1. 更换PS4的光驱, 翻转PS4: 步骤 1 中的图像 1,1
    • 翻转PS4,底部朝上,背部插口区向你

  2. 更换PS4的光驱, 移除保修贴纸: 步骤 2 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱, 移除保修贴纸: 步骤 2 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱, 移除保修贴纸: 步骤 2 中的图像 3,3
    • 移除后部中间的两个保修贴纸,可以看见两颗螺丝

  3. 更换PS4的光驱, 移除螺丝的塑料盖子: 步骤 3 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 移除螺丝的塑料盖子: 步骤 3 中的图像 2,2
    • 移除每个边角的塑料盖子,可以看见螺丝

    What If my PS4 doesn't have the two screws on the side

    Michael Jimenez - 回复

    I should imagine that plastic cover will come off?

    How did you go?

    Cary B -

  4. 更换PS4的光驱, 拧下后盖螺丝: 步骤 4 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 拧下后盖螺丝: 步骤 4 中的图像 2,2
    • 取下4个7.2毫米的内六角螺丝

    I only have two screws, those in the middle of the console.

    Oscar Martinez - 回复

    Have you removed the plastic covers mentioned in the previous step? That will expose the other two screws.

    Sam Omiotek -

    same, here. there are only the middle screws, no covers or screws on the sides. and it sits pretty tight

    Johannes Müller - 回复

    turns out 12XX models are different. Look at this for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpr0z0ve...

    Johannes Müller - 回复

  5. 更换PS4的光驱, 拆下底壳: 步骤 5 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 拆下底壳: 步骤 5 中的图像 2,2
    • 在此插入翻译用拇指向上顶起底壳并取下。

    • 此底壳为塑料卡扣结构,移除时需要一些巧劲。

  6. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 6 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 6 中的图像 2,2
    • 用镊子拔出电源供给接口,使之与主板断电。

    This part looks dangerous. There should be a flag/warning not to destroy that cable yes?

    Shawn - 回复

    I second Shawn's comment. That cable seems to be very fragile, and one of the wires snapped on mine while removing the cable. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, if it wasn't a pain to find a replacement for it.

    Matt Gaia - 回复

    The tweezers used here, do not cut it. Not enough grip.

    I had to use a set of needle nose pliers to remove this.

    Cary B - 回复

    Power supply connection stuck. I don't want to damage it

    Nick Alex - 回复

  7. 更换PS4的光驱, 卸下电源装置: 步骤 7 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 卸下电源装置: 步骤 7 中的图像 2,2
    • 卸下三个 9.7 mm Torx 安全螺丝。

    • 卸下两个 41 毫米十字螺丝和支架。

  8. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 8 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 8 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 8 中的图像 3,3
    • 将电源直接向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。

    • 电源通过左侧的插脚牢固地固定到位。可能需要多次尝试才能将其移除。

    • 在重新组装期间,确保插脚对齐,然后将电源按入到位。

    How do you remove the battery wires? I’ve personally been wiggling it to no effect, is there a certain way i have to pull it out, and should i pull it out of the power supply or the console?

    Tubby - 回复

  9. 更换PS4的光驱, 取下 Wi-Fi 天线: 步骤 9 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 取下 Wi-Fi 天线: 步骤 9 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用撬棒的尖端从主板上断开天线电缆。

    dumb question but I’m very new to this. when reconnecting the wifi antenna, does it just click back on? I'm hesitant to try this procedure if I need to solder anything since I have zero experience.

    cliodhna - 回复

    Yup! Hold it in place and press straight down on top of it with your finger or a spudger. If you have any other cable/connector questions see this guide.

    Sam Omiotek -

  10. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 10 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 10 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 10 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用镊子或手指抓住天线电缆并将其从电缆导轨中取出。

  11. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 11 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 11 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 11 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用镊子或手指将天线电缆从光驱电缆下方穿出。

  12. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 12 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 12 中的图像 2,2
    • 卸下固定天线的 9.7 毫米 Torx 安全螺丝。

    This does not work on the newer 12 series

    raseemhassan123 - 回复

  13. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 13 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 13 中的图像 2,2
    • 取下 Wi-Fi 天线。

  14. 更换PS4的光驱, 断开光驱: 步骤 14 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱, 断开光驱: 步骤 14 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱, 断开光驱: 步骤 14 中的图像 3,3
    • 用指甲按下光驱顶部带状电缆的金属释放杆。

    • 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。

    • 重新插入带状电缆时,无需按下金属杆。完全插入后,你会听到咔嗒声。

    Please note that the younger generations of PS4 have a different setup of connectors to the driver, its sometimes 3 of these as presented but with different sizes and no pad to press down. However, dont be alarmed, just use the pair of tweezers and gently pull them off the connectors of the motherboard. Grab on tight on the blue area of the ribbon cable and pull gently! They tend to sit tight so take some time and patience on this.

