1. 你的破损的S4可能不是破碎成照片里的样子。
    • 你的破损的S4可能不是破碎成照片里的样子。

    • 我有可能没有竖着拍这些照片,所以这是我的错,网站可能强制要我剪辑照片。

    I have a question and I am hoping that you might be able to answer. My galaxy s4 dropped and the glass screen cracked it worked great even though it didn't look pretty. So I had my glass screen replaced by a business in my town and now when I type on it the letters write double or triple what it's suppose to and some of the icons on the lower left hand corner have to be pressed hard to get the app. to open also when scrolling down on something it opens up the page where i put my finger to scroll. My question is what do you think happened when they replaced the glass screen to make my phone act like this?

    orangedestiny87 - 回复

    For the problem you have here, there can be only two possible reasons. Either the digitizer went wrong or dust and debris weren't removed when putting on the new glass. You have to make sure absolute nothing is on the digitizer before putting on the glass beacause it can interfere with the phone's motion an sensors which makes the phones act weirdly.

    Jax Wang - 回复

    My screen shattered so bad that the image is black. And a few other colors. Phone still works because it will still ring and get text but obviously i can't view them. Can the screen be fixed when it's this bad?

    bharp0305 - 回复

    My samsung s4 has been dropped and it has got alot of glass coming off bht i cant replace it for a while because i have to pay for dance and sports but my question is if i dont get it fixed then can my whole phone just stop working???

    Bethanie Cowan-grainger - 回复

  2. 开背壳,一个指甲或翘棒就能搞定。
    • 开背壳,一个指甲或翘棒就能搞定。

    This is hard to do I'm just going to the mall to fix it

    Cheyenne Durand - 回复

    • 拆电池,没有连接线,所以也是一个指甲或者一根撬棒就可以搞定的玩意。

    • 如果你的手机有SIM卡,往里面推一下SIM卡让它弹出来。


    • 用热风机烘个3-5分钟。我选择4分钟。

    • 你只用把热风机调到最低档就行。我不建议用吹风机(吹头发的)因为温度达不到。

    • 当你在用热风机烘时,一定要小心了!如果哪里加热过度了,内屏就会融化然后导致掉色。如果你在加热时看到了任何掉色现象,赶快停下来!

    • 这个步骤让粘连外屏的胶变软。

    But could we use a hairdryer?

    Daelin Jackson - 回复

    There's a guy with a channel "jerryrigeverything" who has plenty of these repairs on You Tube. If I remember correctly, he says to heat the glass to between 180 f and 205 f. You should use an infrared thermometer to be safe.

    mcr4u2 -

    Yea hairgun can be jused...the glue will be easy to take off about 80c and this is safe!

    Stay away from metal tools and juse plastic cards "deck cards" this will make the screen perfect without anny scratches!

    takk4maten - 回复

    To be safe I recommend removing the motherboard and camera etc to avoid possible damage when heating. Its easy to do, just 2 screws and a few clip on wires. Worth the extra 2min work.

    Kraiye - 回复

    You definitely don't need a fancy thermometer. Just heat it till the glass is to hot to hold but not hot enough to burn. BE PATIENT and keep testing it by trying to separate it. You'll need to reapply heat every minute or so while removing the glass.

    Kraiye - 回复

    • 当你烘完了,你该开始从玻璃面板的上端开始撬。

    • 我整体下来都用的金属撬棒,如果你也想用,小心别破坏任何东西了。

    I did everything correctly but my led isnt showing up. Can I fix the flex cable in the upper left corner?

    Peter Pan - 回复

    there is no way to fix the flex.

    you have to change the whole screen.

    if you want get into my youtube channel i got many videos about fixing samsung galaxy


    i hope it helps

    Gabriel Barrandeguy -

    Only use metal on the corners JUST TO GET IT STARTED! Then switch to something plastic. Make sure the spudger is only lifting the front glass and not the digitiser or lcd

    Kraiye - 回复

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    • 绕着边上用塑料片撬屏幕。

    • 多花点时间,不然你的外屏就会像图2一样蹦!瞎卡拉卡。

      • 如果你的屏幕已经像蜘蛛网一样四周都碎了,也许你应该在屏幕上粘几层胶带,试着把屏幕组成一整块然后想干啥就干啥(耐心点,别忘了你的热风机)来避免更多的碎片。

    • 小心:如果你的屏幕已经碎了,也许你该找一副安全手套戴上。

    • 你在五金店买到的齿状塑料刀挺适合来做这种清洁很复杂的事情。另外你还可以试试吉他拨片,这玩意不会损坏内屏。

    Make sure you get your spudger between the glass and the digitizer. It is very easy to get between the digitizer and LCD. AND WORK SLOWLY!!!! PATIENCE!!!!

