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Fitbit Charge HR简单的拆解和维修指南。 指导您更换坏掉的或者不耐用的电池。

  1. 进入您的 Fitbit Charge HR 内部。 进入您的 Fitbit Charge HR 内部。
    • 进入您的 Fitbit Charge HR 内部。

  2. 你需要一些塑料撬片来分离手环,以及梅花螺丝刀,新的电池和烙铁。
    • 你需要一些塑料撬片来分离手环,以及梅花螺丝刀,新的电池和烙铁。

  3. 本指南仅适用于Fitbit Charge HR 型号。 不适用于旧款无法监测心率的型号。 它们的电池是不相同的。
    • 本指南仅适用于Fitbit Charge HR 型号。 不适用于旧款无法监测心率的型号。 它们的电池是不相同的。

    What is the price of the battary?

    Mazen Gammoh - 回复

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    购买 Switch 套装

    任天堂 Switch 套装


    购买 Switch 套装
  5. 从移除四颗梅花螺丝开始。
    • 从移除四颗梅花螺丝开始。

  6. 手环采用精密的组装。   你需要用一个小的塑料工具和你的指甲(或两个塑料工具)分开外壳的两侧。 要小心,因为外壳不能承受过大的力量。
    • 手环采用精密的组装。 你需要用一个小的塑料工具和你的指甲(或两个塑料工具)分开外壳的两侧。 要小心,因为外壳不能承受过大的力量。

  7. 一旦移除外壳,这里有两个梅花螺丝固定着电路板。 移除两颗螺丝,小心地撬起电路板。 一旦移除外壳,这里有两个梅花螺丝固定着电路板。 移除两颗螺丝,小心地撬起电路板。
    • 一旦移除外壳,这里有两个梅花螺丝固定着电路板。 移除两颗螺丝,小心地撬起电路板。

  8. Fitbit十分的轻,很难固定住。 建议焊接时使用胶带将其固定在板上。 Fitbit十分的轻,很难固定住。 建议焊接时使用胶带将其固定在板上。
    • Fitbit十分的轻,很难固定住。 建议焊接时使用胶带将其固定在板上。

  9. 注意:您可以永久损坏设备。 在拆卸旧电池之前,请小心组装,并拼接一根或两根线,以防短路。 请勿将圆形蜂鸣器误认为电池。 并不是这样 !
    • 注意:您可以永久损坏设备。 在拆卸旧电池之前,请小心组装,并拼接一根或两根线,以防短路。 请勿将圆形蜂鸣器误认为电池。 并不是这样 !

  10. 更换坏电池后,请将充电器插入至少20分钟。 然后取出充电器以确认您有更换工作。
    • 更换坏电池后,请将充电器插入至少20分钟。 然后取出充电器以确认您有更换工作。

    i found that the T2 torx screw forks much better and fit more accuratly then the T3.

    Rohan Grant-Dawes - 回复

    Hi. Would you post the battery make and part number? I'd like to make sure I can get one before dismantling the Fitbit.

    Many thanks.

    nick - 回复

    yeah i need to know this too,please post part number

    Amin mirzaei -

    FITBIT Charge HR 3.7V 70mAh LI-pol battery

    pdeal2 - 回复






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if you have the manual dexterity and intellect to replace the battery on a Fit bit Charge HR, why can't you do it on. "Charge" plain model I have 3 of these with dead batteries?

coljwm - 回复

The battery on the original Fitbit tracker is different than the newer Fitbit HR. If you can find a battery that fits, it would work.

martysummer - 回复

Where can I buy a replacement battery for my charge hr? Fitbit wants me to buy a new Fitbit which is inexcusable since the watch is only 16 months old

Evan - 回复

They sell them on Amazon for $10.95. Has only one review for 2 stars. Trying to decide if I should order one. Caveat emptor!

Scott McKernon -

Can you give me the size of the battery?