    Mathias Kopp - 回复

  15. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 15 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 15 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 15 中的图像 3,3
    • 用指甲按下连接到主板的带状电缆的金属释放杆。

    • 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。

    • 将带状电缆放在一边以便重新组装。

    • 重新插入带状电缆时,无需按下金属杆。完全插入后,你会听到咔嗒声。

  16. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 16 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 16 中的图像 2,2
    • 用手指或镊子从主板上断开光驱电缆。

  17. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 17 中的图像 1,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 17 中的图像 2,3 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 17 中的图像 3,3
    • 用手指或镊子将光驱电缆从将其固定到位的电缆导轨上取下。

  18. 更换PS4的光驱, 卸下光驱: 步骤 18 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 卸下光驱: 步骤 18 中的图像 2,2
    • 卸下固定光驱的四颗螺丝。

    • 三颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝

    • 一颗 6.2 毫米十字螺丝

  19. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 19 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 19 中的图像 2,2
    • 将光驱垂直向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。

  20. 更换PS4的光驱, 拆卸PCB: 步骤 20 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱, 拆卸PCB: 步骤 20 中的图像 2,2
    • 如果你购买的光驱包含PCB及其支架,请跳过此步,开始组装。

    • 从支架上卸下3颗6.2毫米螺丝

  21. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 21 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 21 中的图像 2,2
    • 在此插入翻译向上提起支架,使之与光驱分离。

  22. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 22 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 22 中的图像 2,2
    • 从PCB板子上卸下一颗6.4毫米螺丝。

  23. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 23 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 23 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用小锥子的细头,轻轻翘起插口的锁定条。

  24. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 24 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 24 中的图像 2,2
    • 从ZIF接口把接头轻轻拉出来。

  25. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 25 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 25 中的图像 2,2
    • 一只手拿住PCB另一手握住下面的线材。

    • 轻轻拔出来。

  26. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 26 中的图像 1,2 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 26 中的图像 2,2
    • 一只手拿住PCB,另一夹住上面的那条线材。

    • 轻轻地拔出来

  27. 更换PS4的光驱: 步骤 27 中的图像 1,1
    • 去除PCB




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This was a great help after my 2 yr old put a coin in my PS4. However when following the steps backwards I got to step 7 which says 'Remove the 5 wire plug attached from the power supply to the motherboard' & couldn't see how to reattach it. I then noticed it looks like I've pulled the whole plastic white casing/plug holder (within the orange rectangle) off the mobo rather than just the plug from the casing. Although the pic looks like the plastic casing does come off the mobo as it's at an angle (maybe why I pulled the whole thing out or maybe I did it right).

I'm thinking I've made a mistake is because now I cant see anywhere that I can 'plug' the 5 L shaped wires on the bottom of the plastic casing back onto the mobo. Plus where they used to be attached there's now 5 tiny silver rectangles on the mobo (2 opposite 3), so I guess these 5 wires were some how adhered to those mobo rectangles by a conductive adhesive of some sort.

Any suggestion for the best repair method would be appreciated.


doc browejnn - 回复

If you've pulled the female end from the motherboard the it need to be resoldered to the board, most likely gonna need to pull the motherboard. It's a very simple connector, sounds as if you yanked the whole thing off.

lynx2069 -

Is anyone there who try to change the optical drive without change the Motherboard in the same time ? And does it run ?

Thanks for your help.

Frederic Morelli - 回复

How about a guide for replacing just the laser unit instead of the whole drive?

david.walker52 -

I changed the drive with its motherboard, when I want to update the system, an error message appears:

CE-42116-8 .

rafat abulaeth -

Would this fix the disc ejection issue?

Tim - 回复

No, as the issue isn't attributable to the drive itself. The issue is the capacitive eject button and the rubber foot on the bottom of the console. The foot expands with the heating and cooling cycles of the machine, and can set off the button just by making any contact at all. I suggest removing it, cutting off the front 1/8", then reinstalling it. That's what worked for me.

Nathan Rice -

This is very useful, however in order to play a new Optical drive a married motherboard must be installed also. Since the these are not plug and play drives.

