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  1. 将设备关机后,拆下后盖,并取出电池。(如有sim卡或sd卡则一并取出)
    • 将设备关机后,拆下后盖,并取出电池。(如有sim卡或sd卡则一并取出)

    • 由于Note3采用了可拆卸式电池设计,这使得拆卸过程简单且无需任何工具。


  2. Note3的外壳由12枚飞利浦螺丝固定,所以我们需要使用对应大小的飞利浦螺丝刀来将其拧出。
    • Note3的外壳由12枚飞利浦螺丝固定,所以我们需要使用对应大小的飞利浦螺丝刀来将其拧出。

    I found that for Step 2 my screws were too small for the #00 Phillips so the #000 worked perfectly. I do not see how the #00 ever fit unless it was forced into the screw head.

    rocket859 - 回复

    • 拔出S Pen,使用撬棒,如图轻轻的把后盖撬开,直到将后盖安全拆开。


    • 此处可看到主板上有七处排线连接处,使用塑料撬棒将其分别拆开,这时就可以取出主板了。

    in picture you should mark where are the six connector which needs to be disconnected by no. 1,2,3 and so on

    rai - 回复

    where is the gsm antenna located

    Jameal Holness - 回复

    Can you explain about two connectors of LCD??why use 2 connectors in spite of with 1 connector LCD & digitizer work???

    Hani - 回复

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    • 在主板的另一面,拆开后镜头的排线后,取出后摄像头。


    • 使用塑料翘片拆开并取出天线电缆。


    • 使用撬棒,小心并适当用力地撬开USB小板,因为小板是用胶粘住的。

    Hard!!! give more instructions!

    xenixii - 回复

    Use a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen the glue if you need to. I worked a few different angles to slowly work it up. I also work mostly around charge port bracket because it’s the strongest point. I don’t want to break the circuit board or bend it too much.

    Andrew Hathaway - 回复

    • 拆开固定耳机模组的螺丝,并拆下耳机组件。


    • 拆下覆盖在前置摄像头和传感器上的金属支架。并取出前置摄像头和传感器模组。


    • 使用适合的螺丝刀撬出振动电机。请注意,振动电机是粘在底盘上的,并且电源按钮是与振动电机在一起的,取出时请注意不要损坏电源按钮等。

    Hard!!! very hard!

    xenixii - 回复

    Very, very difficult. There is a small rectangle near the 4 contact pads; use this to help pry the adhesive backing off of the frame to reduce the chance of damage. Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to pull loose using either the motor or the power button legs. These will tear and will require you to purchase a new one. Alternatively, save yourself some time and buy a new one to begin with if you’re doing a repair.

    Swimmer - 回复

    • 三星 Galaxy Note 3 的拆解到此结束。

    Just used this guide to replace my screen, thanks!

    Trevor Krahn - 回复

    If callers on the other side are hearing echos after you swap out your screen, make sure that the ear speaker and bottom mic/charging board are glued down good. I had this problem and fixed it by buying a new speaker and charging board (They came with new adhesive).

    Jason - 回复

    You should add the step where you remove the screen in order to change the housing which includes the fake metal rims on the side. Please add it! Thanks

    Kostas - 回复



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is it possible to use a Sprint Galaxy Note 3 USB port on a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3?

Michael Paredes - 回复

It will fit, but the antenna are different. The phone will not work properly: the wireless reception will be worse.

Charles Hart -

I did exactly that and I haven't noticed any difference at all. My phone works and charges perfectly now, and all it took was 12 bucks and a little patience. Good luck!

Elizabeth Day -

I have a T-Mobile note 3 but can I use a sprint housing and lcd

john - 回复

Is it possible to swap out the motherboard of a GSM note 3 and put it in a live demo unit, to make it fully functional?

Gus - 回复

mmm why no repairability score?

Chua Chang Fong - 回复

Can you include how to remove the camera lens from the middle chassis/plate? I saw somewhere it is removable from the middle plate..

Gary Gallardo - 回复

I got a Note 3 Live Demo Unit and well i did some research and i found out that the only thing different is that it lacks the antenna, do you know if is possible to buy it and just put it in? will the phone work after that? or do I need to buy a whole new mmotherboard with clean IMEI?

