用这个指南来更换你2014晚机型的Mac Mini硬盘或仅有的Fusion Drive。

本教程将安装Fusion Drive在Mac Mini进行。 如果你只安装普通的硬盘,跳过PCIe SSD的部分。

  • 底盖由3个卡扣卡在底部。

  • 在卡扣的附近而不是正对着卡扣撬开。

Read Me First: I purchased an SSD drive directly from Crucial and, of course, it came uninitialized. After going thru the entire tear down, installing the new drive, and rebuilding the mini, it refused to recognize the new drive. So, of course, I had to re-tear it down, remove the new drive, insert it into an external housing and format it using my Macbook. After that the mini recognized the new drive. A word to the wise: format the new drive before installing it.

tom - 回复

How were you installing the OS? I am planning on booting into a USB drive with a copy of OS High Sierra on it, and I assume I will be able to format my new Samsung SSD using that?

Simon - 回复

用塑料撬片来撬开Mac Mini的底盖。 用塑料撬片来撬开Mac Mini的底盖。 用塑料撬片来撬开Mac Mini的底盖。
  • 用塑料撬片来撬开Mac Mini的底盖。

I used some wooden toothpicks instead of the opening tool. This worked flawless for me.

mhomscheidt - 回复

抬起,移除底盖。 抬起,移除底盖。
  • 抬起,移除底盖。

I taped the "Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool" to the flat part of the antenna plate before sealing everything up again. I mean, where else am I supposed to store it without forgetting where it is? I'm pretty sure it won't cause any problems there.

Richard - 回复

  • 从天线盘上扭下6个六角螺丝:

    • 3个4.1毫米的螺丝

    • 3个1.9毫米的螺丝

Had a T7 security screw driver [and didn't want to wait to have the T6 version shipped to me], so I gave it a whirl. I lined up the driver with the screw socket, pressed down a bit to make sure the driver would get enough grip, and slowly [but forcefully] rotated the driver and got these screws out. BE CAUTIOUS not to strip the screws. May not work for everyone.

KevCoStudios - 回复

As TR6 screwdrivers were sold out all over Germany and I wanted to exchange the HDD THIS friday, I took a VERY fine dental milling tip (0,8 mm head diameter) for my proxxon and milled away the little dots in the center of the the TR6 screws. After that I could open the case with a regular T6 screwdriver. All went fine, MM is closed again + working like a charm with it's new SSD. NOTE: For this task I used my loupe glasses (3x) ;)

Martin Gerner - 回复

On the whole screw thing. I just used a tiny dremel drill bit and drilled out the security pin. I hate those screws. I don't see the point in locking the them with those. they should have left the screws alone.

That Mac Guy - 回复

That worked for me, thanks for the trick!

Arroba -

I used the T7 very carefully. No problems.

randywardak - 回复

I just had success using standard pliers to remove the longer screw posts, and then I used standard needle nose pliers to press down and grip the tiny screws. Please note that this method may/will cause scrapping of the aluminium cover.

Barrythetech - 回复

Northern Tools sells a set of 13 Torx Security Keys for $28.99 that has the TR6 size.

Gary Craig - 回复

现在千万不要把天线盘全部移除了!!Mac Mini上还插着连接线呢! 在机身接口对着你的时候,把天线盘翻到右边去,这样就可以看到连接线了。
  • 现在千万不要把天线盘全部移除了!!Mac Mini上还插着连接线呢!

  • 在机身接口对着你的时候,把天线盘翻到右边去,这样就可以看到连接线了。


  • 移除一个3.4毫米的六角螺丝,以及连接线的垫脚。

    • 移除时别丢了垫脚!


