    Relevant part of comment - “To replace it, I removed the socket, held it in place against the solder pads and ran a 750degF soldering iron across the pads. It's definitely reattached it, I'm not sure how good the electrical contacts are yet.”

    John - 回复

  9. 将左风扇从上壳体中抬起。
    • 将左风扇从上壳体中抬起。

  10. 移除三个在右侧风扇的T6 Torx螺丝。
    • 移除三个在右侧风扇的T6 Torx螺丝。

    on my screwdriver set, the T6 screw driver felt wobbly. It felt like I would strip the screw if not careful. So I used a T7 screw driver, and it was much more snug.

    Bryan Chun - 回复

  11. 用扁平的撬棒使风扇与主板的连接线断开。 用撬棒从下往上慢慢撬会很有效。
    • 用扁平的撬棒使风扇与主板的连接线断开。

    • 用撬棒从下往上慢慢撬会很有效。

    • 移除右侧风扇。

    There is no way to reconnect the fan cable. It looks like it was soldered onto the logic board. I disconnected it and can't reconnect it.

    Has this happened to anyone else.

    Vicki - 回复

    Vicki, you tore the connector off the board. They can be re-soldered if you are very careful/skilled with a soldering iron, but that is not something that you should try to do if you haven't soldered SMD components before.

    rcoleskelton - 回复

  12. 用扁平的撬棒断开AirPort / Bluetooth线缆与主板的连接。
    • 用扁平的撬棒断开AirPort / Bluetooth线缆与主板的连接。

    • 让线缆不再与主板连接。

  13. Macbook 电池维修套装

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    Macbook 电池维修套装

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  14. 断开摄像头与主板的连接。
    • 断开摄像头与主板的连接。

    I was afraid to pull too hard, but wiggling it worked! :)

    Mark - 回复

  15. 用扁平撬棒断开光驱与主板的链接。
    • 用扁平撬棒断开光驱与主板的链接。

    • 保持让线缆与主板不要接触。

    hello i just installed a brand new logic board in my mac, in my mac i have replaced the cd drive with an second ssd - but when i turn the mac on, the OS cant find the second ssd, the cable is in (it clicks in) - does anybody know how to fix this or ?

    Best regards Mathias

    mathiastondering - 回复

  16. 小心的向上提右侧扬声器与主板的连接,并断开连接。
    • 小心的向上提右侧扬声器与主板的连接,并断开连接。

    Same problem as with step 11. I pried up the connector as shown and can't reconnect it. It looks like it may have been soldered to the logic board. How can this be fixed?

    Vicki - 回复

    The only problem that I face on substituting the top case was when I tried to connect the subwoofer connector to the socket on the logic board. I did some tentatives but on the last the socket on the logic board I suppose unsoldered. Some suggestions?


    Paolo Sperati

    paolosperati63 - 回复

    I did step 16 (disconnecting the hard drive cable) first and then came back to this step - worked for me

    Colin White - 回复

    This connector is just like the ones used for the fans (but has a cushion-like protection over it). Just take it apart just like in steps 8 and 11.

    Andres Lartitegui - 回复

  17. 用扁平撬棒断开硬盘与主板的连接。
    • 用扁平撬棒断开硬盘与主板的连接。

  18. 移除两个短的用来固定屏蔽罩的Phillips螺丝。 移除屏蔽罩。
    • 移除两个短的用来固定屏蔽罩的Phillips螺丝。

    • 移除屏蔽罩。

    Mine was stuck to the Keyboard Ribbon Cable; needed an extra pull, but it's safe and should come off - it's not attached to anything. :)

    Mark - 回复

  19. 用扁平撬棒断开触摸板和主板的连接。
    • 用扁平撬棒断开触摸板和主板的连接。

  20. 用手指小心的向上推开键盘排线接口的活动部件。 确保推开的是排线接口的活动部件,而不是借口本身。
    • 用手指小心的向上推开键盘排线接口的活动部件。

    • 确保推开的是排线接口的活动部件,而不是借口本身。

    • 将键盘与主板分离。

    How will I know I have inserted the keyboard ribbon successfully? After installing a new upper case I can't seem to get the keyboard ribbon to stay in its socket. Or does the EMI sheild hold it in place?

    cemcatikkas - 回复

    Ditto. It seems very tricky to reinsert the keyboard ribbon.

