安装一个修丁版的macOS Mojave,防止你的旧Mac出现问题。





  1. 在下面的链接上获取一份macOS Mojave补丁工具。
    • 在下面的链接上获取一份macOS Mojave补丁工具。

    • http://dosdude1.com/mojave/

    • 为了能让您的Mac成功升级到macOS Mojave,您需要一个至少16GB大小的記憶卡存放补丁工具。

    • 在开始前首先确定你的Mac支持Mojave系统

    my mac got brick after update. i try to reinstall os high sierra. but cant choose the original harddisk. what should i do?

    Dennis Hanani Production - 回复

    do your disk appear in disk utility ?

    Antoine Moreau -

    my problem is another one. I bought a new MacBook pro retina in late 2013 that supports Mojave but no way I can install it. app store pushed me only Big Sur since it works on this model but it slows down and don’t need it. Right now I have 10.9.5 macOS and I only get errors where download a Mojave version from the internet. Since its new computer cleans no need for any time machine or backup just a basic Mojave update. How to fix that?

    Vlad Movila - 回复

    Same thing happened to me. after update. got bricked. having trouble re-installing system.

    Iain Cunynghame - 回复

  2. 在补丁工具完成下载后,打开dmg文件并开始等待安装。 在dmg文件里面,您将看到一个名为Mojave Patcher的应用,双击它运行。 如果你收到错误信息“Macos Mojave Patcher不能被打开,因为它来自一个身份不明的开发者。”,(图片二)您可以通过右键单击应用程序并单击打开(图片三)来跳过macOS的报错。
    • 在补丁工具完成下载后,打开dmg文件并开始等待安装。

    • 在dmg文件里面,您将看到一个名为Mojave Patcher的应用,双击它运行。

    • 如果你收到错误信息“Macos Mojave Patcher不能被打开,因为它来自一个身份不明的开发者。”,(图片二)您可以通过右键单击应用程序并单击打开(图片三)来跳过macOS的报错。

    What should i do if it says i can’t open it because it doesn’t answer?

    HØRIZON - 回复

  3. 现在,我们将格式化你准备好的存储介质,以便它可以被补丁工具使用。 将你的存储介质插入到你的Mac中。 打开磁盘管理程序
    • 现在,我们将格式化你准备好的存储介质,以便它可以被补丁工具使用。

    • 将你的存储介质插入到你的Mac中。

    • 打开磁盘管理程序

    • 在Spotlight搜索中键入“磁盘管理程序”,然后显示。

    • 抹掉存储介质并将其格式化为macOS扩展(日志)格式。驱动器的名称自己更改,对安装并不会有什么影响。

  4. 如果你的Mac不支持这个补丁工具,补丁工具将让你知道你的机器不支持Mojave补丁。如果显示了这个错误,你的Mac就玩完了。:-( 回到补丁工具窗口,转到菜单栏。 以下步骤只有在您没有Mojave安装程序应用程序的副本时才有必要。
    • 如果你的Mac不支持这个补丁工具,补丁工具将让你知道你的机器不支持Mojave补丁。如果显示了这个错误,你的Mac就玩完了。:-(

    • 回到补丁工具窗口,转到菜单栏。

    • 以下步骤只有在您没有Mojave安装程序应用程序的副本时才有必要。

    • 单击“工具”,然后单击“下载MacOS Mojave”下拉菜单中的“工具”。

    • 单击“继续”,然后选择将保存安装程序的位置。

    • 我把安装程序保存到了我的桌面上。把它存到任何位置都可以,只要记住你保存它的位置。

  5. 一旦Mojave安装程序完成下载,请选择MacOS Mojave补丁窗口中的Mojave图标。
    • 一旦Mojave安装程序完成下载,请选择MacOS Mojave补丁窗口中的Mojave图标。

    • 选择您的Mojave安装程序并单击“打开”。

    • 现在,点击硬盘图片下拉菜单来选择你的存储介质。您要选择存储介质的名称。

    • 我的存储介质不是Mackintosh硬盘。不要选择您的Mac硬盘/固态驱动器/固态混合驱动器。相反,选择存储介质的名称。

    • 单击启动操作。这可能需要一段时间来完成对存储介质的更改。

    It is saying that it is unable to restore image ps I am using external hd

    Crowns Deckays - 回复

    A chaque fois, on m’indique que le patcher était une version non valide

    Khalid - 回复

    Même chose, version non valide.

    Une solution ???

    Xavier Van de Meersche -

    Avez vous bien la dernière version du patcher ? Car sinon vous ne pouvez pas installer les dernières versions de Mojave

    Antoine Moreau -

    I am stuck on “restoring image…” its been like this for about 3-5 minutes

    ziyad alyousif - 回复

    Out of curiousity how long does it take to copy the files to a USB if I am using Ethernet? It seems stalled after it remounts the target volume during copying?

    Jesse Bassett - 回复

  6. 一旦对存储介质的更改过程完成,弹出你的存储介质并把Mac关机。
    • 一旦对存储介质的更改过程完成,弹出你的存储介质并把Mac关机。

    • 按下Mac的电源按钮,然后按住键盘上的Option键,你会看见灰色的启动屏幕或者听到启动声音

    • 如果你只有windows键盘,就按住ALT键,和option键一样的功能

    • 一直按住Option键,直到你看到一个界面看起来与我所附的图片相似时,你就可以松开了。

    You don’t need an Apple Keyboard for this part - any USB keyboard will do, just hold down the ALT key, it does the same thing!