用撬棒的头子,在连接板上抬起天线连接线。 用撬棒的头子,在连接板上抬起天线连接线。
  • 用撬棒的头子,在连接板上抬起天线连接线。

Is this really necessary? The antenna is no where near the SSD drive....

mike - 回复

This was the most tricky part for me when remounting the Mac Mini. With my bad eyes, I’ve spent 10 minutes inserting this tiny round antenna plug in the hole. I’ve decided to put the screw back without tighten it too strongly and then it was easier.

afajner - 回复

小心地从电源和盖子之间的缝隙拉出连接线。 小心地从电源和盖子之间的缝隙拉出连接线。
  • 小心地从电源和盖子之间的缝隙拉出连接线。


  • 拆下天线盘。


  • 移除两个12毫米T6六角螺丝。

  • 松开一个27毫米 不会脱落的T6六角螺丝。


风扇连接器卡在风扇的角落,拔掉后永远也不能装回去了。 千万不要尝试拆下整个风扇! 抬起风扇来松掉在主板上的不脱落螺丝。
  • 风扇连接器卡在风扇的角落,拔掉后永远也不能装回去了。

    • 千万不要尝试拆下整个风扇!

  • 抬起风扇来松掉在主板上的不脱落螺丝。

  • 把风扇从SSD拿开直到你可以轻易动风扇连接器。


用撬棒的头子来从主板上拔掉风扇连接器。 用撬棒的头子来从主板上拔掉风扇连接器。
  • 用撬棒的头子来从主板上拔掉风扇连接器。


Black Friday
Broken doesn't stand a chance.
  • 移除风扇。


  • 扭下保护着SATA连接线的2.6毫米的六角螺丝。


移除SATA连接线支架。 移除SATA连接线支架。
  • 移除SATA连接线支架。

This procedure works to add a SATA hard drive/SSD to a PCIe SSD-only Mac Mini using iFixit's Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit. The one thing that's missing from the kit is SATA cable connector bracket (and screw). This is not the end of the world: the cable is a snug fit in the logic board socket, so the bracket is only a safety measure.

Dominic Dunlop - 回复

用撬棒平的一面从主板拔掉SATA连接线。 用撬棒平的一面从主板拔掉SATA连接线。
  • 用撬棒平的一面从主板拔掉SATA连接线。


用撬棒尖的一端直接从插口撬开红外感应器连接线。 用撬棒尖的一端直接从插口撬开红外感应器连接线。
  • 用撬棒尖的一端直接从插口撬开红外感应器连接线。


扭下保护PCIe SSD连接线的盖子上的两个2.6毫米 T6 六角螺丝。
  • 扭下保护PCIe SSD连接线的盖子上的两个2.6毫米 T6 六角螺丝。

Steps 18-20 only apply if you are removing a fusion drive. Otherwise skip to step 21 during removal.

Stephen Reaser - 回复

把盖子拿走。 把盖子拿走。
  • 把盖子拿走。


从插头上撬开PCIe SSD连接线。 从插头上撬开PCIe SSD连接线。
  • 从插头上撬开PCIe SSD连接线。

Is the PCIe connector present and usable on the mid-range Mac mini? I don't need the ~$300 fusion drive but would like the comfort of knowing that I can add an extra SSD in the future.

Michael Johnson - 回复

No, only present in Mac Minis configured with a fusion drive.

rasmus - 回复

Not true. I am looking @ the inside of a mac mini _not_ configured with a fusion drive, and the connector is present.

Samuel Bostick - 回复

  • 扭下固定着主板的一个16毫米六角螺丝。


  • 为了移除主板,Mac Mini主板移除工具的两个圆形的头子必须插入图上红色圆圈标注的口里。如果插到任何一个其他主板上的口里,有可能会损坏主板。

  • 插入Mac Mini主板移除工具。在进行下一步之前请确保移除工具已经接触到了下面的壳子。

Instead of the removal tool it is also possible to use two metal pins with 2,5mm diameter.

Yuuki Galaxy - 回复

A T8 screw driver worked best for me on the 4 hard drive screws.

rparks89 - 回复

Yes - You need a T8 there rather than T9.

amrgardner -

T9 was a perfect fit for me.

dloftis -

T8 screws in my HDD

aiino - 回复

You don’t need a tool for this step, just turn the Mac Mini around 180º and push the vent for the fan with your thumbs. The board will push straight out. That’s what I did.

