本指南将会指导您如何更换摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 的电池。 更换这个部件需要拆解手机大多数部件。

  1. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换, 屏幕: 步骤 1 中的图像 1,2 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换, 屏幕: 步骤 1 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用指甲在手机底部的凹槽中撬起并移除后壳。

    • 在拆解工作开始前请确保手机完全关机。

    This repair is much, much more difficult than it appears. The LCD connection and the battery connection are borderline impossible. Everything else is simple or nearly simple. The glue is about a tenth as tough as Samsung phones.

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

  2. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 2 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用热风枪或者iOpener作为加热工具。 这个指南将指导如何使用iOpener。

    • 均匀地将热量传导到到触摸屏的边缘以松开粘合剂。 一旦屏幕边缘摸起来温暖,请继续执行步骤3。

    • 切勿使用热风枪或者iOpener 持续加热一个点过长时间,这样可能会损坏手机。

    • 在重组时,使用iOpener或者热风枪来让粘合剂重新与新屏幕贴合。加热屏幕边缘位置,对屏幕施加压力,指导屏幕完全贴合。

    I kept my phone on the radiator for 10min and loosened it enough to open (felt safer than a heat gun).

    Stephen Hodge - 回复

  3. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 3 中的图像 1,3 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 3 中的图像 2,3 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 3 中的图像 3,3
    • 粘合剂松动后,使用塑料打开工具或者塑料撬片撬起屏幕一角。 吸盘也能帮上忙.。

    • 使用塑料撬片固定一角,继续在屏幕四周进行这个操作,如果有必要的话请加热屏幕。

    • 避免在屏幕边缘撬动时损坏LCD屏幕排线插头。 它位于手机的左边缘,音量控制按键 的正对面。

    • 在重组时,新的粘合剂可能要贴合在旧的粘合剂之上来保证屏幕的贴合。

    You may need to remove the mouthpiece and earpiece gauzes from the screen to fit to the replacement screen

    Mark - 回复

    Be careful not to damage the adhesive tape on the old screen as you may need to reuse it along with the two gauzes on the replacement screen

    bee - 回复

    which adhesive tape?

    MotoG Fan -

    What width of adhesive is appropriate to buy to replace the existing one? I can see 1mm, 2mm etc for sale

    Avi Silver - 回复

    The width of the adhesive tape that goes around the rim is 2mm. But rather than buying generic 2mm tape, which won't seal well at the corners because it would be bent pretty sharply, it's best to get a precut adhesive that is made for this specific phone and that comes with the corners (and everything else) already pre-shaped: it's cut into a phone-shaped sheet, most of which you'll be discarding. Such sheets are available on ebay.

    Norman Yarvin - 回复

    I did not need to use any new adhesive strips to get my screen securely back in place. After placing the screen back, just heat the edges of the phone as before and press tightly (though not too hard, of course) until cooled.

    mkonings - 回复

    I would suggest that there is NO need for screen and MB removal on this phone as the charging port and assembly come out as one piece after removing screws and applying gentle heat to soften the adhesive holding the port in place.

    Pete B - 回复

  4. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 4 中的图像 1,2 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 4 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用塑料打开工具将显示屏排线ZIF连接器上的锁解锁。

    • 从主板的插座中拉出显示排线。

    This part was actually the trickiest of the whole (replacing battery) process. Putting it back together here is tough… well would have been better had I not left my glasses in work.

    Stephen Hodge - 回复

    [English below]

    Wer das Gerät während des Displaywechsels eingeschaltet lässt, sollte es dennoch einmal neustarten, wenn es fest verklebt wurde. Wie ich auf die harte Tour herausfand, kalibriert sich der Annäherungssensor erst bei einem Neustart neu und geht nach einem Wechsel (Display abgenommen = niedrigerer Wert) davon aus, dass das Handy dauerhaft in der Tasche/am Ohr ist.

    Ein kurzer Neustart verschafft Abhilfe.



    For those not powering off the device while changing the display (i.e. to test the functionality) I recommend to restart the device after the repair is done and the display is glued in.

    As I found out the hard way, the proximity sensor recalibrates at the restart and without the display it sets lower values as a minimum (since there are no obstacles in the way). After the display change it will think that the phone is in your pocket or at your ear all the time.

    A restart solves that problem.

    SchattengestaIt - 回复

    I am using a Moto G3 phone as my backup phone and it’s screen is cracked but it is working fine. After watching your video I removed the screen carefully, bought a new digitized screen and fixed it. Now I am in a big trouble because the touch pad doesn't work. Even I couldn't switch off it. I complained the seller and he gave me another screen thinking the previous is having an issue. Unfortunately after fixing it the problem remains. How to solve the touch pad issue please?

    globalcomkandy - 回复

    I agree this is extremely tough, to take off or put on. Taking it off is hard enough ( the lever is tiny and opens up). Connecting it back up is tough because the position is so awkward.

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

  5. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换, 主板: 步骤 5 中的图像 1,1
    • 移除主板侧面上的10颗2.4mm T4螺丝。

    • 移除4颗主板顶部和底部上的4.5mm T4 螺丝

    Can you telll motherboard price and like plzzz

    Sandy Santhosh - 回复

    These are T5 screws

    geoffakien - 回复

    They were all T4 for me.

    Eric Harrison -

  6. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 6 中的图像 1,1
    • 如果粘合剂残留物在主板上,请使用Jimmy切割主板和手机背面之间的粘合剂。

    • 小心地从右侧边缘处提起主板。

    • 避免拉动电池线,主板在左下方与电池相连。

    When taken battery out I took it out wrong and now the new battery plugging into old area is not possible is there a repair part where the battery connects to the logic board Mahalo.

    jeremy roberts - 回复

  7. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 7 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用塑料打开工具来断开电池和主板连接的排线。

    troquei a bateria e o cellular não liga mais..

    biankasa79 - 回复

    Replacing this battery connection is the single hardest connection I have done on any phone or laptop in my experience! The border walls break very easily and the connection itself breaks off the board very easily. I am still not sure how to slide the plug into place without breaking off a border wall.

