Flip the computer over so that it is upside down.
  • Flip the computer over so that it is upside down.

  • Slide both latches away from each other (towards the outside).

  • Push the battery out with your fingers.

  • The actual battery is not shown in the photograph.


Remove the two screws on the underside of the case.
  • Remove the two screws on the underside of the case.

  • These screws should should have a keyboard "K" symbol next to them.


  • Locate the little tabs above the INSERT, F10 and F1 keys, and between the F5 and F6 keys.

  • Starting with the tab above the F1 key, press the tabs inward using your fingernail or spudger. Continue this process for the rest of the tabs.

  • Once all four tabs have been released, the top half of the keyboard should be free.


  • Pull the keyboard out at a 45 degree angle and place it upside down on the scroll pad.

  • Pull the wide ribbon cable laterally from its socket on the motherboard.


  • Unscrew the screws at the bottom of the chassis to remove the top panel.

  • This will allow for the removal of the display from the rest of the computer.


  • Under the keyboard, remove the six screws that are highlighted.


  • The case needs to be separated. Use your fingers or a pry tool to gently start at the front and work around the entire case.

  • There are several cables connecting both sides of the case internally, so be gentle. The cables will be removed in the next step.


  • Remove the internal cables by starting with those in the front and working towards the back.

  • Use your fingers to gently remove the cables from their sockets.

  • The cables connecting the display to the main chassis are difficult to pull out using your fingers. A tool of some sort (tweezers in this case) may need to be used.

  • There is one cable that connects the display to the chassis. Don't pull on it. It has no impact on the display. It is highlighted in step 9.


  • Once you can separate the screen and top case from the bottom case, lay them flat so you can work on the computer more easily.


  • Remove the screws that are highlighted in red.

  • Now, remove the protective metal plates.


  • The cables and wires should already be disconnected from taking the top off of the bottom.

  • Carefully remove the speakers from the case.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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