Daniel De Ciantis - 回复

轻轻地向插孔面板这边按压工具。主板和插孔面板应该会平稳地滑出来。 当Mac Mini主板移除工具接触到了上方外壳后,停止下来。 可以移除工具了。
  • 轻轻地向插孔面板这边按压工具。主板和插孔面板应该会平稳地滑出来。

  • 当Mac Mini主板移除工具接触到了上方外壳后,停止下来。

  • 可以移除工具了。

I had some trouble getting mine started here. If your logic board seems stuck, try pushing the removal tool on both sides near the bottom (vs the top like the photos show) with your index fingers, holding the case with your ring and pinky fingers so that your hands are completely free of the back of the computer (the side with the ports). This worked for me. Otherwise, this guide made the process smooth!

moorejeffery - 回复

The removal tool fits into sockets below the board, just 'lean' the tool over and the logic board will ease out. When refitting the logic board make sure the tabs around the I/O shield slip inside the shell and press home firmly. If the fixing screw does not thread into it's hole, the board is not fully home.

Malcolm Norwood - 回复

Make sure you do *not* have your thumbs on the black plastic I/O shield while attempting this step!

Stephen Reaser - 回复

I was able to push the logic board out, with a little bit of stress and patience, without the specified tool. Rather I used two paper clips, larger than average, and being very gentle to get the initial nudge. I then finished it off using only my fingers, as the paper clips were not strong enough and would have bended. Doable, but probably easier with the tool.

mt - 回复

I used 2 mini flathead screwdrivers with the same thickness as the holes with the heads aligned straight up and down. They will fit into little sockets attached to the case below the board. The side with the power cord came out much easier than the side with the headphone jack, so I removed the tools after a small gap was created and pushed semi-hard on the logic board with a broken spudger (a screwdriver would have worked, too) right in the elbow curve shown to the left of the screw in step 14, and the whole thing slid right out.

unixmonkey1 - 回复

I saw a video where a guy just used a coat hanger to make his own tool. Good to know in case you've already started taking it apart and haven't already purchased the tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgEBPlz4...

James Almeida - 回复

May be its me, but I had a right issue with this, I then noticed the screw I loosened in step 10 was bending over. I removed the screw completely, logic board came out, and the metal pillar on the underneath of the board where said screw went in was bent. When I put it all back together afterwards after changing the drive, that long screw was bend, on straightening everything up, the pillar snapped off the logic board. Everything tightened up and its booted up fine. It might just me not following the instructions properly though

steve - 回复

For me the screw loosened in step 10 came out with the fan. it "should" be a captive screw meaning it doesn't stay in when the fan comes out

Bill Pennock - 回复

I had 2 complete sets of allen wrenches, one metric and one standard and found one each that fit the holes perfectly. With those I was able to find the "pry spots" that are on the base of the case very easily and a slight nudge moved the board. really worked EXCELLENTLY

Bill Pennock - 回复

把电源适配器的线从主板的插头上拔掉。 把电源适配器的线从主板的插头上拔掉。
  • 把电源适配器的线从主板的插头上拔掉。

When reassembling, I made the mistake of pushing the logic board all the way in before trying to reattach the DC-In cable connector. It is much easier to reattach the connector with the logic board pushed in just short of final seating.

Saqib Qazi - 回复

Very usefull comment!!!

Jean-Marie Sengelen -

小心地拉出主板组件,记得留意有没有线卡住。 小心地拉出主板组件,记得留意有没有线卡住。
  • 小心地拉出主板组件,记得留意有没有线卡住。

When sliding the logic board assembly back in later, mind the tabs, especially those at each end.

Richard - 回复

电源适配器接口由一个小金属片固定着。 用一个镊子或手指拉掉插口下方的金属片。 安装金属片时,把它推进去直到底--即使没卡住也应该固定住了。
  • 电源适配器接口由一个小金属片固定着。

  • 用一个镊子或手指拉掉插口下方的金属片。

  • 安装金属片时,把它推进去直到底--即使没卡住也应该固定住了。

Be careful with this seemingly easy step. A few weeks after following this guide to replace my hard drive I noticed that something inside the Mac mini was loose and moving around. I was very annoyed but decided to open it again to have a look and it turned out the be the retaining clip.

I think I damaged it a little bit and it's not holding into place firmly like it is supposed to anymore. I wonder if I can remove it completely in case it happens again.

Franck Thomas - 回复

This re-install of the clip was surprisingly pesky, I agree. The AC-in socket wanted to sit too far towards the edge of the case, so the retaining clip couldn't be slipped on far enough to close fully around it. I had to push the AC socket to the left while sliding the clip to the right until the wings were really securely closed.