    Thomas Hayes - 回复

    Yup, this is where it ended for me. I appears some connectors broke of (I’d say 1/2 mm by 1/2mm small) which I have nor tools nor knowledge to repair. I did have to use some force to get break the connection but I think I was well within margins. (This was the first phone I tried to repair however)

    Roelof Pieter - 回复

  8. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换, 电池: 步骤 8 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用撬棒小心的将电池线缆从下桥的拉出。

  9. 摩托罗拉 Moto G 第三代 电池更换: 步骤 9 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用撬棒将电池从后壳中撬出

    • 如果电池很难撬出来,那你需要使用热风枪或者iOpener加热一下后壳。

    • 在装入新电池时,新的粘合剂或者胶带需要安装到位。

    • 小心工作 如果穿刺,锂离子电池会产生剧烈反应(着火/爆炸)。





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Thanks a lot, it has been very useful! .. Unfortunately my device is still not working ...

Giovanni Cotella - 回复

No audio sound and ring tone is not working of my Moto G3 set. pl help me what can i do

J. Sarkar

jayanta - 回复

Same here, did you solve it?

Federico Oldani -

Lost all sounds on mine too. But the battery replacement went very smooth.

simivalleydv -

I've extracted the battery and am awaiting a replacement. It holds a charge OK but has bulged to 10mm thick plus some gaseous inflation. This caused the motherboard to bulge in response and popped the screen out of the housing. I suspect that it was, before the "pop" made it obvous, the cause of the failure of the torch/flash. This is because the connection is just by contact pressure between back and motherboard and in the rough centre of the device where the bulge pressure would be most noticeable. So I am hoping for a double cure...

Mike Coon - 回复

Hey Mike Coon, Have you found any solution of the problem you shared? If so, kindly share with me also as i am also having the same issue. Thanks.

suraj chauhan -

The same problem here. The battery size a few little big then the original, the screen don’t close and the flash dont’ work. Buy another battery with a best size, solve the problem!

Stukdev -

Another discovery: be very careful when re-assembling and remove SD and SIM cards first. They can get caught under the housing and I have broken mine!

Mike Coon - 回复

Same, forgot to pull out mine and managed to break my 64gb SD-card lol

Emils -

Muy positivo el artículo. En mi caso no ha salido bien: los tornillos me han dado mucho problema para aflojarlos , incluso dos no he podido, pese a ello conseguí cambiar la batería, pero al estar la cabeza de los tornillo dañados, no he podido volver a montarlo en condiciones. El resultado ha sido que la batería no carga, el altavoz vibra y la pantalla se ha dañado. Me ha parecido que el cambio de batería es innecesariamente complicado, por lo que desaconsejo comprar este tipo de teléfono que no facilita la vida al usuario en una operación tan elemental como cambiar una batería.

Miguel Ángel - 回复

Not worth the bother dump the phone and get a make that allows you to change the battery if needed. I have given up on Smart phones, that won’t even make a call in a weak signal area I now use a 15 year old Nokia 7110, new battery cost me £8. and it works where all my smart phones did not. A smart phone is not smart when it can’t even make or receive a call.

Len Baddeley - 回复

Soo, I changed my display and battery and after about 2 months I got ghost touches and I had the feeling that my battery was drained a lot quicker. Now I tried to plug in my charging cable and it turned off and won’t start. It doesn’t get past the booting animation. What could be the problem? Should I try and install my old battery again? It wasn’t broken or anything, just thought I could exchange it after 2 years of use while I’m at it :D

Emils - 回复

How to know service provider fixed original battery?

Prabhuling Gumate - 回复

How to know service provider fixed the original battery

Prabhuling Gumate - 回复

Do you remember the good old days when you just disconnected the old battery and plugged in a new one? If this is progress then Motorola you have excelled yourself and ruined Darwin’s Theory of evolution. What an absolute faff.

gjob.james1 - 回复

Where can I buy a the battery for my moto

Avast Zumac - 回复

Don’t forget to take out SD card beforehand (like I did!)

simivalleydv - 回复

I have Put replacement battery, it seems width of replacement battery is not proper, due to that Speaker is not working and even see charging is not working..

Abhishek - 回复

The original battery has a curved shape to fit the enclosure. The replacement that I ordered is flat. The problem is that the replacement doesn’t fit well so PCB is bent after assembly (risk of failure), also the screen doesn’t fit as good as originally. Bending battery manually is not a solution as it may cause fire or explosion.

asdf zxcv - 回复

What possible Clark of the circuitry is so heavily wired battery to bulge. No that the internal circuit of the battery is to blame for the fault. But wouldn't it take a surge in the motherboard because of a bad circuit because the rapid discharge needed for making the battery bulge short circuit itself.

James Hood - 回复

What possible part of the circuitry is so heavily wired it makes the battery to bulge. I know that the internal short of the battery is to blame for the fault. But wouldn't it take a surge in the motherboard because of a bad circuit to cause it to fail ? Because the rapid discharge of a direct short of a component causing the shorted pathway needed for making the battery bulge short circuit itself.

James Hood - 回复

To be sure of what I'm saying I am saying I know a short inside of the battery causes the bulges. But wouldn't an internal short in the motherboard causing a direct Sink of the electrical circuit perhaps be the drain needed to heat the battery internaly to the point of shorting out?

James Hood - 回复

All of that amperage that's generated in the shorting process of a circuit causes a great amount of heat instantly

James Hood - 回复



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