1. 取下8颗T5梅花螺丝 提起塑料板 取下塑料板下方的十字螺丝。
    • 取下8颗T5梅花螺丝

    • 提起塑料板

    • 取下塑料板下方的十字螺丝。

  2. 使用塑料打开工具撬开底壳。 使用塑料打开工具撬开底壳。
    • 使用塑料打开工具撬开底壳。

  3. 断开电池,将电源线缆放到一边。 卸下标有“M2x2”的四个十字螺丝 卸下标有“M1.6x4”的十字螺丝
    • 断开电池,将电源线缆放到一边。

    • 卸下标有“M2x2”的四个十字螺丝

    • 卸下标有“M1.6x4”的十字螺丝

    Bei meinem Gerät waren es nur 3 “M2x2” Schrauben.

    Außerdem wichtig: Bevor der Akku entnommen wird, sollten dringend die Klebstreifen von den Lautsprecher-Kabeln entfernt werden.

    Hendrik Schwartz - 回复

    Right, only 3 Big ones, but another smaller must also be removed.

    Peter Hecht - 回复

  4. 将电池从电脑中提走。
    • 将电池从电脑中提走。






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The Raptor


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Put compatible batteries under parts.

Keenan Lewis - 回复

Awesome instructions. Worked perfectly. I’m back in business now, and it took me about 10 minutes. Thank you so much. By the way, I was using iFixit tools, which really helped. John Day

John Day - 回复

using picks to open the case was a little tricky, but without this guide I would have looking for more screws or other ways to open it!

Mark - 回复

I followed the instruction carefully and it was quite helpful. However, now that I am done with the battery replacement, the speaker no longer works, and it seems that there is a hardware issue. Any thoughts on this?

Sara Hadavi - 回复

@Sara - Looking on another ifixit procedure, I found that the speaker wires are taped to the battery, so I suspect that the speaker was not properly plugged in after reassemble, or that something happened to the wires during battery removal. Hopefully the wires weren’t cut or stretched.

Here is what the XPS 13 teardown procedure had to say:

“….After that, it still isn't a perfectly clean getaway—the speaker wires are strategically taped to the battery in a half dozen spots, which we'll have to liberate to free the battery. (Admittedly, it could have been a lot worse.)

These same wires are trapped under the battery screws—so speaker replacement means battery removal. It looks like the XPS has some layering issues.”

ref: Dell XPS 13 Teardown

I hope this helps.

Graham Vodden -

Thank you so much for this helpful instruction.

Ran into one problem though, I replaced the battery successfully, but now I can only use the power button to turn on the laptop when it is plugged in or in sleep mode. If it is not plugged in and is turned off completely, I can not turn it on with the power button. Any thought? Thanks ahead!

David Wang - 回复

Hi, Sara Hadavi.

I had the same problem even though I was very careful not to pinch or press the speaker wire which is maintained to tha battery pack wih stickers. The wires are particularly cramped near the right speaker if I revall well.

Before screwing the bottom lid of the computer back on again, I checked that the speakers worked well.

After screwing on the lid, I had no speakers working.

After another go at it, I found that the speakers worked OK if I did not screw in the Philips screw under the flipping plastic panel.

In fact, if I crewed it a little, there was no problem. But as soon as I screwed it tighter past some point, about half way, the speakers would stop functioning.

So I finally decided not to put that screw back in. My computer and the speakers work fine, now.


Michel Camus, Montreal, Canada

mcamus51 - 回复

That's very helpful. Exactly the same thing worked for me!

John Ball -

did everyone else replace their battery with the newegg link provided above? I did that for mine and the battery failed after a month of very minimal use. Apparently it was a battery malfunction or something like that as the orange charge light was flickering in orange and I was basically unable to use the laptop without a charger plugged in. I tried resetting the battery by unplugging and replugging though to no avail. Was wondering if anyone else is/was experiencing this same problem?

