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  1. 拆除以下十颗固定在机壳上的螺丝
    • 拆除以下十颗固定在机壳上的螺丝

    • 三颗13.5mm(14.1 mm) 菲利普斯十字螺丝 。

    • 七颗3 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝。

    • 卸下这些螺丝时,请注意它们如何以很小的角度伸出。必须以相同的方式重新安装它们。

  2. 使用双手在后壳接近风扇处提起固定后壳的两个卡扣。
    • 使用双手在后壳接近风扇处提起固定后壳的两个卡扣。

    • 将后壳放置在一边。

  3. Android 维修工具包



    Android 维修工具包


  4. 拆下三个3.4毫米(3.1毫米)T6 Torx螺钉固定左扇逻辑板。
    • 拆下三个3.4毫米(3.1毫米)T6 Torx螺钉固定左扇逻辑板。

  5. 使用一个小撬棒的平端从逻辑板断开左风扇连接器。 这是拧撬棒轴向风扇下电线电缆释放连接器有用。 在第二和第三幅图中可以看到风扇插座和风扇连接器。小心不要打破塑料风扇座从逻辑板当你使用撬棒把风扇接头撬了出来。在第二张图片中显示的逻辑电路板的布局可能看起来比你的机器略有不同,但风扇插座是相同的。
    • 使用一个小撬棒的平端从逻辑板断开左风扇连接器。

    • 这是拧撬棒轴向风扇下电线电缆释放连接器有用。

    • 在第二和第三幅图中可以看到风扇插座和风扇连接器。小心不要打破塑料风扇座从逻辑板当你使用撬棒把风扇接头撬了出来。在第二张图片中显示的逻辑电路板的布局可能看起来比你的机器略有不同,但风扇插座是相同的。

  6. 将左风扇从上壳体中抬起。
    • 将左风扇从上壳体中抬起。






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The left fan was making hideous growling and screeching noises and the unit was overheating. Replacement was pretty easy with the right tools, which I had already purchased from iFixit. New fan works great and the unit now runs VERY much cooler...!

heuristic77 - 回复

After I had finished installing a new left fan, my mac (for whatever reason) refused to boot up. After turning on, the screen would just show the white background with the grey apple logo, and the pinwheel cursor spinning. After resetting the SMC and NVRAM, however, I booted up right away. Thanks, iFixIt! This was my first time for a DIY Mac repair and you couldn't have made it any easier.

cmay123 - 回复

Just did this replacement. My left fan was totally shot, making the grinding noise etc even after cleaning it with compressed air. My computer is running almost 50 degrees celsius cooler. Its AWESOME

the only tricky bit is the sprudger / re attaching the fan's connector. So worth it. Thanks!

maxornstein - 回复

Just cleaned the dust from my Macbook and fans. Made a sprudger with some bamboo from an old kitchen utensil in my shop. I did precisely as you directed removed the fans, blew them clean as well as the heat sinks and voila it’s all good again. Thank you so much.

René Beaudry - 回复

The screws securing the fan on my model seemed to be T5 rather than T6.

Peter Bloomfield - 回复

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