本指南涉及到拆卸后部玻璃面板。拆卸后部玻璃面板需要去除将其固定到位的粘合剂。参考 本指南以重新安装后部玻璃面板。

  1. 将回形针或SIM卡针插入和电源按钮同侧的SIM卡槽的孔中。 按压回形针或卡针,使得SIM卡槽弹出
    • 将回形针或SIM卡针插入和电源按钮同侧的SIM卡槽的孔中。

    • 按压回形针或卡针,使得SIM卡槽弹出

    • 大力按压可能损坏你的SIM卡卡托

    It really needs to be stated at the outset that if doing this repair to replace the daughterboard, there is a high likelihood that the display will be destroyed (even if you don’t break the display, the foil backing on it will likely be destroyed rendering it unusable). The PDF version of this guide states this at the beginning, but this online version does not.

    David White - 回复

    Done. Thanks for the tip!

    Minor editor -

  2. 将SIM卡托从手机中移除
    • 将SIM卡托从手机中移除

  3. 在操作前我们推荐你清空微波炉,在底部的任何讨厌的食物残渣最终都可能粘在iOpener上。 把iOpener放在微波炉中间 。
    • 在操作前我们推荐你清空微波炉,在底部的任何讨厌的食物残渣最终都可能粘在iOpener上。

    • 把iOpener放在微波炉中间 。

    • 对于旋转式微波炉:确保盘子可以自由旋转。如果你的iOpener卡住了,它可能会过热并燃烧

    which temperature must be used for heating? Thx

    fbarletta - 回复

    I found you need to be very patient when using the iOpener. It's worth taking your time, giving the heat time to work on the glue. When I finally got the battery out, there were some strips of glue left behind that I just cleaned off with some isopropanol before installing the new battery.

    By the way, I had to run the iOpener for longer in my microwave for it to get hot enough. When it was too hot to touch, I figured it was hot enough for the batteries.

    Fredrik -

    I didn't find this to be as hard as I had built it up in my mind to be; HOWEVER, saying that I need to say years ago I was the local Nokia service center in my town. But many years ago right after they got rid of analog times. Yeah. A classic installer/repairer mistake when starting something they haven't fixed or installed before is picking up the instructions, flipping through them; maybe even reading a section that is new-then tossing the instructions over the shoulder. "I got this." This usually comes right before something major gets broke. And I can tell you when you try to do it yourself and then mess it up horribly then take it to the repair shop. Well we called that "I can do it myself" syndrome and charged extra to put back together what they brought in in the box. Now knowing all this - I can't stress this enough because I am stupid, stupid, stupid. COVER YOUR SCREEN IN CLEAR BOXING TAPE AND READ ALL THE INSTRUCTION BELOW THROUGH TO THE END BEFORE EVEN ATTEMPTING THIS FIX. Take my advise.

    windizy - 回复

    I didn't have an iOpener, so I used a wheat type heat bag. If you do this though, make sure you put a layer of plastic between your Mac and the bag, or you'll get condensation in places you don't want it.

    Martin Gray - 回复

    I started out using the iOpener but switched to my wife's hairdryer. A heat gun or hair dryer proved to be much more convenient and is a time saviour. You can heat more and the glue becomes more fluid make the next steps with the opening picks much easier

    Jan Van Puymbroeck - 回复

    Use a hair dryer! Watch this vid: https://youtu.be/16GkvjVyOJA It is much easier to do if you heat it from the other side.

    Fletcher Carpenter - 回复

    Video seems to have been removed from YouTube.

    Rex Burrus -

    I know this is obvious, but backup your iPad with iTunes before you start. I'd also turn off your passcode if you have one.

    Laurie Higgins - 回复

    Ther first time you heat up the iOpener for this repair when its room temperature I had to heat it up for more than 30 seconds. I remember I had to heat it up for around 45 seconds. However, after that when you need to reheat it again during the repair 30 seconds will be enough.

    Yousef Ghalib - 回复

    Not everybody has a microwave. You need to state how long and at what temperature in a conventional oven.