    Tim Yorba - 回复

    In this progress it is mutch better to juse a plastic deck card "poker card" and gently drag it trough the screen! make sure the temperature is always right! Start always at the top to bottom!

    takk4maten - 回复

    It takes me 5 min to take off the glass with a card, 1 hour with the spunge tools!

    takk4maten - 回复

    dont be surprized if you crack your lcd! there is a balance between heat to soften the glue while not burning the lcd!

    prudhommejc - 回复

    • 间或地烘热屏幕。如果你发现玻璃无法轻易分离,也许你该再多烘点。


    • 我没拍照,但是在撬开靠近两个触摸按键的时候一定要细心,它们很容易被破坏。它们粘在外屏上所以在完全移除外屏之前要先把它们拆下来。

    • 外屏拆掉了后,你手机将是这个样子,在屏幕上面有残留的胶带。

    how do you take the buttons off?

    sinead - 回复

    If you're talking about the touch keys at the bottom, slide a thin tool between the glass and the touch keys on the underside of the glass carefully as it's held by adhesive

    Patrick Lee -

    I've just replaced the screen on my s4. But when I turn the phone back on, there is sound but the screen remains black. I thought the digitiser had broken but when I press down on the screen things are still happening. I just can't see why I'm doing. Anybody have any idea.

    Luke green - 回复

    you very likely broke something in the LCD assembly... It's a $200 replacement but it's not as difficult a repair.

    Doug Bishop -

    follow this video i made it will help you

    how to change display galaxy s4 (LCD frame in few steps)


    Gabriel Barrandeguy -

    Works perfect - read all the pictures before you begin, be patient, it is an expensive repair at the shop, nibble away with loads of reheats. Sharp scalpel is also useful. Good Luck

    Frank - 回复

    My screen just broke, and I've ordered a replacement. I've been thinking about filling a hot-water bottle with boiling water and letting that sit on top of my phone for 5-10 minutes before starting. I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't be easier than using a hair-dryer/heat-gun. At least to get me started...

    crowops - 回复

    heat gun with temp control is the best

    here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


    samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    I wish that the step 8 was highlighted! The back and home buttons are so SENSITIVE! I ended up breaking the menu button! Dam it.... now I have no phone untill the button replacement!

    Cheney Bush - 回复

    Download the app "Button Savior". It adds a small pop-up window that has all your physical buttons, including the home button. Not only does this give you broken buttons back, but it also extends the life of your physical buttons due to less use.

    Cody Giles -

    • 用无毛抹布或者超细纤维来清理内屏。我用了一些眼镜清洗液来清理我的手机。

    • 我也许手没那么细,在拆外屏的时候不小心划了内屏。如果你也跟我一样的话也不要紧,毕竟使用时亮着屏幕不怎么引人注目。

    • 如果你真的想让屏幕duang的干净发亮,或者屏幕上沾了点胶,用无丙酮的指甲膏清洗剂。这玩意几秒就见效:最后看起来的效果就应该发亮如新。

    I would not recommend to use a razor on your actual LCD. I do however, recommend nail polish remover (WITHOUT ACETON!!!) and a cloth. With windex it took forever, with the nail polish remover the residue came of in a matter of seconds. The added advantage is that it evaporates after the dirt has been wiped off the screen, instead of the oil you propose which will make your screen greasy and will not make the UV glue bond very well with the LCD.