Fueled by Rage - 回复

Thanks for your help.

Frederic Morelli -

I don't know which one of these to fix my Playstation 4 works fine until I put a disk in it it just says corrupted data it turns on fine the Internet works fine but games movies nothing works please someone tell me how to fix this

Samantha price - 回复

Sounds like the connector fron the disk drive to the motherboard may not be fully connected.

UnicornsOnLSD -

I recently got a PS4 form a relative that was a busted disk drive because he spilled water on it. the repair man said that the drive controll board is dead bacause foo water damage. What do i do? buy a new whole dirve or will that not work because of MARRage

Daniel Anishchenko - 回复

I wonder what I could damage. I used tutorial from yt.

Console works, games are running without problems, it is silent after new thermal paste.

But blue ray is dead: - not responding when pressing bottom eject button. - not reading already inside cd. - not accepting any cd - no option to eject from controler options

I wonder what could go wrong. Some cable? Something wrong with this small board that is next to blue ray?

I see small board, 1 4-pin connector, 4 tapes( 1 from motherboard, 3 from blue ray). Everything connected but not working.

Anyone has some clue how I can fix this or investigate?

Lukasz Z - 回复

I have the exact same problem, I cleaned my very dirty PS4, applied the arctic MX-2 thermal compound, put everything back together. When I fired the PS4 back on the Blu-ray drive doesn't do anything., won't take any discs, the eject button does nothing.

Were you able to fix yours? How did you do it? what was the problem? If not.... can anyone help us both?

Haris -

I have the exact same problem :((((

my Blue ray drive is dead

Ali -

When you remove the blu ray drive one of the most important steps to replacing it (and one that most instructions fail to mention) is the two metal tabs on the drive that hang over the back and left side. Starting withe the rear of the drive make sure the silver tab that hangs off the back slips over the plastic ridge and do the same with the other silver tab on the left side. The first time i tried to clean my optical drive i just popped it in without making sure these two tabs were in the proper position and it was as if there was no power being supplied to the drive.

Casey Jonason -

Hi! My son put a coin in the optical drive, how can I put the coin out doing this? sorry for my english im from spain, i need help

Diana M Da Silva Henriques - 回复

when i am trying to find an optical drive for my ps4 its says there are 2 types which do i need and hwo would i know which one i need

kerim pala - 回复

this s the same problem i am having can somebody help us. it would be muchly appreciated tnx


Changed my ps4 blue ray disc drive with mother board cause my son put multiple games in. Ordered and installed new one but now it will not recognize cd or game when inserted. Do i have to sync new disc drive to ps4 or does it automatically do it? Please help

dagucc - 回复

I installed new optical disc drive and now my ps4 will not recognize any disc or game. Wat to do?

dagucc - 回复

Okay, why is the system automatically flagging my reply to someone as spam?

Nathan Rice - 回复

I had this problem where I didn't press the release tab on the mother border and the flex ribbons ends got cut off . could this be the reason why my drive doesn't even accepttdisks anymore ?

claudio - 回复

I went step by step replaced the drive and now there is no power. It was working fine when I took it apart now nothing... I've gone back over it 3 times... Power supply's just don't die like that do they?

Mike - 回复

I'm in this same boat. Bought two optical drives, and when installed the Playstation 4 won't turn on, with the old one it turns on but the disc sensor doesn't work and won't receive discs...

Did you solve your problem?

RobertoLL -



I CN BE REACHED AT chooseloveorfear@gmail OR TEXTED AT 602#429#9236. THANKS!!!

Paul - 回复

I have a problem! i bought a bdp-020 wich is the one that was inside my console! but when i try to play something i got this error "CE-35888-2" and when i tried to update i got this one "e-ffffffff " help me please.

i follow the step by stem video on youtube. but isnt working!

Mauri Rios - 回复

Your bleuray board is married to your motherboard if you want to Let it workshop again you have to place your old bord frame your bleuray

Ws -

Ook nl mensen hier?

Ik had problemen met mijn bleuray hij accepteert geen disk meer. Reset ect gedaan restore data ect. Niets

Heb een nieuwe bleuray gekocht en oude printplaat omgezet op mijn nieuwe bleuray. Nou hij is 5 dagen goed geweest en krijg het zelfde gedonder weer reset niets werkt iemand een idee?

Ws -

Thanks i was trying to find my model optical drive for so long as a replacement for my current one but after seeing your awareness comment at the end then i'm guessing that i can just buy any new replacement optical drive i just need to take the motherboard off of my current one and put it on the new one is that right ?