    Esmond Pitt - 回复

    Hi, the microware have multiple power 1 to 9, what must be used ?



    Cedric VINCENT - 回复

    My microwave just died, can i heat it with boiled water?

    Alex COLOMBANI - 回复

    Taping as shown is impractical when using hair dryer method—tape simply comes off in the heat and gets in way of getting out the shards on the sides. If the thing wasn’t shattered, then taping unnecessary.

    B. A. Computer Services - 回复

    I used the wheat bag in a sensor microwave heating up to 65-70 deg C (155 def F).

    ian cheong - 回复

    Get yourself a cherry pit bean bag the size of your iPad. Heat it, put the iPad on it for 3 to 5 minutes or so, reheat the cherry pit bean bag, again put your iPad on it. Then heat the iOpener and start working. The cherry pit bean bag will have to be reheated several times, but it will soften the adhesive so you have less problems with the iOpener

    Tim Feyaerts - 回复

    The “Galaxy S8 Replacement Battery” that you are selling with the kit is the wrong battery, the one that you are selling is a 3000mAh (which is the wrong amperage) as the OEM Samsung Galaxy S8 battery is “Model #: EB-BG892ABA / 4000mAh / Normal Voltage: 3.85V / Charge Voltage: 4.4V / A/S: 1588-3366 4000mAh 15.0Wh

    stevengenat - 回复

  4. 加热iOpener三十秒
    • 加热iOpener三十秒

    • 贯穿整个维修过程,如果iOpener 冷却了,在微波炉中每次重新加热额外的三十秒。

    • 注意在维修过程中不要过度加热iOpener,过热可能会导致iOpener爆炸。

    • 如果出现膨胀千万不要碰iOpener。

    • 如果iOpener中间部分依然烫的没法碰,请等待冷却后再加热,一个加热好的iOpener 应该可以保持热度十分钟

    May I know the temperate limit about heating iOpener? (maximum 150 degrees Celsius?) thx so much.

    yamayhuang - 回复

    I had to heat mine up for more than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds on high it was only warm. It had to keep trying different times and checking it until it got hot. I think the initial time that I put it in for was over a minute.

    whale13 - 回复

    DO NOT USE IN NON ROTATING MICROWAVE! It will pop a hole. I had it in for 45 seconds the first time. It wasn't very hot inside and I saw it started to leak on the paper towel I put under it. Just a fair bit of advice. I think I will just stick with the heat gun. Loud but useful.

    Alex Jackson - 回复

    I don't own a microwave.

    mdanihy - 回复

    Its again waterproof when you change iphone 7 battery?

    Jon - 回复

    I don't have a microwave???

    Joe Blow - 回复

    30 sec at which equivalent watts setting and what temperature does iOpener heats up to for 30 secs. Only just bought it so needs info before using it. Thanks

    Sam Stieg - 回复

    can i use just ordinary microwave???

    juneseok kwon - 回复

    If I don't have a microwave then I try to use hot air gun so how many munuts i want to heat ?

    Mohideen Rifay - 回复

    I heated mine up for 30 seconds, tested, then again for 30 seconds. It felt adequately hot. Leaving it on the left side, per the instruction, for a minute did not loosen the adhesive. I ended up pulling the suction cup hard enough to shadder the old screen. Moral of the story, I don't think it gets hot enough safely to have an affect.

    Travis Dixon - 回复

    There is a clear problem here with the heating part using the iopener things....no details are given. Whoever is testing them needs to make it clear - What temperature does it need to be? And for which phone models, because they differ in what's needed. It's only £10-15 for a laser guided temp sensor unit, and the designers/repairers should have one of those already for doing these kinds of repairs. Explaining half a repair, is worse than not explaining at all :-(

    assortedrubbish - 回复

    All phones/devices differ it’s unrealistic and unsafe to put a exact time/temperature needed to soften the adhesive. It’s really quite simple you warm the device evenly and in a controlled manner just enough to enable pry tools and picks to begin separating. Best tool in my opinion but again this is because I have experience is a hot plate and heat gun both of which are used at nearly the lowest settings and I can handle flat palming the plate for almost 10 seconds I leave the device to conduct heat until approx it’s about 110 at most 120 ish this will be plenty to soften all the adhesive if any problem areas I use heat gun while prying. Again you need go slowly and learn with a throw away phone