    Jarno De Bruyn - 回复

    Superbe tutoriel, merci ! Pour nettoyer l'écran, j'utilise de l'essence F : se trouve en magasins de bricolage. C'est très utilisé en modélisme. Un petit peu sur un coton-tige, on applique sur l'écran en balayant latéralement, puis on essuie avec un essuie-tout. Résultat impeccable, et en plus ça m'a permis d'enlever les petits résidus de colle sur le bord.

    Etienne Arbogast - 回复

    ACETONE is the best option!!!!!!

    takk4maten - 回复

    Acetone can damage certain materials like plastics. You'd have to be VERY careful of how and where to apply. Without acetone, you don't have to worry about anything, which makes the process go a lot faster.

    Jarno De Bruyn - 回复

    • 用新的防静电粘胶粘你的屏幕。如果没有就用3M 2mm的胶带。

    • 从边角把它撕下来。

    I'm using 2MM tape, and when the glass goes on touch won't register. When it's off, it works fine. Ideas?

    IzzK - 回复

    here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


    samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    How do we handle the space on the LCD it self? Are we replacing the adhesive we removed before?

    Will - 回复

    here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


    samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


    pd: UV glue will fill that space.

    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    can have any substitue for heating gun. can i apply some other method to heat up the glass to remove it from screen

    aftabkankroli - 回复

    Hair dryer will do the trick too

    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    I have the blue adhesive that is in the picture, but i'm not sure how to apply it properly. help?

    Autumn Scornaienchi - 回复

    did you watch the video i have post? i show step by step how to apply the glue.

    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


    samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    hi if i use the blue Optically Clear Adhesive how would i put it on. do i put it all on the screen then i pill and put on the glass

    abelmanuel94 - 回复

    • 准备安装外屏了!如果你买的像我这样,两边都被盖住了,现在只把下面打开。

    • 不要碰下面或者让任何灰或印记进去了,除非你愿意在清理一次。

    new glass price pls pls

    kafi2000 - 回复

    you can buy it on ebay

    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    What is this price

    Usman Gujjar - 回复

    • 把新的玻璃面板放在手机上。

    • 在组装屏幕时需要使用LOCA胶水。 YouTube上有一些不错的视频会教你如何使用这种胶水。

    • 要十分注意,防止胶水进入顶部(听筒)扬声器和正面的摄像头。

    • 撕下覆盖在玻璃上的塑料膜。

    when replacing the screen, does the adhesive glue go between the actual screen and digitizer or just around it?

    jonathon lacy - 回复

    yes it goes in the middle the glue.

    here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


    samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


    Gabriel barrandeguy -

    I have a question.. when I put the new front glass, I have some issues with bubble of air between the glass and the digitaizer.. how to fix that?

    Antonio Rosapallida - 回复

    If you're using LOCA glue, before it's cured you can "chase" the bubbles out to the edge of the screen. Use your finger to put gentle pressure behind the bubble and follow it out, then cure the glue with UV light.

    whsorensen -

    It's necessary to put LOCA glue or just with the adhesive tape is ok?

    Jose Pilero - 回复

    I would totaly recommend the loca it makes the touch nice and the screen will handle more damadge dure to the elastic glue!

    takk4maten -

    if i don't put the glue then what will happen or it just an option?

    Walid Ismail - 回复

    • 插入电池和SIM卡。


    • 重新把背盖装上你的手机!:)







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Patrick Lee


6,951 信誉积分


Tried it, wrecked the LCD, had to buy a new front assembly :(

Tim - 回复

That's unfortunate, sometimes in some unlucky cases the LCD or digitiser tries to come up with the glass which probably means it needs to be heated up for longer with the heatgun.

Patrick Lee -

Same here. The glass was spiderwebbed and it was frustrating work. About 2 hrs in I must have gotten a little careless because a little extra force and boom...LCD broken.

If your glass has more than a few cracks in it I would say it's not worth the effort-replace the whole display or take it to a professional.

Logan Kennedy -

here i made a video how to do that, i hope it helps you

how to change display galaxy s4 (LCD frame in few steps)


Gabriel Barrandeguy -

Can I put on the complete adhesive ? Or must I leave holes ?

florianholtgen - 回复

You'll need to leave holes otherwise you may cover the sensors or other components to the phone.