John Big Dick New Mexico - 回复

Wieder Zusammenbau: Ich tat mir leichter dann zuallererst das Kabel wieder anzustecken und erst dann den Akku einzusetzen.

Gregor Barcal - 回复


Ordered the kit via website which came with the installation kit and a battery for the XPS 13.

After installation, the boot up states that it was not a DELL compatible battery and will not charge via charger.

Further inspection is that the battery is a third-party item from China. I do not know if this was a mistake and was sent a non-dell one by accident or if all of their batteries are sourced from non-compatible companies.

Contacted the ifixit customer support, left a detailed message and is awaiting back response. Hopefully I received a dud battery, and will receive the proper one or I, along with the rest of the customers have been misled and deserve a refund.

I will come back to the comments and let you know what the response was, until then if you’re reading this, I CANNOT RECOMMEND YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT.


dojun ryu - 回复


Key things to note:

1. Website makes no mention of this issue, it is a laptop boot error which means it is a COMMON DELL ERROR, every XPS 13 laptop will go through the same thing! Company should know of this already if they are a repair company.

2. I have not tested charging to see if the regular charger works with the Chinese batteries either short term or long term, but I am not testing it out for safety reasons and no company should tell you otherwise.

3. installation guide and kit works perfectly. buy the kit and buy the dell store ones and install it

dojun ryu - 回复

Thank you so much. Extremely clear instructions and labelled photos. I’m so grateful to you for this. It took me about 10 minutes

Yakov Korer - 回复

Please put 9360 - 60wh PW23Y under parts; can’t find where to buy

Luke - 回复

I just successfully replaced the original battery on my Dell XPS 13 9530 with the one presented here. It seems that the laptop reject it as I get an orange led blinking when trying to charge it, and the laptop won’t operate without AC. My original battery is 90V7W and the one I purchased here is JD25G. Has anyone bumped into it?

Gal Aharoni - 回复

I too received a JD25G (rated as 52Wh, 7.4V). On opening my XPS 13 9350 I noticed that the original battery, like yours, was also a 90V7W (rated as 56Wh, 7.6V). On the iFixit page from where I purchased the battery, they listed 5K9CP, 90V7W, DIN02, JD25G, JHXPY as compatible part numbers so I went ahead and installed it. I just finished and the battery seems to be working properly.

Were you having the same problem prior to purchasing the battery replacement? Maybe it’s a problem with your charger. I came across this on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eWD3w5x...). Don’t know of it applies to your situation.

Achilles21 -

@galah92 I have the same issue. Followed the installation guide but the LED under the touchpad blinks 3 orange lights, then 1 white light. Based on this chart of codes at the bottom of this article that means CMOS battery failure… Not sure what to do now as the computer will not turn on…

Alex - 回复

The instructions were really useful. I printed them out so that I had the photos while I was following the instructions. One thing I would add was that I discovered that there are more screwdrivers in Heaven and Earth than my toolbox had taken into account and it would have been very useful to have purchased them before I started! You need the T5, the PH0, PH00 and PH000 all of which were new to me - and sounded slightly rude until I had acquired them - but thanks very much for the instructions, i wouldn’t have dared go ahead without them.

One other thing, I discovered the batteries come in 2 versions at least, 5.2V with 3 fixings and 5.6V with 4 fixings. I managed to acquire both, needless to say, and had to send the 5.2V back. Ideally one would check before blundering ahead like me.

John Farrell


johnkfarrell - 回复

Very helpful instruction: the laptop only has one inconvenience that is mentioned: the tape that attaches the speaker wires onto the battery. A poor design.

Emilio - 回复

I issue I ran into was the battery connection. The wiring harness is very tight which causes the right side of the connection to pull loose enough to cause the XPS to act erratically. Screen flickers out. Keyboard goes dead. I solved this by applying a small piece of electrical tape to the connector to make sure the connection stays in place.