    Greg Latta -

    I used a hot water bottle, works well as it covers the whole screen and stays hot for longer.

    dave - 回复

    If I may suggest include your microwave wattage so people can get an idea on time for there own

    Patrick Storey - 回复

    I ended up using a hair dryer. That iOpener thing took forever.

    mark fitzgerald - 回复

    30 seconds sure isn’t cutting it… 45 didn’t get the screen of my iPad air 2 to budge either… even after resting on the ipad for 4 minutes.

    60 seconds in the microwave, the iOpener burst.

    I’ll get a new one and try once more with heating it 45 seconds and repeat that for 30 minutes like others have said here. If that doesn’t work it’ll have to be the heat gun.


    Karl Marble - 回复

    I can’t recommend the microwave. If the the iOpener becomes too hot, it bursts. Better put the opener in cooking water. Dry it and use it. Instead of an iOpener you can use hot/cool packs as well.

    Bernhard Keim - 回复

    Trust the directions! I forgot and left it in the Microwave too long and after 1 minute I had Mt Vesuvius - the iOpener burst and spewed the goodies out. The problem is, the Digitizer can be damaged by a hot air gun, so I had to tough out and remove the glue the hard way. I made it … with lots of patience! Tough lesson.

    Larry Bennett - 回复

    I also used a hairdryer. I used it on the low setting and I cut a piece of carboard to protect the rest of the screen. The iFixit tool and method is vert tedious and very time consuming in comparison. With the hairdryer method you can literally have the display apart in a few minutes. Using your other hand nearby the area you are heating it should be very hot but not enough to burn your hand. You only have to heat metal part of case near glass edge. If you have a cellular model then you need to be very careful because the black antenna area is plastic. So less heat and work your way up in adding heat just enough to separate around the area but not so much you melt the plastic!

    Fixrights - 回复

    iOpener was the worst part of the kit. Followed directions for :30 in microwave and took 4 trips to the microwave to loosen adhesive on left side of home button. I thought I was figuring it out and it was working well… even set a timer to wait 10 minutes between heating it up. Was on the right side and was on my 12th heat up when it exploded in the microwave. My only tip is that if you set it clear side up, as soon as you see any bubbles or boiling in the liquid, STOP! If you put a pot holder over the iOpener and press slightly to make good surface contact, that seemed to help. I finished heating with a “Corn Sack” that held heat better than the provided iOpener.

    digital_only - 回复

  5. 把iOpener从微波炉中拿出来,捏着两边扁平边缘中的一个避免碰到中心热的部分。
    • 把iOpener从微波炉中拿出来,捏着两边扁平边缘中的一个避免碰到中心热的部分。

    • iOpener会非常烫,所以拿着它的时候千万要小心。必要的时候可以使用烤箱手套。

    Will a hair dryer work for heating the glass?

    Me berg - 回复

    Can you use an oven instead?

    Rafael -

    Yes, as does a heat gun.

    anonymous 4602 - 回复

    I did this repair. I used a hair dryer, I think it works better: gets very hot fast.

    Cobus de Beer - 回复

  6. 将你的手机正面朝下放置。 如果手机的玻璃面板已经碎裂,请在拆卸过程中用胶带固定住整个面板。
    • 将你的手机正面朝下放置。

    • 如果手机的玻璃面板已经碎裂,请在拆卸过程中用胶带固定住整个面板。

    • 将iOpener放置在面板上约60秒以融化固定玻璃面板边缘的封胶。

    • 移动iOpener以加热剩余部分的面板,同样需要60秒。

    • 吹风机,热风枪,或者加热工具也许都会用到,但是千万不要过度加热手机——OLED 屏幕和内部电池都会容易热损坏。

    are there any option out there that allows you to heat the adhesive outdoors without any power plug?