Jon Scott - 回复

为了从壳子上移除电源适配器,拉住电源插口,像开门一样。 将插口逆时针旋转90°。 将插口逆时针旋转90°。
  • 为了从壳子上移除电源适配器,拉住电源插口,像开门一样。

  • 将插口逆时针旋转90°。


  • 电源适配器的闩应该与上方轨道对齐了。

  • 在重新组装时,确保电源适配器已经努力推到里面了,这样的话,闩就能系到轨道上。

"During reassembly ensure the power supply is inserted far enough into the case that the latch will engage with the groove." -- Tip: Flip the case upside down and wiggle the power supply a bit to get it seated properly so the screw hole lines up.

Brad Bowers - 回复

移除固定着电源适配器的8毫米 六角螺丝。
  • 移除固定着电源适配器的8毫米 六角螺丝。

During reassembly, leave this a bit loose so that you can wiggle the AC-in latch into place in step 28

Sandip Bhattacharya - 回复

把电源适配器滑出Mac Mini,注意有没有线会卡住。 把电源适配器滑出Mac Mini,注意有没有线会卡住。
  • 把电源适配器滑出Mac Mini,注意有没有线会卡住。


移除单个固定硬盘托盘的8毫米 六角螺丝。
  • 移除单个固定硬盘托盘的8毫米 六角螺丝。


抬起卸下硬盘托盘。 抬起卸下硬盘托盘。 抬起卸下硬盘托盘。
  • 抬起卸下硬盘托盘。

When re-installing drive tray, note two holes in tray engage two spuds at the far end. I fumbled with this for a minute.

Jon Scott - 回复

移除4个(每边2个)固定着硬盘的6.5毫米 九角螺丝。 移除4个(每边2个)固定着硬盘的6.5毫米 九角螺丝。
  • 移除4个(每边2个)固定着硬盘的6.5毫米 九角螺丝。

Like others, a T8 screw driver worked best for me on the 4 hard drive screws.

sorinjc - 回复

it is t8 not t9. you owe me a TR6 Torx Security bit :D

giammin - 回复

I found the 4 screws quite hard to remove and needed to use an 8mm spanner on the back of my T8 screwdriver to get them loose.

Reiner Friedel - 回复

Screws have loctite residue. I put a tiny drop of fresh blue (semi-permanent) on each screw before reinstalling.

Jon Scott - 回复

T9 was the right one for mine

Bill Pennock - 回复

T9 Torx from recommended barely allowed me to remove these screws. I had to press very strong them into screws, so that pressure and minimal adhesion made it possible to move something.

Vitalijs Ozornins - 回复

T8 was more appropriate for me !!!

afajner - 回复

The instructions at the top recommend a T9 but the link plops a TR9 into your basket. In any event, the T8 works better.

tom - 回复

T8 was also good for me. Mini was manufactured in 2016 October.

soul.tan - 回复

抬起硬盘然后从硬盘托盘拿走。 重新组装时,请务必将硬盘连接线穿过硬盘托盘中的插槽。 重新组装时,请务必将硬盘连接线穿过硬盘托盘中的插槽。
  • 抬起硬盘然后从硬盘托盘拿走。

  • 重新组装时,请务必将硬盘连接线穿过硬盘托盘中的插槽。


小心地拉下保护SATA与硬盘连接线的胶带。(不在图片里面) 拔开SATA连接线。 小心地撕开两个垫脚(一个在图片里看得到)并在新硬盘上将垫脚贴到同样的地方。
  • 小心地拉下保护SATA与硬盘连接线的胶带。(不在图片里面)

  • 拔开SATA连接线。

  • 小心地撕开两个垫脚(一个在图片里看得到)并在新硬盘上将垫脚贴到同样的地方。

The bottom of the hard drive SATA Connector had a bit of black tape on it holding the Mac SATA connection to the bottom [circuit board side] of the hard drive itself.

Check to see if yours has this as well before applying too much force removing the SATA connector from the hard drive.

KevCoStudios - 回复

Are there any temperature sensors glued to the HD as in the previous versions of the mini?