    Si Bob - 回复

    above is correct

    tr121 - 回复

    You dont need a wired keyboard. A wireless one would do. Just hold on to the option key.

    Jon May - 回复

    no me deja hacer la usb me manda error

    cobain2001que - 回复

    Dice: Cuando el proceso esté completo, desconecta tu unidad USB y apaga tu Mac.

    Luego dice: Presiona el botón de encendido en tu Mac y mantén presionada la tecla Opción en el teclado tan pronto cuando veas la pantalla de inicio gris o el logotipo de Apple.

    Desconecto la unidad USB y apago el MAC, luego enciendo el MAC pero en ningún lado pone que tengo que insertar la unidad USB.

    No tiene sentido. Aun así, deje la unidad USB insertada y encendí el MAC en el modo Startup Manager (Power Button + Option) pero no me aparece la unidad USB, solo un disco duro y uno del modo recovery.

    Alguien sabe por que?

    Cristian Udrea - 回复

    I only got a prohibition sign on the white screen at this point after it restarts. Anybody knows why?

    firehuntress - 回复

    i have the same problem y select my usb and charge until the prohibition sign comes out

    cgyc1990 -

    no deja instala, sale un icono en pantalla de que no hay nada en el usb.

    andresfernandezgomez83 - 回复

    After holding the Option key, I get a screen similar to the example, but only 2 options show up. ‘Master’ and ‘Recovery- 10.12’. How can I proceed?

    Kelci Ptak - 回复

    That’s because your patched USB isn’t recognized, retry from step 3 or try with another USB or SD card

    Antoine Moreau -

  7. 使用箭头键将框移到带有USB标志的黄色框上。突出显示该框时按回车键。
    • 使用箭头键将框移到带有USB标志的黄色框上。突出显示该框时按回车键。

    After it, i get to choose the language and i got a blank gray screen. What should i do?

    Rizky Arashid - 回复

    cuando le das al usb, directamente sale un logo como de prohibido. no funciona.

    andresfernandezgomez83 - 回复

    Ich hänge im Apple Logo mit vollständiger Ladezeile fest :( dauert es einfach nur lang oder hat sich mein MacBook aufgehangen?

    (MacBook pro 13 (Mitte 2010)

    Valerie Dahl - 回复

    Hi did you fund a solution?

    Hilaire Dimitri Menye Bekono -

    Hallo Valerie, gab es hier eine Lösung? Ich hänge auch an dieser Stelle.

    Dachs -

    Ich hänge hier fest - AppleLogo ohne Ladebalken oder ähnliches (iMac 2019)

    Dachs - 回复

  8. 您可以只执行步骤8和步骤9,如果你打算做一个干净的安装,请根据以下步骤进行,并对电脑做好备份。否则,您可以简单地跳过这些步骤,并安装到您的卷上与以前的版本的macOS,它将直接升级。
    • 您可以只执行步骤8和步骤9,如果你打算做一个干净的安装,请根据以下步骤进行,并对电脑做好备份。否则,您可以简单地跳过这些步骤,并安装到您的卷上与以前的版本的macOS,它将直接升级。

    • 打开磁盘实用程序,方法是在菜单栏中打开实用程序并单击磁盘实用程序。

    I can’t get any further than this screen. My cursor moves but it won’t click. Any ideas?

    it’s a late 2008 MacBook unibody, 8gb ram & 250gb SSD

    revolutionski - 回复

  9. 在边栏菜单中单击您的硬盘分区,然后在窗口顶部单击擦除。
    • 在边栏菜单中单击您的硬盘分区,然后在窗口顶部单击擦除。

    • 选macOS扩展(日志)或者APFS的硬盘文件系统然后就可以给你的磁盘命名了

    • 如果需要系统和软件更新则"必须要"APFS格式,如果你选择MacOs拓展(日志),就无法获得"任何"系统升级了。

    • APFS只能在2009年后,原本就运行High Sierra系统的电脑上运行。如果你的设备不支持High Sierra(也不能从AFSP启动),你不会有恢复分区,并且重启显示也有所不同

    • 一旦您成功地擦除了您的驱动器,请单击菜单栏中的“磁盘工具程序”字样。点击关闭,磁盘工具应该能关闭。

  10. 点击继续。
    • 点击继续。

  11. 单击您希望安装Mojave的硬盘。选择驱动器后单击“继续”。
    • 单击您希望安装Mojave的硬盘。选择驱动器后单击“继续”。

    At this step I get the comment “There is not enough free space on Macintosh HD to install.” I have a mid-2011 MacBook Air with 136 GB free on a 500 GB drive ( I upgraded from the original 250 GB). What could be the problem?

    cshop - 回复

    You have to create a volume in the disk utility

    Naeem Green - 回复

    Hi there. I’ve MBP 13 2010 mid and installed High Sierra with the latest updates. I’d made all that steps and I’ve standing on at the progress bar loading stage. It’s moving up to the end and nothing happen. I don’t know how to be in this case. Can you help me? I don’t know what’s wrong. I’d tried this about 5-7 times and each times are same results. Also I’d made NVRAM and PRAM reset ⌥Option(Alt) + ⌘Cmd + P + R but it’s also nothing happen. I can’t start Mojave installation process

    Rustam Rakhimov - 回复

  12. 当Mojave正式开始安装时,坐下来放松一下。
    • 当Mojave正式开始安装时,坐下来放松一下。

    • 建议:如果您想查看安装程序窗口的幕后情况,您可以按Command+L查看安装程序日志。

    Salut et merci pour toutes ces descriptions. L’installation s’arrête à 16% puis erreur signalée. Pourtant j’ai tout suivi à la lettre j’ai un MacBook Pro 5.5 mi 2009 donc normalement compatible… une solution ?