    Brotan Store - 回复

    There's a star in the center of our solar system, you could try that.

    John Joiner -

    the way we do it at Get it fixed cellphone repair calgary is with a heat gun, wich is way easier than this, make sure to wear some gloves and dont worry to use to much heat as long as you point just to the back of the phone, (the back panel is thick enough to protect the logic board from over heat) instead of the usual blue plastic piece i sugest to use the thinnest metal razor knife and a business card so you can insert the business card and move it all around the frame, those blue plastic things are way too thick that will break the glass panel if you apply to much pressure

    get it fixed - 回复

    After did that with my own heat pad, the white paint got ripped off but luckily glass back cover did not break. So I scratched all white part of the back cover and now its all transparent.

    Jae Chung - 回复

    I used a purpose built heating device at 100 degree celsius. Lower temperatures didn't work.

    ken - 回复

    I used a blow dryer, attached my multimeter heat sensor to the back to monitor the temperature. At 54 degrees Celsius I could separate the back with a suction cup from my phone without damaging the paint.

    LRD - 回复

    I gave up on the hot bag after 4 heat and apply cycles. I was only getting the back up to 60c using an infrared thermometer. I switched to a harbor freight 1500w heat gun set to Low, moving constantly around the back, until the back read 95c. The back came off easily at that point.

    Nathan Wray - 回复

    using a blowtorch on low heart for 3-5 seconds at close range also works

    Achi Namaratne - 回复

    I found another site that said temps of 203F/95C were required to soften the glues. Once I started using those temps with my heat gun, as well as a tool I made by just cutting the flat front/back panel from a package of screws (any plastic package that has a flat panel will work) , I had the back off in no time. Had I continued to use the plastic pick shown in the instructions, I really doubt I would have gotten the back off since I couldn’t get enough force on the back from my suction cup. The thin package plastic acted almost like a knife as I moved it around the outside edge. WARNING: If you have to reheat the back, REMOVE THE PACKAGE PLASTIC!! It will start to melt from the heat of a heat gun. Good Luck!!

    morttormjch - 回复

  7. 将吸盘紧紧吸在后部玻璃面板的下部。 将吸盘紧紧吸在后部玻璃面板的下部。 将吸盘紧紧吸在后部玻璃面板的下部。
    • 将吸盘紧紧吸在后部玻璃面板的下部。

    If the rear screen is cracked/smashed, you will not be able to use a suction cup to remove it. The suction could would not seal because of the cracks. I tried masking tape, 3M shiny HVAC tape, and others, and the suction could would not seal to those surfaces either.

    I ended up using the sharp point of the smudger to remove some shards of glass to get underneath the cover to leverage it up and out. Definitely use gloves and safety glasses if you have to do this.

    dougpender - 回复

    Thank you for your comment. I needed to see this particular instance of what to do when the back cover was cracked. I was going to try to suction it with tape covering it. This saved me some heartache. You're an angel!!

    Jessie Brooks -

    Be careful during this step- reapply heat before attempting this one (battery issues tend to melt internal “areas” ) and this area is most prone to crack during the lifting of the back plate.

    Briannah - 回复

    J’ai utilisé la même ventouse.

    En soulevant la poignée rabattable, la simple succion a aspiré un disque de verre ! J’ai brisé la vitre sans même tirer…

    pierre brunet - 回复

    I think it is just about impossible to do this without at least removing some paint on the edges. Order a new back before you attempt this. It has the adhesive already on it and costs less than $10 on eBay.

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

    In order to get in more easily, I normally use the iFlex (the metal one) which is thin enough to create a little space, and then i insert a thinner plastic sheet, just like the default screen protector you might find on some huawei or xiaomi phones. That plus half a drop of alcohol should do the trick. Use caution and be very patient.