Matias -

I found the SATA cable itself glued to the drive. Once I pulled the cable up and away from the PCB, I found a piece of black tape (as mentioned by KevCoStudios) holding the connectors together.

dloftis - 回复

This tape is critical. For some reason, apple supplied a very loose fitting SATA connector. Tape is required to keep the HD attached.

James Billy - 回复

%#*@, got this far all ok, but didn't notice the tape and pulled too hard, ripping the metal pins out of the connector! Where can I find a replacement part?

Sky Willmott - 回复

Did the same thing, wondering if you ever found a replacement?

Alex Boyd -

I did the same thing. I found a replacement on Amazon using the serial number printed on the underside of the connector. It worked like a charm.

Anthony Califano -

This guide is almost perfect aside from the omission of a picture of that well-hidden adhesive. I've seen it on other Apple SATA connectors, but it's been a few months and I didn't think about it today.

Please someone upload a picture of the adhesive on the PCB side of the drive. I'll gladly do it myself when I next open a 2014 Mac Mini, but I've no idea when I'll get to open another one.

I also struggled mightily for about 15 minutes before finding the small black tape. Like a jerk, I forgot to take close up pictures while I had it apart :-

I was probably 5 minutes away from breaking off the SATA connector by prying too hard using a spudger on each edge of the cable.

If anyone has pictures, hopefully they can upload here to help out others.

This mac mini was significantly different from previous minis I've worked on, the guide saved me A LOT of time.

Thanks for the great writeup!

Daniel Cassel - 回复

@rebootninja I bought mine last december the 500GB model and just ordered the tools and a Sandisk SSD Plus, I could send pictures of the tape when i do it myself. Im not sure when. Since i'm living in Maldives, orders from ebay and online takes 3-5 weeks to arrive. However, i shall keep a note of what you have mentioned here. I have read the guide twice now and now i think im quite ready to perform the surgery when the tools arrive :)

Mohamed Malik - 回复

Cable looked to have been glued down with just a spot of RTV (silicone.) Easy enough to peel slowly with spudger. Ordinary RTV is corrosive to electronics so if you add fresh, make sure it's electronic-safe. I also reinforced the black tape on re-assembly with a strip of Kapton tape, and burnished well with spudger.

Jon Scott - 回复

If you still need the images for the sticker.....


Thanks for the guide.

Leo Rudolph - 回复

In order to avoid any kind of issue to the SATA cable, I suggest to warming the part. A hairdryer could works for the scope.

Claudio - 回复






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Hello, the following hard drive goes on the Mac Mini ??


schneiderschutzraum - 回复

no problem. but if you can get a evo 850 or a pro for the 2014 is better

Carlos De Bernard -

Wow! Even though it cost a bunch ($1500 US), I'm glad I got the fully loaded (16G, I7, 2TB) Mac Mini. I guess when I can get a 4TB drive that someone can install (I have used MCE Tech for other upgrades), I might do that.

Martin Cohen - 回复

All in all, this was a fairly terrifying process, however this guide was a massive help! Thankyou!!

geeksix - 回复

Ordered kit which arrived very quickly from Germany to UK. Only problem with taking it apart was with the IR sensor was difficult to lift up and I ended up pulling the whole fitting off glued it back on but now have no working IR sensor or front light but everything else works fine. Swapped SLOW HDD for SSD and now my Mac MIni is flying.

Andrew - 回复

Sam - i bought the tools and followed your guide and everything went very well - the steps were clear and precise. The only problem I am having now is that the Mac Mini format my new EVO SSD as though it were a Fusion Drive with two partitions. Is there any way around this?


Steve Maiorano - 回复

How do I know what SSD drive will be compatible?

godurbin - 回复

could you suggest a good replacement drive?

godurbin - 回复

You can find a list of compatible drives at the top of this guide.

Jeff Suovanen -

Hello. I have this sdd: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BQ8...

Do you know if I could use it in a mac mini late 2014?

Daniel Luiz Costa - 回复

If I buy a SSD only Mac mini, can I add a SATA hard drive??

Zhenfu Shi - 回复

i was wondering the same, did you find it out?