    JULIEN JU - 回复

  13. 一旦安装程序完成安装,关闭计算机。
    • 一旦安装程序完成安装,关闭计算机。

    • 按照步骤6再次重新启动到您的Mojave安装驱动器。

    • 这一次,我们不需要再安装Mojave,而需要安装Mojave正常运行所需的补丁。

    • 单击Mac菜单或实用程序下拉菜单里面的安装。

    Bleibt noch zu erwähnen, das nach dem Install ein Fehlerlogo erscheint, dann wie beschrieben runterfahren und starten.

    Sonny U - 回复

  14. 在下拉菜单中选择您的Mac类型。
    • 在下拉菜单中选择您的Mac类型。

    • 补丁工具自动检测你的Mac及机型,并显示你的机型。如果您完全不确定您有Mac的哪种机型,请选择这里列出的机型型。

    • 我的建议是,您可以选择所有的复选框。这样做并无害处,以后也会有所帮助。大多数的复选框对于Mojave正常运行是必要的。

    • 并非所有的复选框都会在一开始被选中。确认你选择了所有的内容。

    • 选择你打算打补丁的驱动器(就是你刚安装Mojave的那个)在做了以上所有必要的事情后点击补丁。

    MacbookPro late 2011. RAM 10Gb. Patcher has stoped installing at about 65%. The wheel bellow stopped to rotate itself as well.

    How long time the patcher installation takes?

    However the manual is perfect and very helpful.

    Andrzej Gawron - 回复

    Bonjour . mon mac book pro 11.1 n’ apparait pas dans le modèle sélectionné pour installer les patchs

    aendil76 - 回复

    Même chose pour moi, j’ai un Mac Pro 5,1. Est-ce que je peux choisir 4,1 ?

    ferronic - 回复

    Kann mir jemand helfen? Bekomme bei Schritt 13 Fehlermeldung, daß keine gültige Mojave Kopie vorhanden ist. Für Vorschläge wäre ich dankbar

    René - 回复

  15. 在所有补丁完成后单击“重新启动”。
    • 在所有补丁完成后单击“重新启动”。

    • 补丁也可能在按下重新启动后重建缓存,所以要耐心等待你的Mac自己重新启动。

    Remounting your new Mojave partition might be necessary.

    Peter C - 回复

    I’m stock at the first boot screen with a spirale progress bar seem not to move anymore …

    Hugo St-Laurent - 回复

    I have the same issu

    traore stephane -

    I’ve got the same issue. Has anyone found a solution to this?

    mitchell2794 -

    Same here, any solutions? Would remounting fix this as Peter C suggested? How would i do that?

    Maximilian Steiner -

    How long does the reboot can take?

    michael.segan1 - 回复

    Same problem any ideas

    djbigsy - 回复

    If you have a problem after first boot you need to use newest patcher not the one which is for download on this page.

    Mariusz Kozłowski - 回复

    where are these patches applied to? USB and the Wifi. Both are not working in Mojave. Have to fix.

    Great work!! Fantastic. Took a few tries to configure clover and kexts but, man it kicks.

    Just need to correct these two issues at the moment. USB2.0 and Atheros 9820 wifi. Used by accident Legacy Atheros Wifi patch

    The usb does not come up at all. No ports work. laptop. Using USBinjectall.kext. Thank you kindly

    maki koma - 回复

  16. 你现在应该被重新引导到一个完全独立的Mojave副本。好耶!
    • 你现在应该被重新引导到一个完全独立的Mojave副本。好耶!

    • 假如重启不成功,请重新启动补丁程序以重新安装补丁,并且在重启之前选中“Force Cache rebuild”复选框。

    • 本文由Ethan Zhan翻译,如有问题,请联系zhanbohan2008@qq.com,谢谢您的阅读!

    Completed all steps successfully, will not reboot into Mojave. Get blinking file. Internal drive is seen in disk utility.

    Macbook air 6,2

    Jason - 回复

    Same hare, exactly the same disapponting result.

    I have, as it seems, succeeded in installing Mojave on my MacMini 5.2 (mid 2012) following the instructions above.

    But: after the reboot (Stap 15) and removing theinstaller USB stick, al I get is the blinking folder icon with a question mark!

    Does anyone have a succession to solve this problem?

    Jaap van der Veen - 回复


    When booting into the MacMini startup manager the only choices I have is internet recovery or choosing a WiFi network.

    In target disk mode the MacMino does mount as an external drive and does seem to contain al usual suspects when it come to folders and files.

    Jaap van der Veen - 回复

    Works perfect on Late 2008 Macbook5,1. Dosdude is awesome! Love his patch work and software ease.

    siciliani24 - 回复

    Did not work for me as an update from el Capitan , it keeps "rebooting loop" (after multiple time "force cache" pach) .

    As "clean" install work's on external drive, but after "migration assistant" my files, again keeps "rebooting loop" .