Gerson Core - 回复

Yep... the IMEI is not registered on the Live Demo unit. Plus the software on it will need changing

Adam Ahmed -

Oh plz help, its been a while Im using note 3 N9005, Now I figure it out that my RAM capacity reduced excactly 1Gb and it shows me 1.423 Gb Ram :( antutu benchmark confirms this too :(( is there any way to replace my Ram?

Mohammad Aghdaei - 回复

In the process of replacing just the glass on my sprint galaxy note 3, I nicked up the copper color foil at the top of the phone. It is just under the earpiece and looks like it hooks to the LCD screen. I was wondering is it is possible to replace that cable and where could I get one. The digitizer and the LCD screens were still in working order when i started to tear off the old glass. Please help.

evanmays - 回复

Would the housing for the T-Mobile and at&t version be interchangeable? For example, could I order the n900a in frame LCD/Digitizer for a T-Mobile note 3 (n900t)?

Or go as far as ordering the lte version (n9005) I believe it is GSM as well?

A Random Stranger - 回复

Hello, I have a Galaxy Note 3 purchase from overseas (Dubai). how do I find know part to order (USB/Charging port) for my phone if it wasn't purchase from AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint /Verizon. model (SM-9005). will the part for the Sprint/Verizon work on my phone? or i will have to special order the part. Thanks W56

wood56jam - 回复

I don't see how the buzzer and power button are conected to the motherboard. Do they comunicate wirelesly or how? I want to change the power button with the vibrator, do i just put it in and works??

adim17 - 回复

I want to change the power button with the vibrator but i don't see how they connect to the motherboard. Do they comunicate wirelesly or how, i don't get the connection?

adim17 - 回复

How can I get the heat shields replaced, the ones that are on the back of the motherboard. I lost mine :(

Elizabeth Garrett - 回复

I have replaced charger port /mic twice and mic still won't work any suggestions?

Bobbie Mason - 回复

Mic doesn't work. Cleaned everything, replaced charger part mic is on twice. Any suggestions?

Bobbie Mason - 回复

so i have note 3 SM-N900 , i wanted to change the board on it so i can have 4G internet. If i buy the board and change it will their be any issues i should be aware of? The board is like 60$, it sates that it is unlocked and Europea version, n9005 32 gb.

Majd Hijazi - 回复

Thank you this was some good help for my phone

smithtaziah06 - 回复

How can we remove Loud speaker from the back lid frame of note 3? I have bought the speaker alone from ebay.

Uday - 回复

Dropped my note 3 works on wifi but not on my network. Could it be the antenna? Probably should trash it

Pat - 回复

I have note3 and it spilled a little vinegar and became a black screen but the messages work and sometimes working screen but there is Green Line, the touch is not working please help me solve the problem and what is the defective parts

Yahya - 回复

My note 3 was charging, fell off table and now is dead. When i plug it in or try to power on however i hear a single pop and subtle feedback from speaker. Anybody seen this before? Wondering if it's my usb board only or the logic

bryanspetty - 回复

J'ai changé le bouton power mais le problème est toujours présent le vibreur fonctionne mais le bouton power ne marche pas

mohammed - 回复

where is the graphics card located on board?

Σταμου Ιωαννης - 回复

good evening.

could you pleaze tell me where is the graphics card located on samsung galaxy note 3 N9005 board?


Σταμου Ιωαννης - 回复

where is the graphics card exactly located on motherboard on Samsung galaxy note 3? plx help me

Σταμου Ιωαννης - 回复

can i replace my defective note3 at@t motherboard with note 3 n9005 motherboard?

Julws erer - 回复

can i replace my defective note 3 at@t motherboard with note 3 n9005 motherboard?

Julws erer - 回复

What is the L shaped line underneath the battery in my Galaxy note 3 and can it be damaged? I have noticed a small dent on one part of the larger L shape.

Fiona - 回复

is this possible to change rom from one note 3 motherboard to another note 3 motherboard, actually my phone motherboard is dead and i want my data back,,or there is another way to get back my data

usman dalawar - 回复

is it possible to replace internal memory chip in new motherboard to get back data

usman dalawar - 回复

A question .I am having very low gsm signal. Do you propose any fixes? I think it is the antena circuit.Any ideas please?

kiriakidis - 回复

thanx for the help; I am scared to death to do the repairs but the phone  is dead so what does it matter.

LincolnBrown39 - 回复



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