Francesco -

Yes, you can. You'll need a Mac mini-compatible SATA cable but these are readily available online for under a fiver. (Alternatively, of course, you could add a second SSD.)

Roger Houghton -


I have mac mini 2014 i5 2.6 GHz model.

Will it support Kingston SSDNow V300 SV300S37A/240G 240GB SATA III 2.5-Inch for upgrade and also will it supports trim support ?

Arul Jeba - 回复

After replacing to full ssd, my mac works great, but the mac mini front light does not come on at all...anybody know why or a fix?

alejandro begines - 回复

Very good step by step. Thanks.

I passed from 1min15s to 12s booting time !

Nicolas Gaillet - 回复

Many thanks for the excellent details in this guide, swapped out for an SSD in a flash!

Jonathan Millsted - 回复

do you know if i can add 2 hdisks (a ssd 500 gb + a sata one) with the dual drive kit?

Francesco -

Thank U very much, very useful!

Javier Vitorero - 回复

Hello! Just a quick question:

Right now i have a mac mini 2012 with the ifixit dual drive kit (1 samsung 850 pro 500 gb and 1tb 5400 rpm disk), can i buy the 2016 model (2014?) and put my kit on the new mac? Should i buy the fusion drive version or the ssd one?

is the ram replaceable?


Francesco - 回复


As far as I know, you cannot use your kit on the latest Mac Mini.

If you buy a Fusion Drive version, you will have an SSD on a Mini-PCIe connector, that will not be here if you do not take the fusion drive.

No, the RAM is soldered on the motherboard.


Nicolas Gaillet -

I have a question for SSD variant.

If i order mac mini from apple with SSD (PCIe variant i hope) there should be empy space where normal HDD should be. Is that correct? Can you verify or deny that?

That could be the way how to get two disks inside once owc release their new ssd's.

Thank you

jakub - 回复

I was wondering the same :) I was thinking to buy the SSD version and then adding 1 Tb disk to the SATA controller, it could be a good solution.

Let know if you find it out :)

Francesco -

If I buy the 512 GB SSD version, can I put an additional disk to the SATA controller? For example, If I buy the Samsung 850 pro 1 Tb, can I use it together with the original 512 pcie SSD? Thanks

Francesco - 回复

Thank you, it was a walk in the park. I only encountered two problems: step 24, pulling the DC-in cable out and step 27 (on the reverse operation), making the AC connector back into the horizontal position. Also, the metallic clip from step 26 is a ##&&% to put back on, especially because there is no feedback if the clip is in the original position.

stefan - 回复

Fantastic guide. Got the job done & the mac mini is now flying. Thank you!

Milind Kanetkar - 回复

I've just purchased the Mac Mini do these instructions apply to the late 2015 model?

Neil Henderson - 回复

There isn't a late 2015 model, the last model they made so far is the late 2014.

twhitten -

Dont buy the economy TR9 it wont fit in the screws, you have to strip them away a little bit to even get the TR9 economy in.

twhitten - 回复

I just installed the Samsung EVO Pro 850 512gb SSD into my HDD slot as i purchased a HDD model of the mac mini only. This SSD works like a charm, my boot time before with the 5400rpm HDD was nearly 2 minutes, with this SSD it is now down to 9 seconds! I highly recommend updating your mac mini if its an HDD only with an SSD as it will speed it up tremendously!

The teardown wasn't bad at all, i had tore down in 15 minutes and had it put back together in 15 minutes. The only trouble i had was taking out the HDD, Ifixit sent me a TR9 instead of just a T9 and the TR9 is bigger, it wouldn't fit but i stripped away at the screws and finally made it work!

twhitten - 回复

twhitten are you experience any compatibility issues with it. I Just just ordered the tools via iFixit. And now i'm looking for an SSD and the Samsung EVO Pro 850 is the number one on my list. Asking cause some on youtube are saying it as compatibility issues with mac minis...!

Thanks In Advance..!

Mohamed Malik -

Clear Guide Thank You !

william petreman - 回复

I followed the instructions and replaced my HD with and SSD - well worth it.

However, several glitches along the way:

1. The TR9 screwdriver I purchased from iFixit sucks. The handle turns but the shaft doesn't. The screws holding the original HD to the tray were so tight, I had to go to Geek Squad to have them removed.

