尽管多年来Sportster发生了一些微小变化,但所有1986年型号的换油程序是一样的。 本指南以1998年Sportster为例。

  1. 将摩托车固定在直立位置可以方便地进入排水管。
    • 将摩托车固定在直立位置可以方便地进入排水管。

    • 始终确保您的工作区域干净,您有足够的安全工作空间。 不要在室内启动或运行摩托车

    What if you forgot to add oil to the filter 1/2 way after you put it back, will it make a problem?

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  2. 与大多数车辆不同,哈雷Sportster Evolution Engine具有排油管,而不是插头。
    • 与大多数车辆不同,哈雷Sportster Evolution Engine具有排油管,而不是插头。

      • 该管通过软管夹具连接到焊接到框架的接头上。

    • 用Flathead螺丝刀松开软管夹具。 在将排水盘置于适当位置之前,不要取下管子。

      • 此时从油箱中取出盖子/量油尺可能会帮助您排油更快。

    • 将软管从其接头上取下,并将油排入排水盘。

    • 当油减慢滴时,更换软管。 不要拧紧夹子,我们稍后再回来。


    • 机油滤清器位于发动机的前部,位于框架下管和前气缸之间。

    • 将油底壳移至机油前方,直接放在机油滤清器的下方。

    • 拆下滤油器。 这可能需要一个滤油器扳手。

    • 如果你没有吸油器,油将会在框架下运行,并且骑摩托车的某些部分。 没有简单的方法来防止这种情况,所以只要把它完成滴水就把它擦干净。

    What iz the # of the oil filter associated with the 99 sportster s xl

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    oil filter oem# 63796-77a for all xl sportsters up to 2003

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    If you don’t have a wrench and the filter is hard to remove you can hammer ( I used a rubber mallet to avoid damaging paint) a screwdriver clean through the old filter and then bang on the handle of the screwdriver ( anti-clockwise) until the filter unscrews. It’s an ugly but effective way to get the job done.

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    • 开1夸脱油。 将其倒入过滤器,直到过滤器约为1/2满。

    • 对新的滤油器上的橡胶垫片涂上少量清洁油。

    • 擦拭机油滤清器安装区域,并将任何已经运行到摩托车上的油残留下来。

      • 确保旧的垫片与过滤器脱落,并且您有一个干净的光滑表面安装新的过滤器。


    • 小心地将新的滤油器连接到位,顺时针转动。 不要过滤过滤器。 只能将过滤器转过1/2点,开始感受到与发动机接触的垫圈的阻力。


    • 将排水盘移至排油管下方。 此时更多的汽油将收集在其中。 再次取出管子,让它漏出去,直到它只是一个轻微的滴水。

    • 将排油管重新安装在其接头上,用平头螺丝刀拧紧软管夹。


    • 将油帽/油尺从油箱上拉出。

      • 一些型号会要求首先扭曲帽,然后拉出。 如果您不确定您拥有什么型号,请小心轻轻地工作,确保不会损坏任何东西。

    • 使用漏斗,慢慢地将3罐脱油倒入油箱。

      • 虽然Evolution发动机在重建后可以容纳高达3.5夸脱,或者在装满新油时,在换油过程中只能更换3个。

    • 使用油封/量油尺来检查发动机油位(如果您一直在使用侧面支架,请保持自行车水平)。 你的油位应保持在2个量油尺之间。 重新填充3夸脱后,应该是顶部的一个。



启动引擎,让它运行几分钟是个好主意。 检查排水管和油过滤器是否有泄漏。 重新检查油位,并根据需要进行调整。




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One of the most helpful guides on a sportster oil change.

brandon christian - 回复

You may be able to use a Form-A-Funnel (Pig Funnel) to catch the oil from the filter.


IF(!) I owned a Hardley like this, i would keep an eye on the drain hose for deterioration or road debris damage, and probably carry a spare hose. Also, a vandal could loosen the clamp or cut the hose.

George - 回复

Very helpful, simple instruction, good pictures

Howard Brewer - 回复

Eric Essen: G. bless your generations forever. Manu, Brazil.

Manu Costa - 回复

Great help thanks

Roy - 回复

Great help thank you

Roy - 回复

Thank you! made it easy (except the oil filter was a bastard to get off) :)

Melissa Ross - 回复

Your instructions are quick and to the point covering the most important steps in an oil and filter change. I had to research getting the oil filter off - the HD dealership crew tightened it on so tight the filter was seized up solid so I actually used the removal wrench and drilled the face of it with five self tapping screws directly into the filter. Next, I used a pipe on my ratchet handle for added torque for removal - more than 3' of pipe. Thanks again for well thought out directions. Clean oil and filter and No leaks!!!

Peter Murphy - 回复

thumbs up helpful guide

markmelton520 - 回复

Great article , very clear with good pics.

A few things I worked out while following it :

If you live in the UK or Europe 3 Quarts ( 3/4 of a US Gallon ) is 2.8 litres or 5 pints of oil.

I used 20W50 semi-synthetic oil.

Warm the bike engine first if it’s cold - the oil will run out more freely.

If you don’t have a filter wrench and the old filter is hard to remove I was recommended the following trick by 2 different mechanics. - You can hammer a screwdriver clean through the sides of the old filter and then bang on the handle of the screwdriver ( anti-clockwise) until the filter unscrews. I used a rubber mallet to avoid dinging the paint. It’s an ugly but effective way to get the job done.

I should have invested in a box of disposable gloves

Charlie Kinross - 回复


this is really good information

Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution Oil Change

this my website related bikes please check it


naveed - 回复

Thanks Eric

I’m 65 years young and first time HD rider. All the other bikes were basically simple. The Harley has a few quirky ways to assemble and torque bolts. Re: Head bolt specs on torque procedures. Your pictures and explanations were very easy to understand and use. Thanks for the help.

Joe Danny Roberts - 回复

Selection of oil matter a lot in the health of engine. So try your best to change it at time, and also prefer a oil that is engine friendly. Like https://he.com.pk/machines/bikes/best-mo... are best for the Honda CD 70 and Honda 125.

Alex Smith - 回复

Thanks a ton, I already knew what I was after, but your pictures are great for second checking my own handy work.

my ride is a 1999 Sportster XL1200 Sport with stock pipes and an S&S Super E Jetted .0295 / .072

poundbabypuppy - 回复

Anybody’s day can understand your clear , and to the point instructions…..

jeff fredrikson - 回复

Thanks , simple and shows /tell what to do. Thumbs up mate

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