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  1. 关机,拔掉电源。
    • 关机,拔掉电源。

    • 然后移除电池,按照图片上指示滑动开关,将电池取出,放到一边,

    Problème possible sur les HP : la batterie est bloquée avec le verrou coincé en position ouvert. Solution : glisser une ou deux cartes plastique dans l'interstice de la batterie et les faire glisser tout le long pour débloquer la batterie

    Sylvain Pelloquin - 回复

    Pour moi le loquet esg bloquer

    jonas agudze - 回复

  2. 松开红圈处的两颗螺丝。 (他们不会完全出来。)
    • 松开红圈处的两颗螺丝。 (他们不会完全出来。)

    • 拿起你的工具,从顶部开始松开卡子,左侧没有卡子。

    • 抬起,向右侧移动来松开固定。

    My Notebook 2000 does not have the two screws in the location shown in the picture. There are screws around the edges. Do I have a different model and a different way to doing step #2 ?


    Wonder Woman - 回复

    Petite difference sur le mien : une seule vis (solidaire du capot, ça c'est cool !)

    Sylvain Pelloquin - 回复

  3. 向左滑动硬盘,使其与SATA连接器分离,然后取出硬盘。
    • 向左滑动硬盘,使其与SATA连接器分离,然后取出硬盘。

    • 如果在取出硬盘的时候遇到困难,将撬棒插入缝隙之中然后轻轻撬动让硬盘与SATA连接器分离。

    • 移除固定光驱的螺丝,然后将驱动器滑出。

    • 移除固定键盘的螺丝。

    J'ai retiré la vis du lecteur optique et… rien… je ne vois pas ce que ça a débloqué… j'ai aussi une autre flèche sur le mien indiquant le lecteur optique… il y a une vis mais à 90° complètement inaccessible…

    Sylvain Pelloquin - 回复

  4. 移动两个卡扣来释放RAM内存。 另外一条内存也按同样方法操作。
    • 移动两个卡扣来释放RAM内存。 另外一条内存也按同样方法操作。

  5. 9个塑料卡扣固定着键盘。 卡扣细节。 使用螺丝刀或者小的工具来推他们来释放卡扣,然后抬起键盘。 第一个卡扣是最困难撬起的。
    • 9个塑料卡扣固定着键盘。

    • 卡扣细节。

    • 使用螺丝刀或者小的工具来推他们来释放卡扣,然后抬起键盘。 第一个卡扣是最困难撬起的。

  6. 任天堂 Switch 套装


    购买 Switch 套装

    任天堂 Switch 套装


    购买 Switch 套装
  7. 键盘仍然与电脑通过排线连接。 小心抬起。
    • 键盘仍然与电脑通过排线连接。 小心抬起。

    • 要分开两者,通过轻轻拉起黑色部分,使其垂直。 然后拉出电缆。

    It is not clear how to do it (absence pictures), but it

    is a critical step and could be easily mishandles causing

    connector permanently damaged.

    That happened far too often.

    In some following steps for ribbon cable disconnecting,

    you references to that step, but connectors do not look

    like the keyboard connector.

    Looking forward to get better explanation.



    Anthony Pek - 回复

    Hi Anthony,

    The ribbon connectors are all the same in principal, they just vary in size - the others are much smaller than the keyboard ribbon.

    Lift up the black notch from the side the ribbon enters the connection, remove ribbon. When replacing the ribbon ensure they are inserted flush then replace the black connector by clipping it back on top of the ribbon.