    Stefano Restuccia - 回复

  8. 本步骤还使用了一个塑料撬片,用来将后部面板从中框分离。如果双面胶的粘性仍然很强,用iOpener再加热一次。 使用吸盘在面板中部用力,旋转你的手腕向上拉后部的边缘。
    • 本步骤还使用了一个塑料撬片,用来将后部面板从中框分离。如果双面胶的粘性仍然很强,用iOpener再加热一次。

    • 使用吸盘在面板中部用力,旋转你的手腕向上拉后部的边缘。

    Be careful that the bottom of the phone is well heated, and add a drop or so of isopropyl alcohol. When I removed the back glass of my S6, some of the black coating on the glass stayed stuck to the adhesive, so to return my phone to its original appearance, I’ll have to get a new back glass.

    Gary F - 回复

  9. 当你打开一个够大的缝隙后,在后部玻璃面板和中框之间插入一个塑料撬片。 当你打开一个够大的缝隙后,在后部玻璃面板和中框之间插入一个塑料撬片。
    • 当你打开一个够大的缝隙后,在后部玻璃面板和中框之间插入一个塑料撬片。

    At this stage I didn’t use a plastic pick as I think they are too thick and will crack a screen that’s not already cracked. I used a stainless steel

    I sesame blade which does a much better job of cutting through the adhesive. Just be careful not to insert it in too far. I sometimes put a mark on my blade to ensure it doesn’t go in too far.

    Wayne Lyell - 回复

    I used a card like the ones people use to play poker or any card game with. Only one was needed to separate the back without any damage to the paint.

    LRD - 回复

    Be sure to apply a decent amount of heat when removing the last bit of the rear glass, cracked the rear of my screen (only a small amount mind) trying too use too much force not enough heat for the last spot.

    spank2103 - 回复

  10. 将塑料撬片绕后部玻璃面板的底部左侧滑动。 将塑料撬片绕后部玻璃面板的底部左侧滑动。 将塑料撬片绕后部玻璃面板的底部左侧滑动。
    • 将塑料撬片绕后部玻璃面板的底部左侧滑动。

    The rear glass is very fragile. I cracked mine across the camera opening while cleaning off the old sealant. Next time ( I will have to order one and do it again…doh) I’ll place it on a flat surface while cleaning it.

    Greg Scott - 回复

    This is also a really good time to remove the SIM tray

    John Murphy - 回复

  11. 将塑料撬片沿着手机的电源按钮一侧滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机的电源按钮一侧滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机的电源按钮一侧滑动。
    • 将塑料撬片沿着手机的电源按钮一侧滑动。

  12. 将塑料撬片沿着手机顶部滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机顶部滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机顶部滑动。
    • 将塑料撬片沿着手机顶部滑动。

  13. 将塑料撬片沿着手机的音量按钮的一侧滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机的音量按钮的一侧滑动。 将塑料撬片沿着手机的音量按钮的一侧滑动。
    • 将塑料撬片沿着手机的音量按钮的一侧滑动。

  14. 按住中框,向上拉后部玻璃面板将其与组件分离。 如果由于双面胶粘性太强,用塑料撬片在玻璃下面滑动数次。 如果由于双面胶粘性太强,用塑料撬片在玻璃下面滑动数次。
    • 按住中框,向上拉后部玻璃面板将其与组件分离。

    • 如果由于双面胶粘性太强,用塑料撬片在玻璃下面滑动数次。

  15. 在后部面板和中框之间插入塑料撬片。 沿着手机的顶部滑动撬片以清除剩余双面胶。 扭动撬片以分离两部分。
    • 在后部面板和中框之间插入塑料撬片。

    • 沿着手机的顶部滑动撬片以清除剩余双面胶。

    • 扭动撬片以分离两部分。

  16. 此时,后部玻璃面板应该完全从手机上分开。双面胶可能仍然会粘附在两侧上。 拉开后部面板,然后完全分离它们。 参考此指南以重新安装后部玻璃面板。
    • 此时,后部玻璃面板应该完全从手机上分开。双面胶可能仍然会粘附在两侧上。

    • 拉开后部面板,然后完全分离它们。

    • 参考此指南以重新安装后部玻璃面板。

    You should note that the adhesive strip may need to be fully removed from the frame in order to proceed with repairs. The adhesive on my phone covered all of the screws exposed in the next step.