    Now i stuck with a Mac doing nothing,

    I can run only the installer from "Startup Manager" ("option key" on rebooting)

    (MacBook pro 4,1 the same as video) - (formatted disks "mac os extended journaled")

    Can anyone help? Thanks

    Konstantinos - 回复

    thans i install mac mojave

    i don't have breathing control in mac mojave

    سبحان رئوفی - 回复

    Hola buenas días, después de la instalación, todo perfecto, excepto la regulación del brillo, no me funciona.

    Muchas gracias

    Germàn Mayoral Rodriguez - 回复

    Bonjour au redémarrage j´ai un mdp user que je ne connaît pas car imac acheté aux enchères…. Comment installer en effaçant ce mdp ?


    Pascal Millour - 回复





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I love how I’m being congratulated with “You’re Finished!”!!!

Peter C - 回复

I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro. I’ve gone through this process. Everything has worked great, till I reboot. It gets most of the way through then it hangs up. I’ve let it set for hours and nothing. You have any suggestions?

jetjock256 -

After initial install, the computer cannot complete reboot without the patch “MacOS Post install” (see step 13 above). This will require a hard shut down (hold down the power button if it is stuck) and restart holding down the alt/option key until you can select the installer again. This time, do not reinstall the OS but click on the button on the side (or double click it), or select in the pull down menu.

This will need to be repeated for updates, if new updates also get stuck.

Hope this helps.

Douglas Lee -

I have a Macbook 2008 with 10.7.5 on it and am being told that is the end of the line. Will this work on my Macbook?

Bill Hines - 回复

If it’s a white MacBook you can hack Mountain Lion and maybe even later with the OS X Hackers tools (which I’ve never used.) If it’s an aluminum 2008 MacBook, it is compatible with the Mojave patcher.

Luke L -

Hi can i know whether Macbook pro late 2008 with el capitian will it work?

Alex - 回复

Replying to my own question. Yes it work . Today I tried. Thing is now after post patch. My keyboard won’t work. Guess I need a original Apple wired keyboard . Tomorrow I go office and try if that is so valuable maybe should buy from my boss

Alex -

can this be installed on a 2011 with an already faulty GPU or does the GPU have to be working for the first boot?

lewis Barker - 回复

yep it can work on a faulty GPU. I run it on a MacBook Pro 2011 17inch with a faulty GPU and it runs like a dream.

Anthony Kaisaris -

After I finished installing everything, My keyboard doesn’t work properly. I can press shortcuts, but I can’t type in Safari or other applications, but I can type in spotlight. I’m using 2009 iMac.

When I installed it first, the keyboard works well, but after installing Onyx and used the Onyx maintenance tool. After restarting then the keyboard shortcuts works, and I can only type in spotlight.

One thing I love about this patch, is the fact that I now have Siri.

So how can I resolve that keyboard issue?

Sarki Amada - 回复

Hi Sarki, I think I may have found the solution to your bluetooth device not working. Read this article here’s the link:https://blog.macsales.com/46143-macos-10.... You have to delete the Bluetooth P-list heres the steps:To delete the Bluetooth plist file, follow these steps:

Open a Finder window, and browse to /Library/Preferences.

Locate the file named: com.apple.Bluetooth.plist.

Select the com.apple.Bluetooth.plist file and drag it to the trash.

Empty the trash.

The com.apple.Bluetooth.plist file will be recreated.

Go ahead and try using or connecting a Bluetooth device

I really hope that helps! If you have more trouble be sure to let us know and if you have sucess.

Marshall WahlstromHelgren -

Hello everyone,

does anybody knows if the bluetooth keyboard is working after installing the patched mojave?

Are there any issues with software that will not work on the patched mojave?

Thank you in advance for the replies

Marco - 回复

Running wonder on a macbook air 13 "mid 2011. Thanks!

eduardogunter - 回复

how can I uninstall the patches if necessary?

Subhy Omar - 回复


I installed the patch on a Mac Pro 2008 3.1 and I’m experiencing a lot of issues… Graphic issues even if my graphic card is in the list of compatible cards (Nvidia), Logic Pro crashing all the time. Wifi not working, airport card not recognized. What should I do ? Also, know that I installed the High Sierra patch before and it worked perfectly, I just had to change my airport card. I wondered if I can downgrade to High Sierra.

I must also give the information that I took out the SSD of the Mac Pro (where the system is installed) and brought it home to do install the patch and Moyave from my MacBook Pro. When I had the window asking me the model, I choose Mac Pro 3.1. Maybe this have an incidence on the issues I have.

Thanks for your help.

Innacity Man - 回复

I installed MacOS Mojavi on an unsupported 2011 Mac Mini to 10.14.2. Previously, I had upgraded the HD with an 256 SSD, and I am happy with the ability to upgrade. I even used the Apple upgrade to 10.14.3, without bricking it!

David Petersen - 回复

Trying this, but the tool won’t download Mojave - always High Sierra? Any ideas? I’m running a Macbook 5,1 with El Capitan.

Cho - 回复

Upgrade to High Sierra first.

rynousa -

Just to let you guys know if you have a working hard drive and you dont want to loose your data skip step 9. Theres no need to format the HDD the patch will work as an update.

Aron Jones - 回复

The article claims that you will have installed a fully working copy of macOS Mojave. That isn’t quite accurate. There are two important functions that are not working Quartz Extreme and Metal. You cannot used iMovie for one because of this deficiency.