    HelpingHand -

  8. 移除图中表示的所有螺丝。 绿色的螺丝要比红色的螺丝要小。
    • 移除图中表示的所有螺丝。

    • 绿色的螺丝要比红色的螺丝要小。

    • 黄色的螺丝在被橡胶塞子保护,使用图钉或者其他的东西来移除塞子然后移除螺丝。

  9. 按照断开键盘的方法来断开这里的线缆。
    • 按照断开键盘的方法来断开这里的线缆。

    • 然后移除标有“M2.5x4”的六个螺丝

    Where are the M2.5x4 screws in the pic? I think they should be circled.

    hmm778 - 回复

  10. 笔记本上方被塑料卡扣所固定,使用吉他拨片或者黄油刀来撬开卡扣。通常再光驱位置撬开开口是最容易的。 重新组装时,请注意不要将显示屏电缆夹在笔记本电脑的左上角。
    • 笔记本上方被塑料卡扣所固定,使用吉他拨片或者黄油刀来撬开卡扣。通常再光驱位置撬开开口是最容易的。

    • 重新组装时,请注意不要将显示屏电缆夹在笔记本电脑的左上角。

  11. 打开屏幕。来展开让笔记本变得超重的东西。 从wifi卡中断开电缆,注意电缆上的数字和插入的端口。 拔掉左侧的显示电缆。 首先,将胶带部分剥离,然后使用螺丝刀帮助拆卸电缆。 每边都有小卡扣来帮助。
    • 打开屏幕。来展开让笔记本变得超重的东西。

    • 从wifi卡中断开电缆,注意电缆上的数字和插入的端口。

    • 拔掉左侧的显示电缆。 首先,将胶带部分剥离,然后使用螺丝刀帮助拆卸电缆。 每边都有小卡扣来帮助。

    How do you remove the LCD panel inside the screen?

    j123white - 回复

  12. 移除左侧的这些螺丝来拆下铰链。 重新组装时记得将线缆放回螺丝下面。
    • 移除左侧的这些螺丝来拆下铰链。

    • 重新组装时记得将线缆放回螺丝下面。

    • 移除左侧螺丝。

    • 将显示屏组件提起放置到一边。

    • 在重新组装的时候,这些螺丝不能拧的过紧。

    Which cable and the pic doesn’t show the cable under any screw?

    hmm778 - 回复

  13. 拔掉扬声器然后将他们提出。
    • 拔掉扬声器然后将他们提出。

  14. 翻转电脑,然后将无线网卡卸下。他会和RAM一样弹出。滑出,放置在一边。 电脑右上角附近,通过抬起黑色部分来断开USB线缆,然后将电源线缆拔出。
    • 翻转电脑,然后将无线网卡卸下。他会和RAM一样弹出。滑出,放置在一边。

    • 电脑右上角附近,通过抬起黑色部分来断开USB线缆,然后将电源线缆拔出。

  15. 在电脑的底部,移除这个螺丝然后将左侧的SATA连接器直接移除与主板的连接,放置一边。 移除这三颗螺丝,然后将其向右移动来断开其与主板的连接。
    • 在电脑的底部,移除这个螺丝然后将左侧的SATA连接器直接移除与主板的连接,放置一边。

    • 移除这三颗螺丝,然后将其向右移动来断开其与主板的连接。

  16. 移除这三颗螺丝,然后将主板向右移动将其与机壳分离。 降温模块,使用压缩空气来将灰尘吹除!不建议你移除CPU的散热器,除非您有足够的散热硅脂来重新涂在CPU上。
    • 移除这三颗螺丝,然后将主板向右移动将其与机壳分离。

    • 降温模块,使用压缩空气来将灰尘吹除!不建议你移除CPU的散热器,除非您有足够的散热硅脂来重新涂在CPU上。

    Had a great deal of trouble extracting these three screws (marked M2x3). Ended up stripping them all and had to drill them out.

    William Vesey - 回复

    Very well done! The one I'm fixing is a slightly different model but the instructions were the bomb. Perfect!

    Pete Gannon - 回复

    Dude, instructions are far from perfect!

    hmm778 -

    Danke. Die Anleitung ist wirklich gut. Der Laptop wird nicht mehr heiß. Ich brauchte doch viel Mut. Der HP ist aber auch nicht sehr Verbraucher freundlich konfiguriert.

    Dagmar Ulrich - 回复

    These models tend to overheat and the OEM thermal paste dries out over time. Unfortunately, there’s too many steps and screws involved. It’s easy to screw up. For those who say this is a perfect instructional step, it’s not. It’s not showing the location of M2.5x4 screws and a few other steps. Plus, we are not shown how the heatsink and cpu look.