    Sean Cruz - 回复

    When I did my battery, the adhesive stayed almost 100% on the back glass and was still in good shape. What didn’t remain attached only lifted slightly and I was able to coax it back to its original location with tweezers. I didn’t bother to remove and replace the adhesive layer because mine was still good. I set the glass out of the way where it wouldn’t get dirt on the adhesive while I finished the battery swap. I added some additional heat (hair dryer) after reattaching the glass to make sure the adhesive made the best seal.

    Wayne Thomason - 回复

  17. 卸下13个3.5毫米用来将中框固定在手机上的Phillips #00螺丝。
    • 卸下13个3.5毫米用来将中框固定在手机上的Phillips #00螺丝。

    Make sure you do not mix up these thirteen screws with a hidden 14th screw under the mid-frame chassis, on the left side of the headphone port, on daughter-board. This 14th screw is shorter than the other screws, so make sure you do not replace it with one of the longer screws. It will push up against the front glass and lift it away from the adhesive.

    David Whyte - 回复

  18. 紧紧地抓住中框组件的边缘。 向下推电池的同时抬起中框组件,以将其与手机的剩余部分分开。 向下推电池的同时抬起中框组件,以将其与手机的剩余部分分开。
    • 紧紧地抓住中框组件的边缘。

    • 向下推电池的同时抬起中框组件,以将其与手机的剩余部分分开。

    FIRMLY GRASP IT! - Patrick

    Armen Orbelyan - 回复

    Bei diesem Schritt sicher sein, dass SIM Card Fach entfernt ist!

    zikal - 回复

    I found the glue still very sticky here, i had to go around with my picks to free it, its very stuck with a UK version, beware!!

    databeat1 - 回复

    I damaged my screen here a bit, be careful not too slide your pick between the digitizer and the screen.

    Anton -

    i suggest to apply heat on the corners of the front screen to lose the adhesive a lil bit and push from the bottom back of the phone right where the wireless charger is because of the charging port

    get it fixed - 回复

    When grabbing from the bottom, you fun the risk of damaging the charging port and headphone jack. I would suggest starting from the top. This is because the two ports at the bottom slide down into the frame. There is also adhesive that will give you a little resistance.

    Alex Philip - 回复

    Step 18 is not correct, you have to start from the top. You can damage the charge port

    Daniel Yaben - 回复

    On mine the adhesive actually tore away part of the colored film on the back of the screen glass rather than separating from it. I’m guessing applying heat to the screen corners first would help avoid this (I didn’t). https://imgur.com/a/V7vZQ

    Brian Hardie - 回复

    Don’t stick a pick into the screen side of the frame. You will almost certainly start to separate the digitizer and LCD. Plus there is hardly anything to pry against anyway.

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

  19. 抬起中框将其与手机的剩余部分分离。
    • 抬起中框将其与手机的剩余部分分离。


    mike gentry - 回复

    Achtung! Bei meiner Reperatur, besonders bei Schritt 14, Auf gar keinen Fall versuchen den Kleber mit einem der Plektren zu lösen. Dort kann man schnell zwischen Displayrahmen und Glas rutschen und so das Display beschädigen!!!

    TheECanyon - 回复

    Once I got the back off I spotted my issue, This was a tough phone. 5 years of service in the marine industry. I spotted corrosion as I was unplugging. so I continued the battery had so much adhesive , you know the rest.

    digitize r! It had drowned at least four times, was still working but had to be on the charger unless it was in safe mode. So good luck !