Patrick Lee -

I do the s3's this way all the time. I did break the first one I ever did. The s4 is very different from the s3. I just tried it and broke the LCD. The LCD was pulling up with the glass, didn't realize I had my pick UNDER the LCD as well. Never had that issue with the S3. Also the glue seems stronger than the glue on the S3, its melting point has to be different in my opinion.

cmantlo - 回复

here i made a video explaining everything in a white board how it has to be done for the next time

i hope it help you

Theory of how to fix gorilla glass at any samsung galaxy


Gabriel Barrandeguy -

Just finished up, and everything worked out just as planned. Had some trouble keeping the cracks from cracking even further, but the LCD is undamaged and there isn't any discoloration. The only issue I have is from the original adhesive. There are parts where it still shows through, even with the screen on, so make sure when going through this to COMPLETELY clean off any leftover residue from the original screen. Other than that, a very easy fix. Took about an hour.

Xerilyn - 回复

As one person has already commented, the front glass is much more difficult to replace on this phone than it is on the Galaxy S3. Didn't realize when I was doing it that I had lifted up the LCD with the pick, meaning i had to replace the full display assembly. I would be tempted to have another ago, just make sure you apply plenty of heat and are very careful.

Adam - 回复

Have repaired a few and part of the process is to replace the adhesive with a liquid one that is poured on the amoled panel and cured after the glass is carefully placed. Any UV light, like for nails, or sunlight will cure the LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive). To avoid getting this adhesive on anything in the s4 you should remove everything from the inside: parts, boards, rubber gaskets, etc. also use double-sided tape for the edges around the display to help the liquid adhesive stay away from where the camera, proximity sensor and ear speaker will go. the entire process can take about 2hrs but can be as short as 45 min if you have quicker heating methods than a heat gun like a hot plate. The durability of the device is affected but the adhesives holding the lens in place and not replacing them will make the glass easier to break later on.

Stephen Napoleon - 回复

While this suggestion is more professional, it requires more time and resources that aren't completely necessary, or maybe not for your average repairer. Of all the S4 screens I've replaced I use the basic adhesive that comes with the glass from my supplier and that has enough strength to hold the glass in place when it is applied correctly. This was interesting though, thanks!

Patrick Lee -

I don't know if the S4 is the same in this aspect, but not using LOCA also can cause freezes if the screen is 'pressed' too hard on the S3. That said, the only time I've tried to do the LOCA on an S3, the adhesive got EVERYWHERE. Eventually the touchscreen stopped working and I had to buy a new front housing/LCD/digitizer. I assume I used too much glue, but I also felt the LOCA didn't spread properly, as the top corner of the phone received no LOCA and the bottom seemed to get the majority of it despite using the same technique as many guides I saw. I managed to push and spread the glue to the corner but pushing it in that fashion really helped glue up everything. The screen looked much better with the LOCA instead of just the adhesive along the side, though.

TL;DR: LOCA makes things look and work a lot better, but if done wrong it can really screw things up

Nick Hughes -

A friend told me that when my glass is broken then this may affect the device memory that after a month it will melt and the whole device will broke . Is this true?? I mean is that possible to happen?? What should I do ??

Muhammad - 回复

Your friend is lying to you and doesn't know anything he is saying either, you probably should believe everything people say.

Patrick Lee -

Mmm he said that the wires that is linked to "emmc" ,which have something to do with inner memory, may melt because of heat which these wires moved a bit because of damage .anyway he said that this may cuz sudden death ....any suggestions . And thx a lot

Muhammad - 回复

I just broke the screen on my S4 Active? Is the process the same as it is with the regular S4. I can't find a step by step guide to removing the glass.

Miranda - 回复

here i made a video explaining everything in a white board how it has to be done for the next time

i hope it help you

Theory of how to fix gorilla glass at any samsung galaxy


Gabriel Barrandeguy -

You are supposed to put clear box tape over the glass before heating it. This will suck all of the glass into the tape and prevent damage. This step by step is alright but you want little to none scratches, dents or smears on the digitizer.

elideville - 回复

Great suggestion!

