• 1.Open the battery clasp and remove the battery

    • 2.Remove the two screws that hold the keyboard

    • 3.Use a crowbar to push the keyboard away from the bottom of the keyboard and unplug the keyboard cable

    • 4.Remove the cover of memory and remove it

    • 5.Remove the remaining screws, open the clasp of fingerprint module, and lift the wrist bracket from

    • 6.Unplug the line of wireless card and remove it and SSD

    • 7.Remove the remaining cables and screws, pull out the pull rope, and then remove the storage hard disk

    • 8.Lift the screen frame from the center and remove the laptop screen

  1. 9.Unplug the speaker cable and remove the Bluetooth module
    • 9.Unplug the speaker cable and remove the Bluetooth module

    • 10.Remove the motherboard screws, remove the clasp of DC Jack, and remove the screws of VGA

    • 11.Lift the motherboard from the left

    • 12.Erase the hardened silicone grease and apply a little of new grease.

    • 13.Follow 1 to 4 of the screws to fix the heat sink. Remember to install the fan's cable

    • 14.Fix the right side of the DC Jack first(the screws of motherboard are the same size, it can be mixed)

    • 1.According to the dismantling method, reversely install each part.

    • 2.Sort out the cable to prevent the keyboard from popping up after the installation

    • 3.Gray and black lines are the two antennas of the wireless card and

    • 4.Fix the wrist bracket below first

    • 5.Fix the upper part of the keyboard and then pull down the keyboard

    • In addition to the screws on the hard disk cover, all black screws can be mixed After all parts are installed, try to start it


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