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使用本指南来为您的摩托罗拉 Droid Turbo更换电池。

  1. 准备iOpener 将其放置在后壳上来软化后壳与手机之间的粘合剂。
    • 准备iOpener 将其放置在后壳上来软化后壳与手机之间的粘合剂。

    This di not work; I had to use a blow dryer.

    Caroline Downie - 回复

  2. 使用塑料打开工具来将后壳从设备上撬起。 移除后壳。
    • 使用塑料打开工具来将后壳从设备上撬起。

    • 移除后壳。

    • 无线充电线圈可能卡才后壳上,所以请确保将无线充电线圈移走后再将后壳完全与设备分离。

    I had to go around the case, starting on the non-button side, around the top and then the other side. This, unfortunately, pulled on the rear case, pressed the power button and turned the device back on. I would suggest starting on the button side and going around.

    Ryan Helinski - 回复

  3. 移除中框表圈。
    • 移除中框表圈。

    The next immediate step should be to remove the cable for the battery from the motherboard, lower left corner. That will keep you from accidentally turning the phone on while working with it.

    decker5 - 回复

  4. 任天堂 Switch 套装


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    任天堂 Switch 套装


    购买 Switch 套装
  5. 移除将中框固定的四颗T5梅花螺丝。
    • 移除将中框固定的四颗T5梅花螺丝。

    Step 4, there are also 2 T shaped tabs on the sides locking the mid frame plate. Above them you can see an angled hole where you can insert a paper clip to push them out and up to unlock them.

    Mike Mangiaruca - 回复

    The WiFi on the Turbo I’m working on has stopped working. The phone was reset to factory to see if this would fix it after all other try-this-first methods to fix had failed. I opened it to check there and find nothing apparently wrong.. No bent connectors or dirty pins. Any suggestions? I started to clean this section with alcohol but decided I’d better ask first. Any suggestions?

    Rongwey - 回复

  6. 移除中框。
    • 移除中框。

    There's two clips to the left and the right of the midframe. Use a SIM tool and insert them into the holes above the clips, and push the clips out from the inside. Once both have been pushed the midframe is released.

    rkarnes1988 - 回复

    Many ANY thanks for that additional tip. Rather important!

    Nate Baxley -

  7. 使用撬棒扁平一端撬起电池连接插头。 使用撬棒扁平一端撬起电池连接插头。
    • 使用撬棒扁平一端撬起电池连接插头。

    When you’re doing this step in reverse to attach the new battery, be sure that you fold over the connector strip like it is in this image so that you’re not trying to snap in the new connector upside-down.

    Darren Smith - 回复

    Yes. I did the same thing myself.

    Ryan Helinski -

  8. 将无线充电线圈从电池上翻起。 将无线充电线圈从电池上翻起。
    • 将无线充电线圈从电池上翻起。

    Pry the nub at the top of the wireless charger from the battery first, then use a playing card to slide between the battery and the wireless charger.

    rkarnes1988 - 回复

    Actually, now that I think about it, you don't need to do this step at all.

    rkarnes1988 -

    My charging coil was really on there. I used two of the blue opening picks to separate the adhesive. Playing card sounds like a good idea too.

    Griffin - 回复

    FYI if you damage the flex harness it will prevent the phone from charging.

    Denny - 回复

  9. 使用撬棒轻轻地从设备上撬起电池。 电池被温和的粘合剂固定,所以不必要用太大的力气。
    • 使用撬棒轻轻地从设备上撬起电池。

    • 电池被温和的粘合剂固定,所以不必要用太大的力气。

    This step isn't necessary, the mobo comes out even without removing the battery.

    rkarnes1988 - 回复

    This is in the battery replacement tutorial, why would you want to remove the MOBO along with the battery? I’d consider the battery removal quite essential if the goal is to replace it.

    Chris - 回复

    Only pry from the near sides - do not reach underneath to pry the far side under. You’ll damage the black coating over the metal plate on the motherboard…

    kempenbills - 回复

    so.. I did this. How do I fix it?

    andie.shop.xd -

    What is the black coating for?

    Denny -

    Gently pry evenly along both long sides of the battery when removing. The factory adhesive, at least on my phone, was applied in two strips near both edges beneath the long sides of the battery (not applied near the center or along short sides of battery). I made the mistake of working one side loose, thinking I could just slowly lift the battery free of the remaining adhesive on the opposite side. The battery was coming out but actually began bending near the opposite edge because the adhesive held tight. I finished up by gently prying the side still held by adhesive and the battery came free. I did not damage the black coating on the mobo beneath the battery.

    Alan - 回复

    That black layer appears to be graphite and serves to be a heat shield. If it’s just damaged, you should be able to push it gently back together and continue on with your work.

    Rongwey - 回复






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The screws that attach the black plastic in step 3 are NOT #2 phillips. This is reasonably obvious from the photo but the misleading caption should be changed. They are T5 Torx bit screws. Also, the plastic camera sub assembly in step 4 has 3 small t shaped tabs that shear if you pry it away from the phone. I could not see a way to remove the sub assembly without damaging the tabs so the 4 T5 screws will have to keep it in place from now on.

Jeffrey Sauter - 回复

Hey Jeffrey! Thanks for the heads up. Feel free to edit the guide steps as you see fit by selecting Edit in the top right corner of the guide step in question. We changed the permissions so you should be able to edit the text. Thanks again for contributing!