John Donahue - 回复

That’s not true. I was able to run iMovie 10.1.12 (highest version for High Sierra) on Mojave on MacBook late 2008. Version 10.1.13 was closing when I was creating a project or importing media. Fortunately I had another MacBook with natively supported High Sierra and I just copied version 10.1.12 from there and it’s working!!!

Mariusz Kozłowski -

Hi! This is an original Mojave os? When i install it, i got an original Apple Mojave os?

Balazs Bota - 回复

Thank you for this great guide!

Can I just ask for clarification about the statement at the beginning: “Please do note that if you install any Mojave update from Apple on your Mac you will "brick" your machine and you will be required to do erase your HDD/SSHD/SSD and start over.” Does this mean that if Mojave is placed on an unsupported Mac, then things like automatic updates or future security updates released by Apple should NOT be installed on the device?

jlepawsky - 回复

I just installed Mojave on a 2011 iMac. It is running 10.14.3 and has taken an Apple update without bricking. Websites/internet/wifi/bluetooth/USB all run smoothly. HOWEVER, the system is VERY slow now compared to when it was running High Sierra. Objects moved across the screen create acid trail duplicates that persist for some time. Any idea what could be gimping the system? Please advise.

J Kanter - 回复

Received error message (macOS could not be installed on your computer) during installation on my disk that had apple installed MacOs High Sierra. I decided to do a clean install as the partition with the MacOs High Sierra wasn’t booting again. I keep getting the same error message after some time during installation. What do I do?

joerichlad - 回复

Installed Mojave on my aluminum 2008 MacBook 2.4ghz professor with no issues and it is running it perfectly! I upgraded to a 250gb SSD and that really gave it a boost.

My isight and facetime work work with no issues, in addition to the other onboard apple appps. 3rd party apps are working like a dream and it actually runs faster that El Capitan IMO. What an amazing different and I would like to thank the developers of this for giving our older macs some new life and features!

Todd Bates - 回复

I have updated my Mac and it is now running 10.14.2. many thanks.

I see that 10.14.3 is now available but cannot update to it as it is “not compatible” with my machine.

Any ideas what the issue may be?

Martin Dalgleish - 回复

It worked flawlessly on my macbook air 11” mid 2011, on my macmini mid 2010 and even on my macbook white unibody!!!! All of them with SSD and memory upgrade (except for the macbook air, which runs on 4Gb RAM). Running smooth and no problems until now! Thanks for this patch, it gave new life to those old, but great machines!

Rodrigo Del Monaco - 回复

Encountering App Store sign-in problem. It appeared to keep on ‘un-sign-in’ although I had signed-in successfully. Purposely tried with wrong password and it appeared incorrect password error message. HELP HELP! WHY CAN NOT SIGN IN ?

Derick Chua - 回复

1. If App Store is running, quit the app.

2. Open the Terminal (you can search for it using Command-Space).

3. Copy and paste this: defaults delete com.apple.appstore.commerce

4. Run the command.

5. Open App Store, sign in, and hit retry a few times.

László Jóni -

After performing final patch, an error popped up saying the volume of Mojave is not a valid copy and rebooting the original HD does not boot succssfully. I downloaded the patch tool from the link provided. Any suggestions on the fix? I feel that my HD is unrecoverable at this point…

drummerboy - 回复

Installation went well on my macbook8,1. Late 2011 13” pro.

However, I had to go to disk utility to mount the ssd drive, then go back and install the patch.

And……the camera does not work nor does the screen brightness buttons. After multiple tries with terminal and terminating vcd and appleassistant, etc etc, I reverted back to High Sierra. No fix possible.

But, the guide above is very good and made my job easy. Thanks!

ted melville - 回复

Bei Schritt 7 nach der Auswahl des USB Sticks und der Enter Taste, komme ich in einen grauen Apple Start Screen der sehr lange läd und am Ende gar nichts mehr macht… was ist passiert? Was habe ich falsch gemacht?

Dirk Deichmann - 回复

I get stuck on a white screen with the apple mac logo after loading data from the USB, any advice

thanks in advance

Rabih Ibrahim - 回复

my macbook pro late 2011 do not display the boxes when turning on .

Mimi Tasani - 回复

NOTE: This will look absolutely terrible if your Mac uses a pre-Metal graphics card. If that is the case, you may be able to patch it with this: https://github.com/SpiraMira/HybridMode-...

However, I haven’t got it to work yet on an iMac 7, 1

Caleb Hester - 回复

Not worked with 10.14.5

Edgars Sējējs - 回复

Hello I’m pretty sure ive followed every step correctly but when rebooting the start up screen goes from white and loading to grey then it restarts saying there was an error…. any Ideas on how to fix this?

Nick Cochran - 回复

Hi guys! Followed every step on my macbook pro 8.2 late 2011, also followed dosdude1 steps to disable the dedicated gpu but when the laptop boots after the bar fills until half a circle shows and after it rotates for a while nothing happens. Also repeated the patch procedure but nothing happens. Im completely stuck and the laptop is unusable. Please help me!

Rimi - 回复

I’m having the same problem! Could someone help?

Perm Sauce -

If anyone’s boot screen stops halfway. Go to the maker of the patch’s website. http://dosdude1.com/mojave/ He has the most recent patch. It should boot normally after installing using the patch from his website.