    GrooveStomp - 回复

    I just did this - it is kinda tricky. The ribbon cable has a flap on top that is designed solely to help you coax the cable back into the socket....don't make the mistake I did and spend an hour trying to feed this flap through the socket. What worked for me was a combination of using the flap with my fingers and tweezers on the actual cable to reinsert it into the socket. Took a few tries, but I got the cable re-inserted, pressed down on the tiny locking thing, and the keyboard cable was in and secured.

    dave - 回复

    Indeed, it is difficult to insert the keyboard ribbon cable. It will stop after about 1mm of insertion. It needs to go in quite a bit further. Angling it slightly, you may be able to get a corner to go in, then straighten the ribbon while applying forward pressure. I reassembled it a few times with that sinking feeling on startup before I realized that it wasn't really making contact!

    dennishodge - 回复

    I've replaced the keyboard, so reinserting the ribbon was particularly tricky. After several failed attempts, here's what finally dawned on me... I took a piece of scotch tape, maybe an inch long. I folded on end on itself, maybe a quarter inch from the top. That left a sticky zone and a non-sticky zone on the tape. I taped it to the ribbon, and was able to use the tape and a "handle" to pull the ribbon into the socket. Afterwards, I carefully removed the tape without pulling the ribbon out of the socket.

    Bryan Chun - 回复

    This was the hardest part for me. Be sure you flip the release flap up before removing or re-inserting.

    Jonathan Daiello - 回复

    This might be obvious to some, but for those for whom it is not, this info is very important. First: only the ribbon is what needs to be pulled out (and inserted later on) not any of the black plastic casing. Second: before you try to pull the ribbon out, you need to flip up the release flap so its vertical (this is the thin black part that is located on the top edge of the black casing). If you don’t do this you will damage the casing or the ribbon or both.

    Greg - 回复

    Vraiment dommage que ce point de blocage très sensible ne soit pas plus développer, il peut compromettre tout le travail et l’état de la machine, c’est la grosse erreur de ce tuto.

    Pour l’instant, je ne suis pas parvenu à retirer ce connecteur et je crains que l’impatience me fasse commettre une erreur irréparable.

    pc-design - 回复

    the flap mentionned is the plastic part the most far to the ribbon, not the part where the finger seem to be pulling. The flap comes off easily.

    Paraita Wohler - 回复

  21. 用扁平撬棒断来电源指示灯与主板的连接。
    • 用扁平撬棒断来电源指示灯与主板的连接。

  22. 向上提起塑料垫片。 向后拔出屏幕数据接口。 不要向上拔数据接口,接口很脆弱。把线缆往角落的方向平行地拔出。
    • 向上提起塑料垫片。

    • 向后拔出屏幕数据接口。

    • 不要向上拔数据接口,接口很脆弱。把线缆往角落的方向平行地拔出。

    One of the chips in this image was covered in glue. when I flipped the data cable clip, the glue plus encased chip popped right off the board. Does anyone know what chip this is? Without it, my Mac plays the startup chime, but the screen is black. The backlight is on, but it just displays black.


    Jon - 回复

    I did the exact same thing. I still have the tiny chip. Is there a way to glue it back on or will I need a new logic board now?

    Louis Adams - 回复

    There's a bracket / handle clip attached to the display port. I didn't know it was there and accidentally bent it off. Can't get it back on, but it seems to work OK without it.

    Bryan Chun - 回复

  23. 用撬棒挑开背光排线接口的活动部件。 挑活动部件,不是接口本身。
    • 用撬棒挑开背光排线接口的活动部件。

    • 挑活动部件,不是接口本身。

    • 向上拔出线缆。

    I couldn’t see the flap as mine was already popped up. Try looking at it from the side to get a better view of the state of yours.