Patrick Lee -

I've just managed this no problem. If you are having problems cleaning the digitiser properly you can use a bit of surgical spirit on a lint free cloth to clear the remnants off better

Stephen Wilkinson - 回复

This is called isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol and costs 2-5$/Liter.

Lololo -

I had no real problems with this. It was more time consuming than difficult. Taking the glass off and cleaning the digitizer took about 45 minutes, but after that it was easy.

Andrew - 回复

So I replaced glass with minor issues, used LOCA and UV light. Phone turns on fine with all buttons working, but the touch screen doesn't register ANYTHING. There are no visible cracks or discoloration, I would describe it almost like screen is froze? Did I just make myself buy a new digitizer assembly?

Tom McDowall - 回复

take the back case off and make sure you connected all cables to the main board and the usb board in the lower left corner

tlagabid2 -

here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


Gabriel barrandeguy -

So i just did this turned my phone back on and the entire lcd is discolored showing up mostly green but fades in and out when i turn on/off the phone. any advice at this point? do i need to have the LCD completely replaced now?

Jack Gleason - 回复

Did this last night. Only tricky part was actually the application of the adhesive for the replacement glass. Didn't really match what I needed and the picture above was a bit unclear that you DO NOT want to apply adhesive over the LCD screen!

Anyway, here are my repair pics: https://plus.google.com/photos/110629972...


Daniel Hadad - 回复

So I started replacingy glass but I realized that I was taking of the entire LCD and so I stopped mid removal of the glass and pushed it back together and havent made another attempt do u think my phone is permanently damaged. Its been working fine but I feel like at any moment the screen is gonna fall out. Scratch on the glass wasn't even noticable only affected my selfie pics

justine - 回复

How long roughly will it take using a hair dryer?

mortbals16 - 回复

depend of the hair dryer , you got to get 100C or you will break the screen

here it is the theory i made about it

here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


what the whole video before it is to late

Gabriel barrandeguy -

I went to a professional, where i live in pakistan these professionals arent very professional:p they lie and everything so my screen just the glass was cracked and my digitizer was fine. a few months ago i had replaced my digitzer which cost me almost 200 dollars and it was original however when i went to change my cracked glass a few months later, the guy at the shop he changed the screen and it had scratches on it i asked him why so he said the digitzer was fake thats why the new glass got scratches on it while we were replacing it. FIrst of all im pretty sure i got an orignial digitzer but even if i didnt, does it have to do anything with the new glass having scratches on it?

Asad Raza - 回复

Hello- where can I buy replacement glass for the S4 Active? All I can find on amazon is glass for the S4. Are they the same?

Bridgette - 回复

did u try to find it on ebay or amazon?

Gabriel Barrandeguy -

i broke my galaxy s4 and the screen is fully black i turn it on and there is no light to it what pieces do i need to fix it? do i just need a front screen or is there another screen i need to buy?

molinacarmen13 - 回复

here i made a video that will help you with that

how to change display galaxy s4 (LCD frame in few steps)


Gabriel Barrandeguy -

I dropped my s4 and my screen has completely gone! The phone still switches on and I can hear messages coming through and still receive calls. Do I just need a new screen and will it fix my problem completely?

David - 回复

If you can still hear messages coming in then it sounds like you need a new lcd. I have fixed a few S4's with the same symptoms. I did run across 1 S4 that was dropped hard enough that the LCD cable inside came disconnected. I re-attached the cable and everything was fine even the LCD was not cracked. Funny enough a couple days later I ran into the same thing on an Iphone 4, loose/disconnected cable.

Tim Yorba -

here i made a video about changing the LCD, if that is your case.

how to change display galaxy s4 (LCD frame in few steps)


if you want to change the gorilla glass by itself here it is other

samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA


i hope you can fix your

best regards


Gabriel barrandeguy -

Hi, i just did it!

Everything looks very good and i checked the function before i used the uv-glue.

After i finished now, the display don't react properly.. For example i can't click ok when i have to type the sim pin.

I can click 1 4 5 6 without problems. when i click 7 8 9 it works sometimes and ok dont work...

Maybe you have an idea what happened? I am not sure what i did wrong.