    There are more symptoms for others to decide . I like this place reminds me as as a kid in the sixties, lol

    Gerald - 回复

  20. 使用撬棒的平端从主板的插座上断开电池的连接器 使用撬棒的平端从主板的插座上断开电池的连接器
    • 使用撬棒的平端从主板的插座上断开电池的连接器

    When putting in the new battery should this click back in place? I can’t seem to get it in place.

    terrific_terri8 - 回复

  21. 在外壳和电池之间插入塑料撬片。 尽可能小心,并保持塑料撬片平整插入,以避免弯折电池,否则可能会损坏电池并使其释放危险的化学物质。 将塑料撬片进一步推入以将电池与手机分开。
    • 在外壳和电池之间插入塑料撬片。

    • 尽可能小心,并保持塑料撬片平整插入,以避免弯折电池,否则可能会损坏电池并使其释放危险的化学物质。

    • 将塑料撬片进一步推入以将电池与手机分开。

    • 如果电池被太牢固地粘住,无法将塑料片插入,请将加热的iOpener放在电池上来松开粘合剂。

    • 另外,在电池的每一个角落都涂上一些异丙醇,让它们作用几分钟,以溶解粘合剂。

    • 不要撬动主板,否则可能会损坏手机。

    Do you have to remove the battery to remove the motherboard? I just need to remove the motherboard for soldering.

    Jake - 回复

    No, it is not necessary to remove the battery.

    cityzen -

    However, it makes it easier to handle the phone with the battery taken off.

    Ben -

    I used a trick from a different phone tear down, but it really helps, slip a length of dental floss under the top edge of the battery, then with a back and forth action of the floss, you can slice through the adhesive and easily remove the battery, worked great on this phone.

    danechapman - 回复

    Dude that's awesome, wish someone would have mentioned this a long time ago. Battery removal can be a pain. Defiantly going to try that sometime soon!

    Felix Robinson -

    Best tip ever!

    vbgagnon -

    For me, the battery removal was probably as difficult. maybe more so than removing the back or mid-frame. The adhesive on the left side woudn’t let go and the plastic pick couldn’t reach the left-side adhesive to release it. I finally got it through perseverance though.

    Wayne Thomason - 回复

    I heated the battery area for two minutes. Pried slowly with a plastic pic on the outside edge and around the top. Got the center top corner up slightly and used the dental floss trick. Worked well!

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

    IFixit makes a tool about 5 inches long with a black plastic handle and a flat metal blade that is great for this. It’s a perfect prying tool. It’s about 4 inches of thicker plastic handle and 1 inch of steel blade. I would think if it was a sharp blade, it would be ideal for slicing through this type of adhesive. Like the dental floss idea also. Will try that on the next one.

    Rex Burrus - 回复

    The steel blade tool is also great for removing the battery adhesive and back adhesive. Use like a dull chisel scraping up small chunks until done.

    Rex Burrus - 回复

    Hi Rex,

    I think the tool you are thinking of is the Jimmy! It is indeed a versatile tool for many opening purposes. However, we do not recommend it for battery removal, as the dull metal blade can still slice through the battery pouch.

    Arthur Shi -

  22. 把电池从手机中取出 不要重复使用拆下来的旧电池,因为这是一个安全隐患。请用一块新电池来替代它。
    • 把电池从手机中取出

    • 不要重复使用拆下来的旧电池,因为这是一个安全隐患。请用一块新电池来替代它。

    • 安装新电池:

    • 从手机中去掉任何残留的粘合剂,并使用异丙醇和无绒布擦拭粘合区域。

    • 用预切割粘合剂或双面胶带固定新电池。为了正确地定位,将新的粘合剂安放在电话中,而不是粘到电池上。粘合剂应该围绕电池隔层的旁边,而不是在中心的矩形切口(实际上是显示屏的背面)。

    • 将电池牢牢地按住5-10秒。

    Question!? If the screen is barley cracked at the coner, (2cm) of the phone, would it shatter thru this process!? Please let me know ASAP!?

    dominiquem1991 - 回复

    again, mine a UK version was very sticky beware!!

    databeat1 - 回复

    Yes the UK version is very well glued in. I recommend using a flat metal spudger and pushing it in from the bottom right side and then continue doing the same working up. This method seems to be the safest and only takes a minute or two

    martywild10 -

    I used a credit card and a bit of hair dryer to ease it out.