Reaper666 - 回复

Do i need to find my model optical drive and put the motherboard off of my current one onto that one or can i buy any model optical drive and put the motherboard off of my current one onto that one ?

Reaper666 - 回复

Yeah that's what I need to know does anyone have the answer?

zane akhter -

So quick question. By married motherboard do you mean the board that is on the optical drive itself or are you referring to the whole system board of the PS4? If I bought a new disc drive online and swapped out the disc drive motherboards would that work? Any soldering required, or simply remove some screws? Thank you for your help, just need a quick answer!

Cyology.IO - 回复

My PS4 is doing the thing where it's constantly trying to eject a disk that isn't in there. It had been doing this for a long time so I tightened the manual "eject" screw, turned it on it's side, removed the rubber foot, unplugged it from the way and let it sit for 10 mins, etc (pretty much everything on the interwebs) this worked for a a few months but it's back to it's old habits. Am I able to just removed the optical drive? All my games are digital copies anywho and having the optical drive has just been annoying (it's now at the point where it ejects every 30 seconds) due to the ejection noises and the beeping.

Harrison - 回复

Yeah I'm with you. I've tried all that and more. Turning the manual eject screw seemed a temporary fix but even that doesn't work now. Still beeps and ejects. That's why i'm here. Will it help to replace the drive entirely or not? Seems not. I'm mostly digital but I still do have a need for the optical drive.

shabznet -

So the motherboard that is on the old blue ray disk drive do you need to put that on the new one or do I have to buy another one?

zane akhter - 回复

Hi how do I determine which disc drive I have to replace with the same as there are different ones out thrre

stevec5238 - 回复

I bought the new bluray drive, switched over the mother board, and now I can't insert a disc. It's almost as though there's no power to the drive.

James Brogan - 回复

Could anyone help me.

I tried to change the drive board and somehow broke the big ribbon cable.

Now the disc won't spin anymore.

AlessioM - 回复

I removed my old disc drive because it wouldn't accept discs at all. It wouldn't even make a noise....almost like it was just DEAD. So I bought a brand new blu Ray optical drive for the PS4 and I removed the old one and installed the new one. I removed the motherboard from the old and screwed it onto the new one. I am sure I've installed everything like it should be but when I go to insert a disk.... I GET THE EXACT SAME RESULT!!!! No noise and it won't accept the disc. Please help if anyone can think of something I might have forgotten to do or overlooked.


gilleytopher - 回复

Hello I have a problem I have damaged my optical disc drive and the logic board is there anything I can do

Jason - 回复

I just don't underatand, I bought another optical drive with a new laser installed and I took out the optical mother board from the new drive replacing it with the original one and I still get un recognized discs and I know for a fact it's the optical drive mother board because I tested the new optical drive with it's mother board and I could play blue rays but not ps4 games which gave me an error pretty much saying not compatable. I swapped back to the original optical mother board and pretty much back to normal again, not recognizing discs and I checked everything, even the rollers. I just don't get it, I always had back luck with play stations. I don't think anyone had changed it before and therefore the optical mother board should still be original, so what's happening here?

Deeb - 回复

If you bought a married drive and mother board, would they then run together?

Todd Law - 回复

To anyone whats haveing tecnical issues wtever is search jase12354 on facebook send as post will reply a soon as i can profile is v for vendette

Jason - 回复

You guys are using a total different kinda of PS4 I have .. My blu ray isn’t married to my motherboard .. And now I dont know how to fix this error ..

Betty Sales - 回复

So how do I marry a new disc drive with the original blue ray logic board??? Naturally to replace a functioning logic board when only the old warn out drive itself seems like a waste of $160.

Todd Ashelman - 回复

have a ps4 cannot get a part which is the disk detection sensor kld-003 can get kld-002 and kld-001 but cannot find find kld-003 anyone with the same problem.

stuart - 回复

I recently took apart my ps4 to replace the thermal paste and since putting it back together the drive will not eject via the button on the ps4 and will not accept a disc.

I can eject the disc via the on screen menu so there is power and I can also hear the drive churning away when I turn the unit on.

Any ideas?

J P - 回复

After I completed all the directions in reverse. For the drive to actually read a disc, I had to do an update. Now the eject button doesn't work. No clue what is wrong or how to fix it.

Kyle Roberts - 回复

Not sure if this is still updated, but I installed the new disk drive made sure all the cables are connected correctly and made sure it was the right type of drive, but now when i try and insert a disk it doesnt even seem to drag it in. Any help would be appreciated

dashiellsarnoff - 回复

Hi, did you change the small board on the drive?