    There’s no instructions on how to take disassemble the heatsink and CPU. Afterall, that’s really the point of taking the laptop apart…to clean up the old paste/residue and reapply some arctic silver or other similar thermal paste.

    hmm778 - 回复






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after cleaning and put it back , now my laptop can't start

quahoangkimno01 - 回复

If you took reasonable precautions against static electricity, you probably forgot to connect one of the cables.

Patrick -

This guide was unbelievably useful, my G6 was heating up to 80+ degrees under light loads and turning off due to overheating, I was about to write it off, thought I might as well try this.

Once you get to the last step, it is possible to partly remove the fan (it stays attached at one corner) and clean out the gap between the fan and the bladed thing that looks like a barber's hair clipper.

That for me was full of a thick cake of dust, now that's gone the computer stays at 50+ degrees, and the battery life is massively improved (I was getting about 20 minutes due to the fan) and the fan is no longer louder than the speakers. Thanks uploader!

Jack Daniels - 回复

Absolutely amazing instructions! Better than the videos out there because the detail is so precise and easy to follow!

kellyjmahoney - 回复

This is horrifying. But thank you.

Dweed - 回复

Well put together guide. I found it easier to just leave the speakers in the chassis. For my needing to replace the thermal compound purposes I didn't need to remove the hing screws, but other than that it was very useful. Thanks

Isaac - 回复

thanks i was trying this without instructions and got stuck at the keyboard clips . i didn't even think of static protection .one question . my screen is busted so I use an external display .some times when I power up its difficult to switch screens and type my password . so can i leave the busted screen unplugged when I reassemble ?

Jimmy Miller - 回复

after cleaning fan,switched on,black screen,opened and re-checked 3 times..still black screen

COL - 回复

Make sure you've not severed or damaged the display cable, and that it is properly plugged in.

Patrick -

After reassembly, my laptop powers up. No display and beeps in sets of three.

teezbeez - 回复

Check and make sure your memory modules are seated properly and that they are in the correct slots. http://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c03...

Patrick -

Excellent guide. But could you explain or include a picture of what spudgering tool is or looks like? Thank you.

Vincent Donatacci - 回复

A spudger is an antistatic prying and prodding tool, I added it to the tools list, and you can find a better description on its product page =)

Sam Goldheart -

Thank you so very much for making this tutorial! My laptop now works like a stalking cheetah(before it was a wild gorilla). You made this possible. Your instructions were precise and intuitive. Lots of love to you!

Vinay Pillay - 回复

Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was so straightforward and easy to follow, and the photos were likewise really clear and helpful. My fan's not working even after cleaning, haha, but nonetheless I'm really happy that my laptop survived being taken apart and put back together!

Kaye - 回复

Hi. Thanks for instructions. I managed to clean the fan it's perfect now and sounds like new ( not like a taking of plane) but now my screen is black and Caps Lock flashing. What did I do to it?


Marie Ax - 回复

Thanks for the guide. It wasn't very difficult, got the fan cleaned out and new thermal paste on and it doesn't sound like a jet engine anymore. They sure make it more difficult than necessary to clean the laptops!

Clayton Boyle - 回复

How did you change the paste? Did you order some?

Aditya Putatunda -

It actually is very difficult. I tried on a dead G6. I wish people would stop misleading others online. It’s like saying running a 40 mile marathon was easy. It might be easy for some, but the majority it’s not.

hmm778 -

I fxxk up the header clip of the power button!! Can it be fixed?

Ming Lee - 回复

After the reassembly I could not get access to the wifi card, where could I have gone wrong

Mercique xD - 回复

Did you ensure you connected the cables in the right order?

Patrick -

Excellent set of instructions. My G6 was a little different to the pictures shown but nevertheless, job completed and laptop works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

Andy Bennett - 回复

after following the process and booting the laptop has no display and the fan sound a lot what could be the problem plz


Got as far as the display cable and chickened out as no obvious way to pull it out without ripping the thin wires. It was far enough though to clean around the fan and blow the muck out the heat sink. Reversed the instructions and it works and its quiet now. Very useful. Thanks.

mark_1958 - 回复

Yeah, it's not the most obvious. IIRC I detached it it using a small slot screwdriver. Alternate between sides, gently and gradually prying it loose.