Brian MacDonald - 回复

I ran into the same issue with the laptop rejecting the battery as not being genuine. Hopefully iFixit gives me a refund.

Adam Dutko - 回复

When I received this battery, I installed it and booted the machine. I was then faced with a “non-genuine” warning and an annoying beeping noise from the BIOS. The laptop firmware informed it would not charge the battery. I sent an RMA to iFixit and they were absolutely awesome. Although this battery didn’t work for my laptop (a 2016 Dell XPS 9360) I will definitely be buying from iFixit again when needed! Great company and support. Thank you.

Adam Dutko -

Where were you able to find a genuine replacement battery?

Conrad Kaimalino Newfield -

Great guide. It also applies to the XPS 13 9360.

Karl Brown - 回复

After I installed the new battery, I drained the battery below 10% and then fully charged the laptop. I keep getting Windows messages saying “Your battery is very low” even though the battery indicator says >90% and the laptop is even plugged into power. Is this a sign of a defective replacement battery? Or do I need to do battery memory calibration again???

Jeffrey Zehler - 回复

Many thanks - worked perfectly! The T5 Torx bit is a bit fragile, and so I had to be a little extra careful screwing them back in…probably damaged the T5 bit a little on one screw, so just be careful with these. - Carl (Michigan USA)

chs1974 - 回复

When should i expect you to restock the battery as i have been waiting for months and when i check it's always out of stock. I need a 56wh 7.6v battery for my xps 13 9350. Thank you for your reply in advance.

mehdi abdelfettah - 回复

Some sources say that after installing new battery some additional actions required, like inputting the serial number of the battery or reprogramming something. I have read that without it the new battery won't charge. Can you please confirm or disprove that?

Лев Тен - 回复

I am talking about official batteries manufactured for Dell of course, not some third parties stuff.

Лев Тен -

rien à dire. parfait. avec les bons outils et en suivant les instructions, il ne faut pas plus de dix minutes. well done.

françois sabaté - 回复

The directions about removing the battery are better in the “how to replace the touch pad.” Using the tweezers and tape removal pics are helpful.


On XPS13 9370 versione, you don't have The flap with relative screw

The battere is fixed with 4 screws on The Angles And one on The

roberto cravero - 回复

My system didn’t recognize the battery after I replaced it. I confirmed that it was the same rating (52Wh) and battery type (JD25G) as the original (if not an official Dell battery). A little searching turned up a solution:

1) Disconnect the battery, press & hold the power button for 15 seconds.

2) Reconnect the battery, and replace the system cover.

3) Open the lid, press the power button.

4) When the DELL logo is displayed, press the F2 key. The system BIOS menu is displayed.

5) Reset the BIOS to system defaults (https://www.dell.com/support/article/en-...).

6) Save & exit.

After booting, the battery was recognized by the system.

Blair Ellsworth - 回复

Hi, I replaced my battery, but now the unit seems not to be able to charge . Is this a a problem with the adapter?



Gwendalyn Moore - 回复

J’ai un problème depuis que j’ai réalisé le changement de la batterie. Je travaille sur mon Dell XPS branché sur le secteur batterie chargée à 100% et disons après 1 ou 2 heures, le voyant lumineux de charge se met à clignoter blanc et jaune, le picto de la batterie sur l’écran indique que la batterie se met en charge et d’un seul coup, mon PC s’éteint. Lorsque je le démarre à nouveau je retrouve la cession identique comme si rien ne s’était passé, toute mes données sont intactes je n’ai rien perdu. Ce problème peut se produire jusqu’à 4 fois pas jour. Je n’ai malheureusement pas eu la bonne idée de lire votre tuto avant de changer la batterie et il me semble que 2 étapes de l’étape 6 peuvent être à l’origine du problème : j’ai tiré le connecteur vers le haut et je n’ai pas vidée la charge latente du système. Pensez-vous que le problème vienne de là ?

Frederic Chatry - 回复



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