2. It wasn't clear what the power supply clip held in place. I managed to get it back in, but I'm not sure it is holding anything.

3. It was not clear if the tape holding the SATA cable connector to the original HD was needed for the new SSD (It wasn't). I ripped it while taking it off.

4. The DC-In connector to the logic board would not come out using fingers - not much room to get fingers in. Had to pry it off using a flat head screwdriver.

David Marks - 回复

Can I use the same sshd but it has 2tb instead of 1tb? I wanna replace the 2tb but i wonder if it is compatible with the mac mini late 2014. My specs i5 ram 16gb, 1th hdd 5400rpm. thank you!

link from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Firecuda-...


Done it....it went flawlessly....

Mohamed Malik - 回复

Absolutely wonderful guide. I've built/torn down/reassembled a ton of PCs in my life, but this was more like solving a puzzle. Thanks for the help, I probably would have broken something without it!

Andrea Gatley - 回复

Thanks to this guide it was quite easy to replace the awful slow harddrive with a fast ssd. I think I got a new computer. Thank you very much for this guide.

dirk hampel - 回复

1. Will Samsung -850 Pro SSD work with Mac mini 2014.?


2. How many SSD slots and HDD slot are there.?

3. If i order Mac Mini with HDD then if there is another slot for SSD then can i install SSD and use it as fusion.?

vip - 回复

After I got a quality TR6 it only took approximately 20 minutes to teardown and an additional 10 to put back together. New 2014 Mac Mini MGEN2LL/A (i5 2.6ghz 8gb ram 1tb 5400rpm hard drive) took 46sec to go from button push to login screen. Swapped in 500gb Samsung 840 SSD, which now takes 19sec from button push to login screen. Prior to swapping the internal drive, I used the same Samsung SSD in an external USB3 drive enclosure - took 35sec to login.

Nathan Church - 回复

Thanks for the instruction !

They helped me swap the HD out for a nice SSD, and install the UpTone Audio MMK adaptor and fan control upgrade (separate walk thru).

I ran into a few issues, that others have mentioned, but nothing I couldn't figure out. The only thing I needed that wasn't in the he MMK took kit, was a good pair of tweezers.

Dave Ayers - 回复

Thanks for the guide - the key is to follow the instructions to the word, read all the comments and take your time. It's difficult to know how much force to use especially when detaching the IR and DC connector.

Nicholas Kutner - 回复

the retaining bolts for the drive chassis are definitely T8's, not T9

placebomessiah - 回复

I have the latest Mac mini (latest 2014) and it has a 1TB fusion drive, but I would like to install a second one (Samsung 850 PRO - 512GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7KE512BW)), as the primary HD. Is it possible with the ifixit dual drive kit?

Tulio Guimaraes - 回复

I would also like to know what tools to by. I have the 1Tb normal drive and i would also like to add a 2ssd

Dmitrij Moreinis - 回复

Just did this and it worked so well - I bought the ifixit parts because the extra $20 or so was worth it to make this an easy job. Hardest part - getting the AC connector back in, and then reseating the logic board - the instructions don't mention to push in the tabs on the sides as it goes back in. Booted right up - super fast - thanks for the help ! I bought the T6 driver, the special logic board tool and several spudgers. They were all VERY helpful.

David Bott - 回复

Do you really need TR torx drivers or will regular non-tamper-resistant ones work?

R C - 回复

The initial screws in the bottom of the Mac Mini are TR6 screws, which have the security post, so a Torx 6 security is a must. The other T6 and T9 screws are non-security, however, security versions will work fine.

Sam Lionheart -

Awesome guide. It looked daunting but I did it with my 9yo son and it was actually really easy. There were a couple of steps where you needed small fingers for sure. My old HDD (1TB 5400 RPM) tested with Black Magic showed Read/Write speeds of 30-30 MB/s. With a Crucial 1TB SSD hooked up via USB (in a cheap little enclosure) it was 41 MB/s. Same SSD installed inside the Mac Mini: 350-390 MB/s read and 420-480 MB/s write. And it absolutely flies compared to the stock drive. I ended up ordering the parts from Amazon because iFixIt was out of the T9. Wish I could contribute some money to iFixit or Sam, because this was an incredibly valuable guide. (Let me know if/how I can!)

