Evolution Sportsters具有湿式离合器和主离合。建议在1000英里时换油,然后每10000英里更换一次油。

制造商建议使用20w50油。 请确保您所使用的油是能够在离合上使用的油。 所以我们建议您购买专门为摩托变速器使用的特别配方的油。 在本指南中我们使用75w90齿轮油代替20w50机油。

为了更好的找到变速器排油塞和最佳的排油位置以及更加便捷的进行换油,我们建议将车子保持在安全的直立状态。 为了更好的找到变速器排油塞和最佳的排油位置以及更加便捷的进行换油,我们建议将车子保持在安全的直立状态。
  • 为了更好的找到变速器排油塞和最佳的排油位置以及更加便捷的进行换油,我们建议将车子保持在安全的直立状态。


使用 使用 5/32"六角扳手 或六角螺丝刀, 拧下主链检查盖上的两颗螺丝。 您的检查盖可能不是圆的,这取决于您机车的生产年份。 不论如何它将处在相同的位置并使用相同的螺丝固定。 将主链检查盖从变速箱上取下。
  • 使用 使用 5/32"六角扳手 或六角螺丝刀, 拧下主链检查盖上的两颗螺丝。

    • 您的检查盖可能不是圆的,这取决于您机车的生产年份。 不论如何它将处在相同的位置并使用相同的螺丝固定。

  • 将主链检查盖从变速箱上取下。

How do I get these off if they're real tight? I've already broken a few Allan keys trying and almost striped one of them

Cameron lambert - 回复

I have same problem cannot move the inspection cover bolts -

Skull - 回复

Use an impact screwdriver.

Peter - 回复

变速箱排油塞位于变速箱的左下侧,靠近脚蹬处。 在排油塞下放置一个接油盘。 用扳手来松开塞子并将其卸下。
  • 变速箱排油塞位于变速箱的左下侧,靠近脚蹬处。

  • 在排油塞下放置一个接油盘。

  • 用扳手来松开塞子并将其卸下。

    • 您的塞子尺寸可能是5/8" 或 3/4",这取决于您机车的年份。

  • 让变速箱油从变速箱中流出,这一过程可能需要5分钟。


放油的时候也别闲着,请把塞子也擦干净。 用干净抹布或者纸巾来清洁塞子,来去除上面的油渍和金属碎屑
  • 放油的时候也别闲着,请把塞子也擦干净。

  • 用干净抹布或者纸巾来清洁塞子,来去除上面的油渍和金属碎屑

    • 在塞子末端有一个磁铁,用来吸住在变速箱中的金属碎屑。


使用T27螺丝刀卸下检查盖上的四颗固定螺丝、 使用T27螺丝刀卸下检查盖上的四颗固定螺丝、
  • 使用T27螺丝刀卸下检查盖上的四颗固定螺丝、

With this cover off, do I check anything or is this just to make sure all the oil has drained?

Don - 回复

将撬刀或者类似的工具深入到检查盖和变速器壳之间的缝隙中。靠近离合器电缆处。 然后轻轻地撬开再轻轻的移走。
  • 将撬刀或者类似的工具深入到检查盖和变速器壳之间的缝隙中。靠近离合器电缆处。

  • 然后轻轻地撬开再轻轻的移走。

  • 离合器盖的弹簧有可能会掉落。重组时请务必检查。

What should I look for while it's open?

Marty Glynn - 回复

Not to mention that's where you check ur oil level for the trans but also ur clutch adjustment is be hind that cover. ( type in clutch adjustment for more info)

Up N coming screwdriver - 回复

重新将传动油排油口油塞装入。并用手拧紧。 使用 3/4"扳手再次上紧塞子。
  • 重新将传动油排油口油塞装入。并用手拧紧。

  • 使用 3/4"扳手再次上紧塞子。

    • 注意不要将塞子上的过紧。 上的过紧会导致滑螺纹破损。 正确的扭矩为14 - 21 ft-lbs (168 - 252 in-lbs).

Why not just fill through the top of the oil tank????

D penglase - 回复

That's not the same. The oil bag is the crankcase oil and this is showing

The trans oil. The oil is the same(20w50) but it's two different compartments.

