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  • (仅限iPhone) 此方法仅适用至iPhone 6s。相应的方法在iPhone 7上已经改变。
  • iCloud警告:运行iOS7及以上系统的设备会有iCloud激活锁。如果你没有iCloud密码恢复设备,就无法再使用它。此外,黑解的设备不一定能工作。
  • iOS8以降,设备数据有所加密。'如果你需要你的数据,就必须猜到密码。’
  • 警告:设备上的所有数据会被擦除!最好尽可能猜出密码。


  1. 清除未知的密码而保留数据不在这里的讨论范围内。 将设备连接到电脑。使用匹配你的设备的线缆(30针或闪电接头)。
    • 清除未知的密码而保留数据不在这里的讨论范围内。

    • 将设备连接到电脑。使用匹配你的设备的线缆(30针或闪电接头)。

    At this point it's coming in my computer: itune couldn’t connect to iPod because it's locked with a passcode.

    any idea how to solve that?

    Mer - 回复

    That’s normal. Put the device in recovery mode and it will not have that problem. Just bear in mind you won’t be able to do a backup of your data.

    Nick -

  2. 一些较老的设备和固件锁住时在iTunes里不会显示,也不会有警告信息。
    • 一些较老的设备和固件锁住时在iTunes里不会显示,也不会有警告信息。

    • 因为这是一部被使用过的设备,前主人的名字被涂掉了。

    • 插入设备以后,确认它在iTunes中出现。设备锁着时不会同步,但这是正常的。

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    任天堂 Switch 套装

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  4. 重置这部设备。为此,同时按住电源与主屏幕按键直到屏幕变黑。 这是电源键。
    • 重置这部设备。为此,同时按住电源与主屏幕按键直到屏幕变黑。

    • 这是电源键。

    • 这是主屏幕按键。

  5. 此屏幕显示的徽标取决于固件和设备。使用数据线连接着设备,就会出现显示。 苹果徽标在屏幕上出现时松开电源键。按住主屏幕按键直到出现如示例图片中的显示。
    • 此屏幕显示的徽标取决于固件和设备。使用数据线连接着设备,就会出现显示。

    • 苹果徽标在屏幕上出现时松开电源键。按住主屏幕按键直到出现如示例图片中的显示。

  6. 如果你已经正确完成了前面的步骤,设备会在iTunes中以恢复模式显示出来。 点击“恢复iPod/iPhone”,再点击“恢复并更新”。这时请同意最终用户许可协议。 同意最终用户许可协议(图上没有展示)时,iTunes会下载最新的固件。下载完成以后你的设备就要被恢复了。
    • 如果你已经正确完成了前面的步骤,设备会在iTunes中以恢复模式显示出来。

    • 点击“恢复iPod/iPhone”,再点击“恢复并更新”。这时请同意最终用户许可协议。

    • 同意最终用户许可协议(图上没有展示)时,iTunes会下载最新的固件。下载完成以后你的设备就要被恢复了。

  7. 不推荐从备份中恢复。这些备份可能有你忘记的密码,致使你不得不从头再恢复一遍。可以把所有已知有密码的备份删除来避免这一问题。
    • 不推荐从备份中恢复。这些备份可能有你忘记的密码,致使你不得不从头再恢复一遍。可以把所有已知有密码的备份删除来避免这一问题。

    • 恢复设备后,把它设为新的设备。做好设置以后建立一个备份,以后可以放心地使用。





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So what happens when this dosen't work?

Ashanti Lewis - 回复

you are a life saver!!!! thank you so much!

laranishino - 回复

This worked. You must continue to hold the home and power button until the apple logo shows up. Once it shows up, hold the home key. Your iTunes will then have a couple prompts.

Ross Kellman - 回复

A couple days ago, I bought myself a used iPhone 3G for $25. It didn’t have a SIM card, but I was able to connect it to my MacBook Pro, fire up iTunes, and basically load the same songs that are on my iPod on it. I was even able to download and install an app I had downloaded from the programmer’s website a few years ago I was sure hadn’t been updated.

All good so far … until I decided to add a password, and then decided that maybe updating the phone’s OS might be a good idea. The password was the same as that of my iPod … but after the update, suddenly I “typed in the wrong pass code.”

After fighting with that for a few hours, I did the restore bit … but now, since there is no SIM card (did I mention I have three phones? No need for another), I can’t get back to where I was before the stupid software update and now I have a phone I can’t use for the purpose for which I bought it.

Thanks, Apple.

That said, any ideas on how to get past that SIM card issue?

G.D. Warner - 回复

Okay, so I got on eBay and bought a SIM card “for testing purposes” for about three bucks. It may or may not work, but it should at least get me past the “Dude. You Need a SIM Card” error.

We’ll see how that goes.

G.D. Warner -

Good news! Got a SIM card. Bad news: It was too small to fit into the holder in the phone.

After a quick trip to my local T-Mobile store, I had an adapter — which, I just discovered, I probably could have made myself, according to this article:

做一个 Micro-SIM 转SIM 卡套

Alas, the SIM card I stuck in there was identified as not being one of the phone’s supported carriers … so we’ll see.

G.D. Warner - 回复

I have a 8+ n it has a activation lock don’t it since I was scammed so help me so I can use it or sell it

DeiShawna Foust - 回复

Apparently I left my second gen iPod Touch on, face down on coffee table, and untouched … for about six months. Today I wanted to check something on it, and when it didn’t power up, I connected it to my MacBook Pro.

Everything seemed to be fine, except I couldn’t set the date or time. Each time I had the time almost correct, the wheel would turn, leaving me with (once again) a date from 1969.

Couldn’t connect to the App Store, because of the system’s date. Google wasn’t much help, so after trying a few things that didn’t work, I came here and sure enough, I’m not the only person that had that problem!

Kudos to the author of that guide!

G.D. Warner - 回复

This worked like a charm. Thanks.

Jason Penner - 回复



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