When i try to turn the phone off, i can't click anything after the menu appears. I can't even click in areas, that worked before?

GodNoob - 回复

When applying heat to soften the adhesive, do i need to slowly move around the whole screen for 4 minutes, sorry if it's a daft question.

How do you know if the heat gun is causing discoloration when the phone is not on, what signs do i need to look for?

Also i'm assuming you need to heat on the middle of the glass probably mostly because that's the strongest adhesive patch to remove from.

James - 回复

here in this video i explain the theory of how it must be done.


samsung galaxy s4 changing broken glass with uv glue LOCA (HERE IT IS STEP BY STEP PROCESS)


Gabriel barrandeguy -

Our Comments system is currently undergoing maintenance, and will be back shortly. -The iFixit Team

Dominique - 回复

My screen looks exactly like yours in the picture. When I dropped it I could still see the picture on the screen but it slowly disappeared and is now completely black. Will replacing the screen fix that as well? Thanks, Mike

Michael Gray - 回复

yes it will fix that.

check my youtube channel GABAKUSA i made many videos how to fix that.

Gabriel barrandeguy -

This was great thank you for the help, but some how I got air bubbles under my glass lens. How do I get them out?

chance - 回复

burst them, they appear cuz did nt release the glass slowly enough.

what this video about the theory i made so you wont make more mistakes ;-)


it is like 1 hour long

Gabriel barrandeguy -

I did it an now the phone wont turn on. What do i do

john jelinek - 回复

Be careful and work slowly. My wife did it, and it is now good as new!

ivanmcruz32 - 回复

I'm curious to know if there are people out there who have experience doing this repair WITHOUT using the LOCA glue and UV light. Are your results good as far as phone function and operability? Or do you think using just the precut adhesive alone is NOT enough?

Anthony James - 回复

go to my youtube channel gabakUSA i have fixed many with and without uv glue.

without glue dirt maybe get in to the LCD and sometime it maybe lock the screen itself.

so it is better using glue for the long run

Gabriel barrandeguy -

It will cost me the same price to bring it to the shop and let them repaire it instead of bying a new scren and take al the risk of breakink it.....

Why should I bye it?

lucly - 回复

I was wondering if this is going to work for my phone. I cracked the top right side of my phone. Now there is nothing. I turn it on and it's just black. Is that cause the screens cracked? Shouldn't it still light up or something? So I'm just wondering if replacing the screen will work or should I just get a whole new front with the LCD and digitizer?

Steve - 回复

Question 1: If you take out the battery, then how can one tell if there's discoloration when applying too much heat?

Question 2: what would the perfect amount of pressure to apply in removing the screen feel like, or more importantly what would be too much pressure?

Try giving an easily relatable eample, such as 'the pressure given on a pencil and an electric pencil sharpener'

Genny Smith - 回复

What else can you use besides a heat gun I have the ifixt heating thingy will that work

georgeperez26 - 回复

I used a heat gun and a playing card from a deck of cards to remove the glass. DO NOT use anything metal and DO NOT lift the card when sliding it under the glass. If you keep it flush you should have no problems removing the glass and won't break the LCD.

I tried using loca glue and it is a pain and messy. As long as you use good 3M adhesive tape and a good quality glass lens, no need for LOCA.

Mike Lamothe - 回复

Tons of people are saying you should probably just give up if the glass is spiderwebbed, because you'll break the display/digitizer.

I disagree entirely. This method of just applying upward pressure is the issue, not the glass. Pick up a spool of Molybdenum wire and use it to "cut" the LOCA under the glass. Using the wire puts considerably less stress on the LCD.

jakejarrett - 回复

Thanks for the good tip.

Nicola Centrone -

Did it. But I overheated the display in one spot. Now it has a pink-magenta color there. Is there something I can do now? Touch working perfectly everywhere on the screen. Thanks.

Z4H3R - 回复

hey there exellent instructions i replace the glass in about an hour the only advice i could give is use a poker card/playing card maybe 5 as they get glue all over them instead of spatula or razor blade and use a heat gun or heat plate cos a hair dryer does not give enough heat g o max 80 degrees only use razor blade to get the top right of the screen up not the left side as there is a ribbon and remember to stop once you get to the home button as is 2 more ribbons for the back key an multi task key lift the screen to a 45 degree and carfully remove the back/multi task buttonswith razor blade bang your done best a luck☺

rhys t - 回复

Who can tell me when can I bye a new glass screen for Galaxy S4?