Up N coming screwdriver - 回复

将漏斗插入主链检查孔中 缓慢的倒入1qt(约946ml)的油进入传动箱。
  • 将漏斗插入主链检查孔中

  • 缓慢的倒入1qt(约946ml)的油进入传动箱。

  • 倒入的时候请注意观察检查孔,确保油位在检查孔的下方。

    • 这步骤可能使用少于1qt的油。

what kind of oil

tabfive99 - 回复

You need to use a motorcycle gear oil.. DO NOT put regular motorcycle motor oil in the transmission. Which is what I almost did after reading this because up top it says 20/50 motor oil. I went to motorcycle shop and asked what kind of transmission oil to use. He said that some people say u r supposed to b able to use the motor oil, but NOT to, as it is bad for the bike. Use gear oil meant for motorcycle transmissions

JWag - 回复

They say not to use 20w-50 for transmission.

They recommend 75w-90. Gear oil.

Make sure its says GEAR OIL.

Thats what I run on mine.

Alex Flotte - 回复

SAE 20w50 Motorcycle oil is what is recommended by Harley Davidson. Engine and gear oil are measured on different scales. SAE 20w50 is the same as 75w90 gear oil. Some modern synthetic automotive oils are not compatible with wet clutches. 20w50 is still the correct oil recommended by the manufacturer, just make sure not to buy an oil not approved for use with motorcycle clutches. http://www.harley-davidson.com/store/syn...

Eric Essen - 回复

Amsoil 20w 50 is specifically for Harley motor oil and wet clutch, it is also the best.

Dirk - 回复

Thanks very useful info for beginners

henryaburchett58 -

在重组主链检查盖时请确保O型橡胶垫圈在主检查口之中同时也要确保它的位置是正确的和干净的。 同时也要确保主链检查盖螺丝下的O型橡胶垫圈也是清洁的以及处于正确的位置。 使用 5/32"六角扳手 或六角螺丝刀重新安装主链检查盖
  • 在重组主链检查盖时请确保O型橡胶垫圈在主检查口之中同时也要确保它的位置是正确的和干净的。

  • 同时也要确保主链检查盖螺丝下的O型橡胶垫圈也是清洁的以及处于正确的位置。

  • 使用 5/32"六角扳手 或六角螺丝刀重新安装主链检查盖

What is the purpose of the inspection hole? Doesn't show oil level

Doug - 回复

使用T27螺丝刀重新安装离合器检查盖。请按照以下顺序安装。 顶部
  • 使用T27螺丝刀重新安装离合器检查盖。请按照以下顺序安装。

    • 顶部

    • 底部

  • 一旦所有的螺丝被拧上了,请使用已经调整到7 - 12 ft-lbs (84 - 108 in-lbs)的扭矩扳手按照上述顺序拧紧。

The 1991 Sportster has the small derby cover like the chain inspection cover and I am sure being a trans / primary I had to by two qts of sport trans and it's the 1st year of the 5 speed trans and belt drive on the xlh1200

Tcorson - 回复





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but you CANT use gear oil for cluthc!!!

car motor oil CANT be used for bike cluthc!!! Motorcycle motoroil CAN!

Maicol - 回复

Is synthetic 20w50 ok to use?

Jordan -

I change my my transmission oil exactly how it showed and yes the spring with the nut on the end came off and I put it right back. Now I have no tension at all in my clutch basically I have no clutch anymore. This is the first time I've taken the inspection plate off during a transmission fluid change. I usually drain it and automatically just put one quart in. What could I have done wrong?

Argyle - 回复

Did you ever figure out what happened?

Jordan -

Author neglected to say the first numbers on the torque specs are metric (Nm) not ft-lbs as written

Dfh - 回复

Why is the primary chain inspection cover removed?

robin - 回复

Derby cover is removed to insure the primary isn't overfilled.

Chris Moders -

is there not a screw that will drip when filled?

paulposey1997 - 回复

Is Formula + okay to use in primary that shares stator coils? Does it have sulfur additives that can degrade red metals like copper in the stator?

Greg - 回复

does motorcycle stand in vertical position or on its leg stand during oil level inspection ???

irakli ratiani - 回复

Perfectly level in vertical position!Not leaning on jiffy stand.Have someone help you hold it perfectly level.

curtis mozack -

also youre not supposed to use the full quart it WILL puke out.

general rule is 28-29oz

donald ruddell - 回复



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