Pro tip: I used one of those pill boxes with compartments for every day of the week, to store the screws from each step. That way I'd make sure to use the correct screws when reassembling.

R C - 回复

Hello, I just follow this guide and on my Mac Mini there was no SSD to remove so it was easier but I have to tell people who are missing some tools that there are few ways to overcome it. For the whole tutorial I just used my iFixIt 54 Bit driver. It's really handy and I never stumbled upon a screw I couldn't screw while having it ! To remove the back cover I used an old postcard (rigid paper/cardboard) and instead of pushing on one point I slided the paper around the side of the back cover ! Also, to remove the connectors just use a flat screwdriver and be gentle, it usually works great. Finally, to remove the motherboard, I started by using iron wire but I bent kappa so instead I went with ye ol' thumb switcharoo which consist simple of pushing with both thumbs on the black ventilation thing. Just push gently and don't push sideways or it will destroy the ventilation. Also, don't forget to remove the black sticker on the SATA connector !

Samuel Prevost - 回复

Fantastic guide! Thanks to the author and those who also contributed on the comments. What seemed like a daunting task was made much easier because of you.

Chris Arevalo - 回复

Just did my Mac Mini. Everything went without a hitch except the putting in the last screw to hold the antenna connector back down broke. Put a dab of silicon on it.

David Trotsky - 回复

Nice procedure. I did screw up bad though and managed to rip off the fan connector from the mobo because I did not take the time to read the part about lifting the connector out of the socket. I thought it slid out, not up. Ooops. I didn't have the mobo removal tool, so I fabricated one out of a metal coat hanger, and it worked perfectly. In the end, my mobo was dead anyway due to a corrupt EFI, so even though I damaged the fan connector, I didn't lose anything. I learned a good lesson and I will know what pitfalls to avoid next time. Tools I used: ifixit 64-bit driver kit, spudger, tweezers, coat hanger and diagonal cutters (to cut the coat hanger).

Patrick - 回复

Where can I get the sata flex cable for the 2014 mini? I have a PCI flash drive installed and an empty bay for a second hard drive, so I need the flex cable. Do the ones from the 2012 minis work?

tmilwaukee - 回复

Just followed this procedure through and have to say it helped enormously. I hadn't got the motherboard extraction tool so made one out of a wire coat hanger bent to shape, the diameter of the wire was spot on. Worked a treat, however it does require quite a bit of force which is un-nerving, but once you have created a gap between the back panel (Black Bit) and the casing you can get your thumb and or finger nails in there and pull it out the rest of the way. 480GB Sandisk Ultra II installed and what a difference it makes to performance. Cloned the disc first using Carbon Copy to the SSD on an external USB SATA docking station, tested by booting from the USB SSD first to check all was OK, then performed the swap over. Thanks for the Teardown guys.

Nick Franklin - 回复

Nearly flawless instructions. I replaced the default 5400 RPM 1TB hard disk with a Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD (2.5” drive style). Everything went off without a hitch, the computer is fast, and everything (including front light) works great.

Thank you.

(Two quick things: 1. There’s a black sticker that looks like a rounded rectangle that holds the SATA connector to the hard drive itself. Remove that and replace it on the new drive. 2. The antenna cable is difficult to get back on. I’ve done many of these on other Macs. Put the screw back in first and line it up. Be gentle. Persist. You’ll get it.)

Kent - 回复


I have Mac mini late 2014 with 16GB RAM and 2TB Fusion Drive. Working with this fusion drive is quite odd. Do you know is it possible to change this fusion drive with 2 TB SSD?

Best regards


Leopolde Saroyan - 回复

Hard drive needs to be formatted first. I bought a usb 3—to—SATA 2.5” dock, formatted the drive and it worked. Before that disk utility and Mac OS High Sierra could not see the drive.

Neil Grogan - 回复

My hard drive failed on my Mac Mini Model A1347. I want to replace it with a simple 500gb drive and then sell it.

1) What drive should I buy?

2) Is it easy to replace the hard drive?

3) Is it worth replacing the hard drive before selling it or just let the buyer deal with it?


Michael Goldberg - 回复



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