Patrick -

I just opened parts and about to clean hope everything goes well

praveen yadav - 回复

How did it go?

Victoria Chou -

My fan still isn't working it keeps cutting off. The copper thing looks a little singed.

Rain - 回复

Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much! ^_^

xela245121 - 回复

My touchscreen doesnt work pls help


Great instructions but unbelievable how much disassembly is required just to blow out dust, which should be done frequently!

Conwell Boccia - 回复

Oh this is definitely not something you need to do often. Spraying canned air inside the vents should suffice. This is more of a deep clean tutorial - something you'd do once a year or less, depending on where you live.

Patrick -

Oh this is definitely not something you do every time. Spraying canned air into the vents should suffice. This is a deep clean tutorial. I do this about once a year (may vary more or less depending where you live)

Patrick -

Fan cleaned and now working again, thank you

peter roche - 回复

My G6 - 2026tx Have a wifi issue. It’s not connected in first time. After several power cycles it connect. some times I use dongle in few minutes & reconnect wifi, then only it connects. Please help.

Laksha Maniyamgama - 回复

My G6 -2027tx have wifi issue. It’s not connect in once, need to reboot several times to connect. Sometimes I connect Broad band Dongle few minites & reconnect wifi then it’s connected. Please help

Laksha Maniyamgama - 回复

I have same issue. I have to reboot. My guess is this is a mobo issue. I vow never to buy HP again.

hmm778 -

I wanna know how to apply new cooling paste please

dslemas - 回复

Please let us know how to reapply cooling paste.

otherwise it was a great guide.

dslemas - 回复

Yeah, typical half-ass instructions online. That’s why I hate youtube videos and tutorials. There’s always crucial steps missing.

hmm778 -

Great Guide! This Will Help Someone Soon!

Maxim James - 回复

Couldn't have done it without the guide.

Robert Grimard - 回复

I can't put the back cover back on properly

Jay - 回复

Great Guide for dissembling. I have cleaned the dust and assembled everything. My laptop power is On, but the display couldn’t come. Where should I check? I have checked everything thrice and everything looks good.

Vinaya Sandela - 回复

Go back to step 10 and make sure the display cable is firmly seated

Patrick -

while taking it apart I took a look at the motherboard and cpu and I saw there is a piece of thick clear square plastic sticking out in between my cpu and the heatsinc I tried looking it up but could come up with nothing does anybody else have this piece sticking out

david.stofast - 回复

Great guide even though my G6 layout is different but it worked. I have to take it apart today as well, because after putting it all back together, now the laptop won’t turn on. I prob. forgot to connect a cable, I hope.

PsychoDad39 - 回复

As I commented in the problem areas where there needs to be further clarification/visuals, the instructions are good; however, a lot is still missing especially the key part about removing the heatsink and fan to reapply the thermal paste. The paste wears out over time and must be reapplied every 3-5 years. There is a lot of effort here and risk especially damaging existing parts, stripping of screws, not having the right tools (which should also be listed) but are not.

For me, I’m going to take my laptop to a computer store who will do the work for me. To all those who were successful with the teardown, kudos.

hmm778 - 回复

A good guide, the k-board details were important.

I went all in and replaced the thermal paste as well and the heat dropped from 80+ to 45+ Celsius

//Thank you!

Hasse Andersson - 回复

Rip I have broke the right click taking it apart

Edison Lin (EDISONTECH) - 回复

I used this guide about 2 years ago. I could not have disassembled, or reassembled the laptop with out it. The computer is still working but does not yet need another cleaning. I hope this website remains open for years to come.

Harry Thomas - 回复

Thank you so much for your time and help, your guidance helped me a lot.

SuniL PareeK - 回复

Merci! Clair, structuré, complet… Nice!

pierrecarlier - 回复



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