• 如果你的EarPods沾上了污渍或者耳垢,或者其他什么东西,参考下面的步骤清理它们。


  • 使用牙签挑干净EarPods上的孔。

  • 千万别用铅笔或者其他金属工具!它会刺穿或损坏你的EarPods。

using toothpick can push the wax further into the wire mesh...Tried and repenting!

if this has happened with anybody, use toothbrush or wall paint brush...and do a "soft-jab and sweep"

Ajay Ramaswamy - 回复

What do you do when you do push the wax inside? I think I pushed a substantial amount in.

rootbeer08530 -

toothpick just seems like a bad idea...tried the toothbrush and it worked perfectly! had a small amount of earwax build-up and I thought it was too late, as it seemed as though it had been pushed into the tiny holes in the mesh. wasn't the case!

mitchell - 回复

tried the toothpick before I found EarSkinz (earskinz.com). I just wipe these little covers with alcohol and my EarPods are clean. i love EarSkinz bc the grill is covered. try them!

rachael - 回复

Toothbrush works so much better, fast and easy. My EarPods sound like new so much it startled me.

javiermatusevich - 回复

Alcohol induced corrosion? Really?

Think again

Michael Steinmeyer - 回复

I don't think it said that

rootbeer08530 -

Corrosion is possible... and more than likely. Most alcohol is not sold as 100% alcohol. It is almost always mixed in a solution with water

tucker28 -

  • 另一边的EarPods也如此清理一下。


  • 用一点异丙醇(外用酒精)清洁EarPods的表面。

  • 可以将酒精倒入EarPods的盒子里。


  • 请不要将EarPods浸入酒精中。如果酒精流进EarPods里面,会损毁扬声器。


  • 使用耳机之前,让EarPods自然晾干,至少10分钟。

  • 请让EarPods自然晾干,如果你使用了风扇,头发吹风机,或其他类似的东西,会造成内部腐蚀或者损坏。







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Best way is clean the larger part with a earbud. The smaller doesnt make that much sound. Blow air onto the larger part after cleaning.

jaidityayadav - 回复

I use a cotton swab (q-tip). First a dry one, then I blow into all openings, next I use a damp (not dripping) q-tip (alcohol, saliva) to remove remaining wax, dirt. There are four opening on each earbud. I clean them all.

allisonbridges1 - 回复

With saliva? You &&^&^$ disgusting.

Pixel Shibe -

GROSS Saliva? yuck

adrienne adams -

Consider using ACV (vinegar).

allisonbridges1 - 回复

All I do is use disinfecting wipes and I home free!!!

nixoncherine - 回复

doesn't enough for my earphone

Erkin Ordulu - 回复

Do not use a q-tip or anything like that because the q-tip sheds - my experience with it. .

You can use a very clean toothbrush but make sure it's clean or it will leave it's own dried stuff in there -

I used a very clean toothbrush.

bekah0176 - 回复

i used sticky tac to pull the excess wax out of the grill it made the grills on my earpods look like new

walkerobrien5 - 回复

shyte &&^&^$^ tips right there.

dannykatz - 回复

Watch this video & clean your EarPods effectively - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH-qrqao...

Rafiqul Islam - 回复

I just discovered that using an earplug (y'know, the kind that you use to reduce noise) to clean my earpods is a great solution! They're made of super soft foam to conform to the small nooks/crannies of earpods and it expands back to it's regular form for next-time use. Haven't seen anything on the web about this technique - so, i thought i'd place it here.

Jose Garcia - 回复

Help! i don’t have that rubbing alcohol and i don’t know where to find it. is it fine if i just use water?

아니카 Leogirl - 回复

Blow them out with canned air. It works really well.

Ken Spock - 回复

My headphones were so bad. I didn’t have a tooth pick but i had a needle. I carefully scrapped away all the wax then dipped my finger in rubbing alcohol and lightly tapped my finger on the speaker, then i got a q tip and rubbed it on it. I reapeted this untill it was all clean. Before all this on the right one you could only hear out of the small side speaker but now you can clearly hear out of it. I migh post a video on youtube!

Elizabeth Zeilinger - 回复

I use a can of compressed air and blow my airpods out once every few weeks. It works really well.

KB Van - 回复

I blow mine out with a can of compressed air. I hold the can back about 12” so as not to break anything with air pressure. It works really well so far and I have been doing it on my airpods for about 6 months.

KB Van - 回复

RIP THE GRILL OUT. It saves a TON of time, and they almost never need to get cleaned again. It sounds like you will destroy them, but you won’t if you’re careful. I actually do this by jamming a Nintendo DS stylus or mechanical pencil through the grill, rotating it to the side, and using the stylus as a lever to rip it out.. There’s a white support in the center that normally prevents the grill from entering the EarPod. Try not to break it, but it doesn’t matter if you do, just angle it inward so it doesn’t poke your ear. The sound is actually better and clearer after the grill is gone. I have done this to my last 2-3 pairs of EarPods and it’s honestly the only way I’ll use them. When my cat chews through a pair, I buy/find (people lose the things all the time on the ground at my school) another set and immediately rip the grill out. I’ve never broken a pair by doing this, and when I eventually get AirPods, I will be doing this to those as well. Do it, you won’t be disappointed.

zachwalters773 - 回复

Kelebihan Apple Earpod dari pada ear piece merek lain http://zapplerepair.com/kelebihan-Apple-...

Ari Ardiansyah - 回复

None of this worked. I STILL have no sound in the left earphone. Highly disappointed.

Pixel Shibe - 回复

It is possible that the speaker or wire itself is damaged. Just like with lightning cords, they are fragile and are prone to breaking easier than others.

Kelie Smith -

I used a small piece of paper, squeezed with sharp edges. Use the sharp edges for removing the strains and this a very safety, easy and a cheap method of cleaning headphones. My headphones are shining like a brand new one. ; -)

Bharath M - 回复



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