    Cyrille - 回复

    broke it! be really careful

    zoharargaman - 回复

  24. 移除下列螺丝。
    • 移除下列螺丝。

    • 7个将主板固定在金属壳上的 3.3 mm T6 Torx 螺丝

    • 两个固定电源板的8 mm T6 Torx螺丝

    • 不要移除逻辑主板!背后还有元器件。

  25. 小心地从左侧拿起主板,小心右侧的接口可能卡住。
    • 小心地从左侧拿起主板,小心右侧的接口可能卡住。

    • 不要直接整个把主板拿出。

    I just took one apart that had some pretty strong adhesive holding the speaker onto the upper case. I had to slip a spudger underneath and pry it up, else it was going to overly bend the mobo before it would release.

    jkamis - 回复

    My board was stuck to the bottom plastic. I had to gently release it by pushing the black plastic beneath the board down, while carefully moving the board upward.

    Jonathan Daiello - 回复

  26. 从左侧提起主板后,留出空间,移除麦克风和主板的连接。
    • 从左侧提起主板后,留出空间,移除麦克风和主板的连接。

    On this step, the microphone was attached to the board so the whole unit lifted off easily.

    seandodd - 回复

    Mine was too; it was part of the speaker assembly, a much better arrangement.

    maccentric -

  27. 向左移动主板,让接口与计算机外壳分离。
    • 向左移动主板,让接口与计算机外壳分离。

    • 在重新安装主板的时候,先把麦克风装好会让整个过程更简单。

    • 防止元器件损坏,请把主板放在软的、无静电的平面上。

    After prying off the mic from the top case and carefully lifting the logic board, I realized there was still a wire connected near the display connector, under the board. I was able to disconnect it but I'm wondering if I missed something or if this cable is missing from the instructions. The wire was connected under the board so it could not be disconnected before removing the board.

    Laurent Daudelin - 回复

    This is the magsafe cable. Step 23 details removing the torx screws holding the magsafe board in place. If you remove the screws, you don't need to remove the cable.

    supersuade - 回复

  28. 把主板放在一个柔软的平面上,散热槽朝上。
    • 把主板放在一个柔软的平面上,散热槽朝上。

    • 移除把散热槽固定到主板上的6颗T6 Torx 螺丝。

    • 注意每颗螺丝下面的小弹簧。

  29. 把散热槽从主板上移除。
    • 把散热槽从主板上移除。

    • 如果移除6颗螺丝后,散热槽还是卡在主板上。使用撬棒来分离两个配件。

    • 如果你需要把散热槽装回主板,我们有如何涂抹散热膏的指南。

  30. 如果有必要,将麦克风从左侧扬声器外壳的凹槽中提起。
    • 如果有必要,将麦克风从左侧扬声器外壳的凹槽中提起。

  31. 将固定左侧扬声器的两个5毫米十字螺丝从逻辑板上拧出来。
    • 将固定左侧扬声器的两个5毫米十字螺丝从逻辑板上拧出来。

  32. 如果存在,请取下覆盖左侧扬声器的黑色小带条。
    • 如果存在,请取下覆盖左侧扬声器的黑色小带条。

    • 小心地将左扬声器线向上拉,将左扬声器从逻辑板上的插座中取出。

  33. 小心地将麦克风电线向上拉,将麦克风从逻辑板上的插座中取出。
    • 小心地将麦克风电线向上拉,将麦克风从逻辑板上的插座中取出。

  34. 将DC-In板电线拉向散热器,以将DC-In板与逻辑板上的插座断开。
    • 将DC-In板电线拉向散热器,以将DC-In板与逻辑板上的插座断开。

    • 将电线平行于逻辑板的表面拉出。

  35. 通过同时将每个标签从RAM中打开RAM芯片两侧的插槽。 这些标签将芯片锁定到位,打开它们将导致芯片“弹出”。
    • 通过同时将每个标签从RAM中打开RAM芯片两侧的插槽。