Perm Sauce - 回复

This happened to me with the updated installer I’ve been trying this all day today. Crazy thing is, i’m trying it right now and i’m not sitting at the spinning icon. It’s just slowly progressing and I have my fingers crossed because like an idiot I clean installed this stuff so without access to another Mac I cannot get high sierra back lmao.

Cody Goodling - 回复

So I have been unable to get this to boot correctly. I’ve followed all the steps I have a mid 2010 13 MacBook Pro. Idk what’s wrong.. I’ve tried this so many times…

Cody Goodling - 回复

Cannot get step 14 to work please help

Alan Grayson - 回复

@ iFixit You guys need to update the download link for the Mojave patcher with the original link from Dosdude or close this thread completely because you are messing people’s macs with the old link. Thats what happened in my case. My macbook pro was stuck in boot and I had to redo the entire process with link from dosdude to get my mac working again.

Rimi - 回复

Dont do it it nearly bricked my iMac. Its shift option command + R to fix their unless guide.

Neon Jay - 回复

How long the patch takes to do the final reboot?

essam osman - 回复

Huge thanks for the tutorial, worked like a charm on MacBook Pro 8,1 late 2011 model.

Daniel Busey - 回复

Make sure everyone here uses the latest version of the Mojave patcher for 10.14.5 from dosdude’s website. Don’t use any old links posted in this guide. (I just updated the link in the guide to the latest version as of now.)

Luke L - 回复

While running the post patch, my he doesn’t show up in the ‘select volume ‘ option. Can someone please help?

Thank you!

Rahul Misra - 回复

You are simply fuct…

rynousa -

Does not work properly on iMac 2011 12,2.

Do not install it…

Milos Hovjecki - 回复

You too, are simply fuct…

rynousa -

In this patch is not availble few important apps, like monitor activity, about this mac, and Terminal. how to get Terminal back to work? iMac 21,5 mid 2010

Lukáš Pivoňka - 回复

You are fuct…

rynousa -

I install it on my iMac 27 mid 2010 and my colors doesnt work properly

Kamyl Borry - 回复

You are quite simply and totally irreversibly straight fuct, gangnam style…

rynousa -

I have installed on MacMini (Early 2009) successfully.

During the process I had face off with 2 problems:

1. The patcher app wasn’t capable to download the Mojave image file…after a couple of seconds the download has canceled. So, I have to download it from elsewhere.

2. After the successfull install I have realised Mojave couldn’t connect to AppStore.


If App Store is running, quit the app.

Open the Terminal (you can search for it using Command-Space).

Copy and paste this: defaults delete com.apple.appstore.commerce

Run the command.

Open App Store, sign in, and hit retry a few times.

László Jóni - 回复

Hi, I'm using MacBook Pro late 2011 will operate well

SERIES Infrastructure - 回复

In”bricked” the iMac and can’t find Disk Utility whenever I select “Command +R” at start-up.

Seamus Warren - 回复

I tried to install on MacBook Pro 2012. Patcher recognized version 8.2, so I chave chosen that.

As result after restart OS has stopped installing patches at about 80 percent of progress strip.


How long it should take?

Andrzej Gawron - 回复

You don’t need to patch the installer for a 2012, the 2012 MacBook Pro supports Mojave natively and will support Catalina this fall.

Jonah Aragon -

I tried to install on AirMac 2.1. I looked to complete the procedure. Now, I’m rebooting the machine and it is taking very long time. Is something wrong?

Yoiichi Yamada - 回复

I was able to install Mojave on a Mid 2009 MacBook Pro. HOWEVER, the audio doesn’t work and I also can’t increase or decrease the screen brightness. Anyone else having this problem? Please share if you know how to fix.

Xavier - 回复

Hey Y’all,

Just wanted to let you know the version of the patcher contained in this article is deprecated. The patcher downloads the 10.14.4 version of Mojave, but the version of the Patcher you have linked in this article can’t install the Post Install Patches resulting in a permanent hang on first boot. Totally fixable, I’d update the link to point at Dosdude’s most current version which installs and works like a dream! Just thought I’d let you know, spent awhile backtracking and fixing this after downloading the patcher from this article lol.



Quinten Larsen - 回复


i was wondering if this would work on both my Mid 2011 AMD Radeon HD 6770M, and my mid 2011 macbook air 11” i7. reading the notes and from what i read online it would be a bad idea to try on my 2011 due to the graphics but would this issue be fixed? would this issue update benefit my macbook air 2011 with the right click issue (you have to keep tapping the right side and magicly the option appears. thanks for the heads up in advance.

Adam Diaz - 回复

didn’t work on macbookpro8, 1 (intel 300 graphic) got stuck on reboot after installation.

soheil.burton69 - 回复

Hello I have done this with my MacbookPro8,1(Late2011) there is no problem I see since 2 weeks. There is a update for Catalina on settings. If when I click update it starts to download but I didnt finish it because I have scared about may I will have problems. Is someone tried it update to Catalina after this Mojave patch?

Einsitesin - 回复

moi ca me dit que c est pas compatible

Alex pitbull - 回复

Bravo guida perfetta. Aggiungerei che con una chiavetta usb 3 sul mio mac mini 2011 non faceva il boot. Ma usando una chiavetta usb 2 tutto ok come da tue istruzioni.