Kelsea Weber -

Do you need to apply fresh adhesive when re-assembling?

Richard Klein - 回复

Do you need to apply adhesive when re assembling?

ben_martell - 回复

the adhesive is 3 narrow pieces of double sided tape. You can carefully peel it off the old battery and reuse it. I don't see where it's absolutely necessary though. The battery isn't going to move around after the phone is put back together.

Mike Mangiaruca -

After the phone is separated from the adhesive does it go back together ok or is there something special that needs to be done for it to "stick" again. If I do this I want to be sure it doesn't come back apart.

Kelly Slow - 回复

I did this like it was posted and now the phone won't turn on any ideas ????? the new battery is fully charged

ron - 回复

Your battery connection probably is not pushed it all the way. You can find some other videos that show you how to make sure it is properly connected.

sharon pinter -

Pls can I get the battery of this particular phone

Tunde - 回复

Excellent guide. I used a hair dryer to loosen the glue. I also made the mistake of putting the battery connection on backwards but fortunately recognized the error before closing. Did not add or reuse the old battery adhesive and all closed and seems tight.

Don Gullickson - 回复

Same for me, didn’t use adhesive to put it back, but the wireless charging would not work. Added double sided tape under the batterie and under the charging coil and now it is working. I assume the added 3 mm is bringing the coil nearer to the wireless charging pad.

Maxime Larochelle -

Great guide. I ordered my EQ40 from a reputable looking eBay seller. Steps here were exactly as described. Taking my time, and going slowly, it took about an hour start to finish, most of that being slowly peeling adhesive back. A chunk of that time was me trying and failing to find double stick tape though. Feels just as solid without the tape as it did before though. You could probably do it in 20 minutes if you had a heat gun.

Griffin - 回复

What was your battery charge time when you decided it was time to swap it out? Mine lasts only 12~14 hours then it is dead.

Ernest Burdick - 回复

Can anyone recommend a reliable source for the replacement battery for the Motorola XT1254? There seems to be plenty of sellers with prices ranging from $9.49 - $45, but I've never heard of any other than NewEgg ($45).

John Paysour - 回复

I paid a cell phone repair shop to do this and now my wi-fi has GREATLY reduced range, like 3’ from the source and the blue tooth connection is now very scratchy. Any idea what the repair shop messed up?

bb007p - 回复

What happens if I damage the wireless charging pad inside the phone? Do I need it in there at all?

Jonathan - 回复

When I took the battery out by “popping” up the battery connector, it just broke the cross bars on the old battery connector. Now when I place the new battery in, nothing seems to hold the connector and the pins together. When I charged it, all I’m getting is the flashing battery on the screen. Any ideas???

Ron - 回复

It sounds like you may have done something similar to what I did, which is tried to reattach the connector upside down. That’ll give you the flashing battery symbol but you can’t turn your phone on. The connector is supposed to fold over (look at the old battery, or the Step 6 image) and when it does it fits in snugly with the pins and you’re good to go.

Darren Smith -

In order to get the backing back on, do you need to re heat the backing with the iopener?

Anthony Stark - 回复

Will the iopener melt nylon (if used properly)?

Anthony Stark - 回复

Besides the 4 T5 screws securing the midframe, there are also 3 plastic tabs that are part of the midframe and the 2 on the sides need to be released. The battery I purchased had a small diameter drift pin to release them. A very small drill bit would probably suffice.

Steve - 回复

Actually a paperclip may work.

Steve -

Does replacing the battery affect its water resistance?

Chris Christensen - 回复

Does replacing the battery wipe the memory?

Chris Christensen - 回复

No, everything will be as it was before the battery removal.

Chris -

Step 6 calls out to use the flat edge of the spudger, yet shows the pointed end in three pictures, which is correct?

cywash - 回复

Good catch! I will correct the text to read “point of a spudger”.

Arthur Shi -

Hi, I followed the process but at the end when I connect the charger it shows “Turbopower connected“ but when I go to battery in the setting’s tab, it shows the battery is not charging. The battery actually does not take charge but stays at the same % when connected to the charger. Every time I disconnect it from the charger it loses charge. It feels like it is on its way to a slow death and when eventually the battery falls to below 5% it probably wont start. Can anyone help me with this?

Arijit Paul - 回复

I tried it…..there was so much glue and a metallic fabric on back the whole frame tore apart and some wites form around he lens broke away…back to my old model with a worse battery problem, maybe time for a new phone?

czollo - 回复

Great guide! Helped out much with the repair

LBA Tek - 回复

Nice brief idea of what you will encounter, but a few things missing. The ribbon coil/wire. Removing it is easy, replacing it is (rate it at your own skill level) difficult for me. I cant seem to line up a dozen or so micro wires in a ribbon and reattach it. I have replaced my battery and closed it up I charged for +/- 4hrs so far it won't turn on it just buzzes every 5 minutes or so. My screen will not light up.

I suppose I need a “detailed put the phone back together" video.

skimmer2k - 回复

Thanks for this guide! Couldn’t have done it without this guide and the comments!

Robert Harris - 回复

What if the screen was scattered so i replaced it bought one one ebay got it already just had to hook up to mother board did that completed putting back together didnt come on i charged for 2 days nothing i bought a battery just put it in nothing want even let me rest any ideas how ti get it on wieking or what to check next.

SuzanneDj Cline - 回复



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