    adele - 回复

    The top of the battery is important to position the cable. Too low and the cable will not reach.

    herbniek - 回复

    how do you put it back together is the real question

    fares - 回复

  23. 使用撬棒的尖端从主板的插座上断开蓝牙和Wi-Fi天线的线缆连接器。 使用撬棒的尖端从主板的插座上断开蓝牙和Wi-Fi天线的线缆连接器。 使用撬棒的尖端从主板的插座上断开蓝牙和Wi-Fi天线的线缆连接器。
    • 使用撬棒的尖端从主板的插座上断开蓝牙和Wi-Fi天线的线缆连接器。

    This portion of the repair caused me problems after phone was closed up. The bluetooth cable on the left of the phone was not placed back into its cable track and was pinched off by screen once frame was placed in metal housing.

    Sebastian Diaz - 回复

  24. 使用撬棒的平端断开home键的连接器。 使用撬棒的平端断开home键的连接器。
    • 使用撬棒的平端断开home键的连接器。

  25. 使用撬棒的平端从主板上断开显示屏组件线缆的连接。 使用撬棒的平端从主板上断开显示屏组件线缆的连接。
    • 使用撬棒的平端从主板上断开显示屏组件线缆的连接。

    Does taking the motherboard out wipe the phone?

    Uil'yam - 回复

    No, after disconnecting the battery there’s no way for info to be moved from the memory, until it’s connected to a power source again.

    Wayne Lyell - 回复

  26. 从主板上断开听筒组件线缆的连接器。 从主板上断开听筒组件线缆的连接器。
    • 从主板上断开听筒组件线缆的连接器。

  27. 抬起主板靠近摄像头的一侧以将其从显示屏框架上分离。 此时请不要将主板完全移除。因为它仍然通过一条在主板底部的扁平线缆连接到子板。
    • 抬起主板靠近摄像头的一侧以将其从显示屏框架上分离。

    • 此时请不要将主板完全移除。因为它仍然通过一条在主板底部的扁平线缆连接到子板。

  28. 断开在主板下面连接到子板的线缆的连接器。 断开在主板下面连接到子板的线缆的连接器。
    • 断开在主板下面连接到子板的线缆的连接器。

  29. 使用撬棒的平端从主板上断开前置摄像头的连接器。 卸下摄像头。 卸下摄像头。
    • 使用撬棒的平端从主板上断开前置摄像头的连接器。

    • 卸下摄像头。

    Samsung galaxy s6 motherboard price give me

    Send me dilevary

    Mahendra Choudhary - 回复

  30. 使用撬棒的平端从主板的插座上断开后部摄像头的连接器。 卸下摄像头。 卸下摄像头。
    • 使用撬棒的平端从主板的插座上断开后部摄像头的连接器。

    • 卸下摄像头。

    the display of my phone is broken..so if i connect my motherboard into another s6(same model phone) device will it work???will i get all of my data??or if someone try to steal my motherboard and connect it into other s6 display,will my security(fingerprint,app locker) still work??another question ..is my all apps and information saves in the motherboard??please tell me.

    musfik - 回复






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where did you purchase the glass adhesive

Jason Fredrickson - 回复

Can motherboard from s6 edge fit into motherboard of S6?


No. The s6 edge Motherboard has different cable connections than the s6.

Minor editor -

I switched my motherboard and now the phone will not power on. How can I fix this?

Noah Kim - 回复

Where can I buy a Samsung s6 edge motherboard 32gb unlocked ? Urgent please

abdulhakimsanda - 回复

I nid mother board s6edge plus ksa

Imran Sanam - 回复

Will this motherboard work with sm-g920I

hamoodyboss - 回复

Thanks to this site is was able cannibalize to s7 into one fully working phone for a grand total of $65 bucks .Keep up the good work.

John Maldonado - 回复

how UFS memory chip of samsung galaxy s6(SM-G920I) looks like????…give a picture with the motherboard please

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