Ora ho un mac mini del 2011 con mojave

alessandro - 回复

I installed it on my iMac mid 2010 (graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB) but now I have troubles with colors (orange is blue for example) and when I drag the windows. Is the graphics card the problem?

albe - 回复

Did you get this resolved? I have the exact same imac and was about to use this patch to update for my son.

mandispring -

Will this also work for an MacBook Pro 16 (2019) MacBookPro16,1 ?

Gerard Dirks - 回复

A couple of things that I noticed: After the install (before the patcher, the screen on my MBA mid-2011 went white (since it could not reboot without the patcher). I did a hard shutdown and restarted holding the option key to get back to the installer for the post install patch.

Second, updates from both the patcher (for mitigating known update issues) required a restart which worked but the second time through with Mojave updates got stuck similar to the original install and required a re-post-install patching like before. This could be disturbing for folks who don’t realize this.

Douglas Lee - 回复

I tried to install the Mojave on an SD Card. Alle ist working finde until the Patch try to personalize the volume.

Error: “asr: Couldn´t personalize volume /Volumes/macOS Base System“

disk6 ejected.

Do you have any idea?

If i try this sd card on the other mac to install the mojave.

This will go to a grey page with an X in the middle. Now Error Notice.

marc.matzkeit - 回复


I successfully installed the patcher on my ssd for a MacBook Pro mid 2009. But after rebooting the computer, arriving on the “welcome" page (language settings), the keyboard and trackpad are not working anymore while it was working previously. Any idea to resolve this problem?


Sonia Yassa - 回复

I have El Capitan on my macbook late 2008 (2.4ghz). Are people upgrading to mojave for security reasons or added features in the Mojave update? Because I would assume that updating the Macos to a newer version will only slower your computers performance. Am I missing something?

Zouhair Najjar - 回复

no me permite descargar , se queda trabado en 16,5mb

fede_zabattaro_8 - 回复

I watched your tutorial on youtube,how to install MacOS Mojave on a 2010 macbook pro.

Everything went well until I reached the NO ENTRY mark. I stop the computer and restart pressing alt/ option button, it does not worked, the same sign appears to me.

Thon't work the no option + R for save mode.

What can I do? On El captain I used boot camp for windows, and it was the same( not open bootcamp after start computer, only if I gave restart.Now I can not restart.

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot!

Rat Lorand - 回复

con il tuo aiuto ho risolto.Grandeeeeeeee

ferdinam13 - 回复

Salve, io vorrei fare il contrario:

installare El Capitan (10.11.6) in un nuovo iMac 27 retina 5K (nativo con Mojave 10.14.6).

Qualcuno è riuscito nell'impresa?



Hi, I would like to do the opposite:

install El Capitan (10.11.6) in a new iMac 27 retina 5K (native with Mojave 10.14.6).

Has anyone succeeded in the venture?



toni - 回复

Is there a way to clone the mojave patched drive the Apfs portion and the small boot one.

Marcel Jacques - 回复

I mean duplicate the entire drive

Marcel Jacques -

Hi there.

I need to have Lion installed on iMac 14,2. Since the machine was manufactured prior to Lion release, they are not quite in good terms, and iMac insists on not having Lion in :)

So I used another Mac to have Lion installed on an external and copied it into the non-cooperative one - no luck either, for it banned Lion from booting anyway …

Any idea on how to cheat them into some sort of liaison?


anka4400 - 回复

È il mio stesso problema.

Sembra che Apple non consente di installare un sistema operativo precedente alla versione installata al momento della vendita della macchina.

It's my own problem.

It appears that Apple does not allow you to install an operating system older than the version installed at the time of the sale of the machine.


Salve, io vorrei fare il contrario:

installare El Capitan (10.11.6) in un nuovo iMac 27 retina 5K (nativo con Mojave 10.14.6).

Qualcuno è riuscito nell'impresa?



Hi, I would like to do the opposite:

install El Capitan (10.11.6) in a new iMac 27 retina 5K (native with Mojave 10.14.6).

Has anyone succeeded in the venture?



toni - 05/04/2020


toni -

Well, actually we seem to have the same problem.

It’s a pity the developer included this limited number of OSX’s in the Patcher.

anka4400 - 回复

Is this like hackintoshing but for a Mac?

Neo [Gd] - 回复

hey i have a mackbook pro end 2011 ,can i installmas os mojave without any kind of problems?

joshua tang tong hi - 回复


osa - 回复

Hi, I have followed the procedure and successfully installed the patcher on my hard disk for a imac 2009. But after rebooting the computer, arriving on the “welcome" page (language settings), the keyboard and trackpad are not working anymore while it was working previously. Any idea to resolve this problem?

Please help to resolve the issue


tamil favourite - 回复



kaidou - 回复


Thanks for nice tutorial it went ok on my 2009 MacBook Pro 5.5. I some issue after installation. When I want to install postresql it fails through brew. There’s a problem with postintallation.

running bootstrap script ... child process was terminated by signal 4: Illegal instruction: 4

BuildError: Failed executing

/usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:2013:in `block in system'

/usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:1951:in `open'

any ideas how to fix it? Or maybe someone else has same problem? Thanks

Nikodem Górak - 回复

i have macbook pro late 2011, i have installed macos mojave via patcher and i used APFS boot to create but it wont to be install update

ali ariai - 回复

i have macbook 2011 , i have installed macos mojave via patcher its working good, but it will not install update, i used APFS boot also to create

ali ariai - 回复

Nice… very helpful steps

Apollo Nuñez - 回复

Installation sans aucun problème sur un MacBook Pro 5,4 Mid 2009 !

