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本指南帮助你更换Amazon Kindle Fire的电池。



  1. 在Kindle Fire右下角处楔一个塑料打开工具。 撬开外壳,沿着Kindle Fire的周围撬动塑料开口工具,释放夹子,使两个外壳相互分离。 如果插入塑料开口工具极其困难,请小心使用金属撬棒拆开第一个夹子,然后切换回开口工具以避免划伤您的外壳。
    • 在Kindle Fire右下角处楔一个塑料打开工具。

    • 撬开外壳,沿着Kindle Fire的周围撬动塑料开口工具,释放夹子,使两个外壳相互分离。

    • 如果插入塑料开口工具极其困难,请小心使用金属撬棒拆开第一个夹子,然后切换回开口工具以避免划伤您的外壳。

    • 从顶部撬开Kindle Fire的底部(从侧面)是有帮助的。 使用蛮力可能会导致内部的标签破裂。

  2. 一旦你将所有塑料卡扣解锁,拉动后壳,使其与 Kindle Fire分离。
    • 一旦你将所有塑料卡扣解锁,拉动后壳,使其与 Kindle Fire分离。

  3. Android 维修工具包



    Android 维修工具包


  4. 将塑料打开工具置入电池右侧和Kindle Fire边框之间。 翘起电池,然后将塑料打开工具沿着边缘向下滑动来将电池与边框的粘合剂分离。 翘起电池,然后将塑料打开工具沿着边缘向下滑动来将电池与边框的粘合剂分离。
    • 将塑料打开工具置入电池右侧和Kindle Fire边框之间。

    • 翘起电池,然后将塑料打开工具沿着边缘向下滑动来将电池与边框的粘合剂分离。

  5. 在电池的左侧重复先前的操作。
    • 在电池的左侧重复先前的操作。

  6. 向上提起电池的背部以释放电池连接器中的任何张力,同时使用挑线器将电池连接器从其插座中推出。 将电池拉出Kindle Fire
    • 向上提起电池的背部以释放电池连接器中的任何张力,同时使用挑线器将电池连接器从其插座中推出。

    • 将电池拉出Kindle Fire






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Phillip Takahashi


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I'm usually intimidated by electronics when it comes time to pull off the back or something, so this guide was invaluable in my efforts to replace the battery. I found a great price ($28) on a replacement Kindle battery here:

Thanks again

dscottpeterson - 回复

Thank you for the detailed repair guide! I tried the link above and they are out of stock but I found another site with a great price on a brand new replacement battery ($28) here:

The repair only took me about 20 minutes. Thanks!

Mike - 回复

great post, I came across

The batteries from tried and tested with us.

Kermit45 - 回复

Used this guide to replace my battery. Sadly, it didn't fix the problem. The problem is with my charger connection. It is loose. I had hoped changing the battery and looking at the problem from the inside would resolve it. The charging connection is in it's own little housing. I considered opening the housing but I had no replacement parts to fix whatever may be wrong. I greatly appreciate the quality of this repair guide. There were no problems with tear down or putting back together. Thanks again!

Jan Bentley - 回复

Some kindles have a battery connection that "floats". The problem can be alleviated by soldering the charging port. There is an excellent video on YouTube that shows step by step, the process for soldering the charging port. Hope this helps!!!

Gilbert Lane -

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