1. Remove the 6mm screw
    • Remove the 6mm screw

    • Pull out the hard drive

    • The hard drive might be a little tough to pull out

  2. The sticker is to keep the warranty on the laptop so once removed the warranty is void
    • The sticker is to keep the warranty on the laptop so once removed the warranty is void

    • Peel the sticker and remove the 15mm screw

    • Remove all 6 of the 16mm screws

    • use a prying tool and insert it on the cracks on the sides of the keyboard and lift gently until you here a click

    • repeat this step on all sides of the keyboard until the keyboard is completely detached from the laptop

    • Lift the keyboard and remove the keyboard ribbon cable from the laptop

    • Remove the one 21mm screw

    • Remove the 6mm screw

    • Take the tool and run it under the black case.

    • Unscrew the 2 (17mm) screws

    • Unscrew the 6mm screw

    • Gently disconnect the white display ribbon cable

    • Pulling on the ribbon cable too hard could result in worse or faulty connection.

    • Unscrew 4 (6mm) screws

    • Lift screen straight up

    • If not lifted straight up the screen could get damaged

    • Flip the ThinkPad over so that it is upside down.

    • Push latch switch to the left.

    • Gently lift the battery out and away from the ThinkPad

    • You have to hold the latch to the left while you remove the battery. Simply pushing once will not unlock the battery

    • Remove the 6mm screw

    • LIft the bracket out

    • Remove one 6mm screw

    • Remove 3 18mm screws

    • Take off the bracket on the CPU fan

    • Lift the CPU fan

    • Pull out the cable attached to the motherboard

    • Turn the locking screw to unlock with the flat head screwdriver

    • LIft the CPU out


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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