Installation sur El Capitan (pas de reformatage du disque dur) , résultat totalement fonctionnel.

Philippe Tacquenier - 回复

Is this patcher secure?

Paa - 回复

Hello All,


I did the last security update of Mojave (2020-004 I think) on my MacBook pro 17” (Early 2009) and now its restarts in loop. Any information about this?

PIC - 回复

My Bad !

Everything is explained in the section called “Additional Info” of Dosdude1 tutorial:

“After applying ANY system update via Software Update, re-applying post-install patches using your Mojave Patcher installer volume will most likely be necessary. If you install a software update and the system fails to boot afterwards, this is what needs to be done.”

My problem is solved.

Great job Dosdude1 and thanks to Ifixit! I am so happy to give a second life to such a beautiful machine!

PIC - 回复

hi! is there anyone that have done it in a macbook pro 13 late 2011? I wanna know if i should do it or not. I’ve 8 gb ram and 750 gb memory disc.

Gabriel Thomas R - 回复

I have a Macbook Pro 8.2 and now it works with Mojave. Thanks a lot.

I’m waiting for a german instruction to install Catalina 0:-)

the_musikfreak - 回复

hello , all is perfect , install and work on iMac 2009 !!! now the update box purpose me to upgrade to Catalina , can I do it without patcher , by the upgrade box ??

philgcham - 回复

I have a Macboock later 2009. Running El Captain.

I followed all steps but when i try to make bootable drive with Mojave patch it’s not working…

has anyone accounted this issue ? I need you help on this. thx a lot

manzi - 回复

Hallo zusammen! Ich habe nun den 5. Macmini 2009 mit dem Mojave Patcher bespielt - bisher lief es immer einwandfrei. Bei diesem mal aber funktionieren aber bei Starten die USB-Treiber nicht mehr.

Wenn ich vorher mit OPTION den Start unterbreche, dann ist noch alles in Ordnung, sobald aber die SSD das gepatchte Mojave startet kann ich das Land nicht auswählen. Mit Auswahl der SSD oder mit Neustart ohne OPTION werden alle 5 USB sofort ausser Betrieb genommen.

Ich habe die festplatte nochmal gelöscht und neu formatiert und wieder neu installiert und anschließend gepatcht, aber es taucht der selve Fehler auf. Hat jemand ein Lösung?

Kirk Aix - 回复

Bonjour est ce que ça marche pour un iMac (24 pouces, mi-2007) ?

2,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

4 Go 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 Mo

merci d’avance

vincent.milin29200 - 回复

I cannot download the patcher. Could you provide a working link to download it?


Topp. Great Manual. Works without any problems on Macbook Pro 5,5 (mid2009) and also on iMac 8,1 (early 2008)

Thank you very much.

Detlef Kurth - 回复

Que se passe-t-il pour les mises à jour de sécurité ? Il semble qu’Apple ne les propose pas pour les macs anciens équipés de Mojave.

Gérald Tenenbaum - 回复

MBP5,5 - 2009

Thank you, it’s fine with driver Broadcom.

Toseba - 回复

Heya. I managed to install 10.14.6 on a SSD in a Mac Pro (early 2008). I followed through with the post install, installed security updates, repatched with the post install and everything is working… more or less.

The only issue I have is that the Mac Pro won’t boot on the first go. The Apple logo appears and looks like like it’s booting but then the screen goes black and nothing happens. I have to do a cold shutdown, wait a couple of seconds and the fire up the Mac again. Then the boot process works.

Did I miss something with installing dosdude’s patch?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Michael K. - 回复

Hello I have an Imac 27 mid 2011. I followed your steps well. Everything works, but my screen no longer displays the color red. For example, on Youtube, everything is blue instead of red.

Can you help me?

Ariyanayagam Prof - 回复

It’s really weird, the other colors are correct ? try command, option and F5 at the same time to show the accessibility menu, I had the colors inverted once and I struggled to change it. Or I find something similar to your problem on the internet, I hope it will help you !


Antoine Moreau -

Hi, I have a macbook air 11” 2011, everything went smoothly, but impossible to install any of the app on the app store, is there anything to do or do I need to switch back to High sierra?

saimangkorn - 回复

Très beau tutto ça marche nickel sur mon mac 2010

Michel TANGA - 回复

Hallo, ich habe das OSMojave Patch auf mein Macbook Pro 8.1 installiert. Hat alles gut geklappt.

Nur friert die Maus nach einiger Zeit ein was aber durch drücken des Touchpads wieder weg ist.

Der Bildschirm und das Macbook gehen beim zusammenklappen auch nicht aus.

Ich habe bei den Einstellungen kein Menü für Batterie, kann es sein das mein MacBook meint es sei ein IMac?

Vielleicht kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?


Michael Blum - 回复

Does my Macbook have to be formated before doing this update or can I keep all my data?

Neckchemlü - 回复

It depend of what you want, read the steps 8 and 9.

Antoine Moreau -

mac book pro 2019 5.4 firewire 800 does not work… any solution? thank you all

fabio iurilli - 回复

I have a MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) (without the Pro). I don’t see this on the works or doesn’t work list. Can someone let me know if this process for Mojave for unsupported Macs will work on my computer? thanks you

Vicki Conti - 回复

How to uninstall the hack and get back to how the mac was before it?

Manoel Lemos - 回复



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