    • 这些标签将芯片锁定到位,打开它们将导致芯片“弹出”。

    • RAM芯片弹出后,将其从插槽中直接拉出。

    • 如果安装了第二个RAM芯片,则重复此过程。

    • 逻辑板仍然在。

    • 如果您需要将散热安装到逻辑板上,我们有一个导热板可以更换热敏电阻。

    I broke one of the clips that secures the memory in the "down" position when replacing the RAM. Is there any way to replace just this part? I tried removing the 4 screws that appear to connect the fastener to the logic board but had not luck removing the piece. Any ideas?

    Doug - 回复

    Don’t forget to turn the logic board over (as pictured) first!

    Kal - 回复






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Hallo ifix,

I have a Macbook pro 15´ unibody mid 2010, i7, 2,66 Ghz,

but i cant find the exact same logic board, i found a Macbook pro 15´ unibody mid 2010, i5, 2,66 Ghz, can i use that one, or is there a difference between the i7 and i5 logic board? Thanks in advance.

Zen Khalil - 回复

Did you ever get a response regarding this?

Elle Snickens -

As long as the logic board is from a 15” mid 2010 it will fit

Robbe -

Great guide, thank you! Steps 9 and 10 are reversed order.

Kinny - 回复

I have a 2010 white macbook that I haven't been using in about 6 months. Can I use the logic board in that macbook and install it in a 2012 macbook pro?

Lesego Madisa - 回复

Thank you very much, great guide y fixed my MBP 15 mid2010 with new SSD and 8Gb RAM, im VERY HAPPY!!!

Matias Tortolini - 回复

Thanks for the good guide! I replaced my logic board with a new one saved me a lot of time.

John Glasgow - 回复

hi, can i upgrade the logic board on the MacBook Pro mid 2010 for a logic board MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.7GHz Core i7 Logic Board - Mid 2012?


Luis Fábrega - 回复

Hi did you get a reply for this

I want to do the same thing.

Ιωάννης (Cult Rekla) -


Did you get an answer for this?

I want to do the same thing.

Ιωάννης (Cult Rekla) -

Hello I have a mid 2010 MacBook pro i7 2,66. I want to replace my damaged logic board with a 2012 Core i7 2,7 one.

Does it work? hey have the same case A1286 so it fits.

Ιωάννης (Cult Rekla) - 回复

Excellent guide guys!!! Thank you very much! My mac is reborn and it was easier than I expected! Cheers!!!

pedro aspahan - 回复

Great guide but author doesn’t answer questions.

Sandy - 回复

Can i upgrade the logic board on the MacBook Pro mid 2010 for a logic board MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.7GHz Core i7 Logic Board - Mid 2012?

Sandy - 回复

Position of battery connector and keyboard/touchpad is slightly different. So I will say w/o replacing battery and upper case most likely - no. At list it doesn’t work when I try it. Ended buying on ebay macbookpro9.1 with dead screen for $300 and installing my screen on it. (however should mention Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas should be replaced to)

IF you will go for it, replace Airport card too to have ac capability and bluetooth 4.0 (something like BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX Airport WIFI+Bluetooth 4.0 Card)

Serge Stikine -

Dear all,

I have a MacBook Pro Mid 2010 and I need some help from expert please.

SamerR - 回复

Had this crazy experience that after having replaced the logic board my laptop did not want to boot from the SSD - just got the gray screen with the blinking folder icon. The same ssd booted happily on another laptop. Stuffed in an old drive with El Captain, no problem booting from that drive, so computer was working. Then spend some hours upgrading the El Captain to High Sierra, ran all the updates. Attached the original ssd again and ask to restart the laptop, it worked.

Not sure what this indicates, except that I am very happy I had that old drive lying around!

gtangt - 回复

could have had a few more close up pictures and larger ones on the connectors and locks to see what they looked like missed some on the reassembly used a magnify glass to see what they looked like to lock them in correctly

goldiecrown62 - 回复



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