Anisa Murati - 回复

my s4 is cracked all over and i need to know if it is easy to remove without the tape. its all tiny cracks.

jake satterwhite - 回复

i took off the glass without damaging the LCD,but the touch doesnt work anymore.As i know it has to react without the glass...or not?Can somebody help me with this ?

zoli prodan - 回复

Folks, I have done this, but now the screen doesn't turn on, it responses to the touch with sound, but no image.

Sam Kultz - 回复

Hi good afternoon , my Samsung Galaxy S4 Display is Brock, and i want to change the display, may i know how much the price,,,

Pasang Sherpa - 回复

Question :what kind of heat gun needs to be used to remove the screen an where can they be bought. Thanks, Lorraine

Lorraine Young - 回复

Will this fix response because my Samsung is both cracked and not responding.so sad I don't deserve this.

Matthew Kuan - 回复

If my phone is cracked to the point where the screen is always black what does that mean? Is my LCD or digitizer broken? Because it turns on and the sound works and whatnot and so does the rest of the functionality, i just can't see anything. Do i need to replace the front assembly?

Anthony Washington - 回复

Nice one! Made it look easy least the steps eazy to follow. Thanks great resultn my s4 needs doin so very helpful article thanku

Joanna Eldridge - 回复

It worked i followed every step thank you so much.

Kaleb - 回复

Thanks - I used this procedure to replace the front glass on my S4, two S2's and a sony Z3 Compact back glass. I broke the LCD on one of the S2's but the rest worked.

Heated glass w/ my hairdryer for 2 minutes, lifted a corner up w/ my fingernail, slid plastic pick under glass. Heated again, slid pick to other corner. Added another pick to keep glue from reattaching (one in each corner). Heated and worked the picks until the whole thing was raised. There were a couple bits sticking to electronics, be careful to cut or separate this glue so it doesnt take the buttons/electronics up, then lift off the screen. Used plastic, thin gauge guitar picks and not anything metal, to avoid damage to the LCD. If you need to start a corner with a tiny flathead screwdriver, do it only to lift the corner enough to slide a pick in then stick to plastic. Clean edges gently with spirits. Do not put any pressure on exposed LCD. Put on new glass, heat for 3 minutes, put clothes pegs all around the rim and set for 2 hours.

the bean - 回复

Why we should use loca glue....? Is it important....? What the purpose of local glue.....?

mapeecreation - 回复

yes it is important or the sensitivity wont be the same, also dust my will get inside.

here i made a video where i explain in more detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOAauYYN...

Gabriel barradenguy -

Do yourself a favour, spend the extra few $ and get some LOCA glue. Watch a bunch of tutorials on how to use it.

I didn't :( and now my screen is hyper sensitive and swype doesn't work properly. I've ordered some LOCA and will be redoing it properly.

Kraiye - 回复

Thank you so much for this tutorial. Just finished and all is working. No lunch for kids but phone is fine ;-))) Better start cooking now. My phone was terribly shattered, like crazy shattered. I used nail polish remover to clean at the end. I was so worried but quite careful. You saved me lots of money as I was about to buy new phone cause I go on long holidays with kids in few days time and how can you live without the phone these days ;-))) but decided to give it a go. THANKS AGAIN ;-))))))))) Hope I don't have to do it again ;-))))) And it costed me under 8 Euro for new screen and that's all ;-))) and I used hair dryer

takajola - 回复

Hi guys.

I cannot comprehend one thing i am reading

"Dropped and cracked the screen on your Galaxy S4? No problem, follow this guide instead of needing to replace the entire display assembly.

To prevent shards of glass from scratching your LCD, or getting all over your workspace, place a wide strip of tape over the entire screen."

i think it will be good to be more specific what kind of type - basic which the kids are playing with, thermoresistance tape or ?

whatever460 - 回复

chill out man he is just trying to help some people out

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