Bajmóczy Géza - 回复

Per the teardown guide, Fitbit charge HR Disassembly, the battery is 031420, or 3mm x 14mm x 20mm.

jimcarson -

The batteries Amazon sells have really negative reviews.... Say they don't hold a charge for more than 1 day, some even less... I've had my FitBit for over a year and now the battery is dead and no one knows how to properly replace them. They were designed that way to get you to buy another FitBit... it's how the world works these days.

quench53 - 回复

I followed this guide, and the end result was that the Fitbit powers up, but the display only shows a half-filled bar. It's not the typical battery life bar, but a slimmer one that I've never seen before, and it's always half full, even if I charge overnight. Then, if I try to connect to it with my phone, it fails to connect, and then the Fitbit shows a little exclamation mark in the middle of it.

I've tried restarting it, but the behavior is the same when it restarts. I've also tried setting it up as a replacement band through my phone's app. The phone says it sees it, tries to connect to it, then fails.

This all tells me that

1) the bluetooth is functional, at least enough that other devices can see it, if not actually connect to it.

2) the new battery is connected, because the screen and the bluetooth are getting power.

So, anybody have any idea what happened, and how I can fix it? Did I short it out when I was soldering? Did I fry the board with an ESD? Did I loosen some other connection?

Dan Slauson - 回复

Dan Slauson when researching why my fitbit was losing its charge I came across a gentleman on youtube that was explaining how to fix what sounds like what your fitbit was doing. I cant remember what he called his post but I believe he said he called fitbit customer service and explained his problem, so they talked him thru a factory reset of his fitbit charge HR, and when completing the reset his problem was solved. you can google how to do a factory reset, it doesn't seem difficult, its just a matter of plugging in your charging cable and holding down the button and releasing and repressing it in a certain sequence. I wouldn't suggest calling fitbit and telling them you replaced the battery, since they don't recommend replacing the battery, they may not cooperate in helping you. Google how to do a factory reset on a Charge HR and complete the reset and it may correct your issues. it wont hurt anything to try. Good Luck

Lawrence Wolfe - 回复

HI,I replaced my CHARGE HR battery with a good battery from my old cracked CHARGE HR and it still won't last more then a day,the battery came out of a cracked but good CHARGE HR ,it lasted about 4 days and now I put it in this other one and it last's about a day ???? ANY IDEAS??? THANKS JOE


how do I order a battery

paul - 回复

iFixit has recently sourced these batteries and will be making them available for sale very soon!

Daniel Demeter -

** FAST FIX ** If anyone needs a replacement Charge HR with good battery, let me know. I have 3 or 4 inserts with good LCD, good battery and properly functioning circuit board (bluetooth, HR monitor, etc). You simply remove the 4 screws holding your unit to the band, and replace with my working unit. Cost is $29 with free slow shipping anywhere in USA. worth dot net forward slash fitbit

Marty Summer - 回复

Marty, I would like to get one of your Charge HR inserts, if still available. How do I get in touch with you?

Dean Westerfield

Dean -

What's up Marty. Can I get that too?

Madhan Krishnaraj - 回复

Where can i buy battery for fitbit hr?????

Razzaq - 回复

First off, this is a great article and is easy to follow.

I am trying to desolder the battery from the device but the solder doesn't seem to want to melt. I’ve turned my soldering iron up to 450c and even touched it against a reel of solder which melts instantly. I’ve even held the tip of the soldering iron on the

What temperature did you have to bring it too?

nickdavies92 - 回复

Replacement step by step is okay. My observations:

1. During opening there is necessary to wide sides -wings- eschew more widely - due to button cup. White gasket ring is there very tight so yeah there is need some power as I was scared that should break the Fibit bracelet. Next two hands with spacer plectrum is useful.

2. Be also careful of metal battery plate holder - this thing is very barely spotted to the mount and is easy to tear it off and very problematic to install back.

3. My battery was glued to the frame, so there is necessary to use more strength.

4. Be careful which battery you buy. I bought battery on and my piece was 2mm longer than original, so I must cut 2 plastic -spacers- between battery and -buzzer. But it fit et all. make wires a little longer than original ( 4mm+) for better handling. Longer wires also fit but it more complicated.

5. (my hint) Also is useful to put small slices of Capton, tape around soldered wires and in layers to over them to prevent shortcut.

Ladislav Beneš - 回复

Observe the side button as you remove the circuit board from the casing.

Zach Quint - 回复



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