You have to use the old one from the broken drive, because its connected to the mainboard by some sort of software coding.

Good luck!

Claus Gärtner -

I have disc drive that doesn't want to read only a few disc, any solutions would be great.

Ryuko Nariko - 回复

If you are just replacing the laser from the disc drive do you still have to replace the motherboard ?

Michael - 回复

No, just the laser is fine. Do not replace the optical drive PCB or your system will not be able to read discs.

Kara Meyers -

Thanks for posting this. It really helped me get through installing the new optical drive. I did swap out the daughter board on the original drive and I am having a problem with it recognizing disks. Any words of wisdom on that subject?

cbellmore - 回复

I hope you kept the original PCB because if not, sorry to say but you'll never be able to use physical games again…. The Renesas chip is on that PCB and it’s married to your console’s APU.

Kara Meyers -

Followed this guide and managed to replace my drive successfully with no issues. Thanks to all who helped to write this. You guys are awesome !

Alfie Brook - 回复


i got a older ps4 that sounds like a…got 4 screws in the back. and i got a newer one (only two screws in the back) from a friend with a non working bluray player, i took both apart and the fit matches, but not sure about the cables

any sugestions ?


/jan-erik, gothenburg, sweden

jan-erik haug - 回复

If your drive still doesn’t work after replacing. It’s your motherboard FUSE. Google & replace the F6202 fuse (check the others near it as they could be a problem also). This fixed it for us. No new drive or motherboard needed.

pablo renato - 回复

I have a ps4 that has this disc drive problem where it wont take the disc but what it does is make some grinding sounds when turned on and it does it for a minute and then it stops and then it won't take the disc at all ive replaced the drive twice and still got

The invader 2 - 回复

hello, i have a PS4 ΚΕΜ-860 PAA with a BDP-015 and the model is CUH-1116A,

what optical drive should i buy, because i cant find excacly for CUH-1116A, only similar numbers


georgepetsios - 回复

Are bdp-015 and 010 not cross compatible? I've tried swapping the daughterboard from one drive to the other, nothing. Bdp-010 gave me 35888-2 error as original was 015. Took apart original drive - it will no longer accept discs - and all mechanical components were in good order, nothing broken or out of place. No idea where to start with troubleshooting the daughterboard as I cannot find replacment. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question but that crappy preview question button on this site refused to work. Any ideas?

e h - 回复

I’ve seen on youtube that someone had fixed the Error SU-42118-6 by removing the ribbon cable for a while then reconnecting it. Will this possibly fix the error?

Phantom - 回复

Can we not just get an external Blue Ray drive and connect via USB????

Vance Webb - 回复

These kits all say “heat sinks not included” - is that something I need to order and repair separately?

Peter Harrison - 回复

You can reuse the heatsinks from the old motherboard, just be sure to properly clean them and reapply thermal paste. We have a guide for that.

Sam Omiotek -

Do I need to replace the motherboard even if I use the original PCB?

kai - 回复

I haven't tested this! I will look into it. Good question.

Sam Omiotek -

On the base model ps4 that has a 500 gig hard drive, the optical drive has a daughter board that works with the system to let the system know if there is a disk in the drive and what the disk is. This daughter board is paired with the ps4 motherboard. Should the disk drive break, all the user has to do is replace only the disk drive with the exact same unit and the problem should be fixed. Don't replace the daughter board as the system won't recognize another daughter board in it's place. If the daughter board has gone bad, transfer data to another playstation 4 as that will be your only option.

There is no need to replace the ps4 motherboard as motherboards are available anyway. In my case, the new disk drive that I bought can work with either a daughter board labeled as bdp-025 or bdp-020. The daughter board in my ps4 is bdp-020.

Justin - 回复

The whole point of me writing the above paragraph is to let you know that if the disk drive does fail as mine did, you can replace the disk drive with another unit and not replace the motherboard. The way that the guide is written left me unsure and drove me crazy, but I can tell you with 100% honesty that the disk drive can be replaced, solving the problem.

The most important step is to only replace the failed disk drive, keeping the original daughter board in the system. I'm hoping that this info will prevent any future confusion and you won't need to drive yourself crazy as I did.

When you're done with the repair, you'll have the failed disk drive and a good daughter board to throw away as my new disk drive did come with a daughter board.

If your ps4 motherboard does fail, the only option would be to rebuild data on another ps4 console.

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