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Cracked 32" samsung lcd tv screen

My daughter has a samsung lcd tv, that my grandson decided to throw something at. It cracked the screen. Not all the way through. The tv still comes on but you can't see any thing. I looked under some answers here and found a site to buy a replacement screen. The replacement costs over $500.00. It wouldn't pay to buy a replacement at that cost. May as well buy a new tv. Does anyone know of a different site that might have a cheaper one or should we just junk it?

Would like to fix it but at that cost???

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I have the same problem what site did you go to

Since I posted this issue most of the flat panel TV have come down in price. To replace my screen it would cost $600- $700 and $200 for labor. It's best to get another TV. I would part out the parts to the old broken TV or sale it as is. Sorry for the bad news.

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Lynda, it is very difficult to find the LCD's for any of those TV's. They do not come cheap, and most often it is not economical the replace the screen because of the cost. You could try to either sell your TV and make some money, or try to find one that has issues other than the screen and replace that screen with your broken one. Hope this helps, good luck.


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lcd screens can cost up to twice as much as the lcd tv itself once the screen is broke or crack its off to the grave

je confirme une dalle lcd est tres chere mieux vaut changer de tv mais garde les cartes quand meme

Hey there I did the same thing cracked screen after knocking it over. Fyi I bought a better model from the best buy returned/opened boxes for $200. I hear across the board it's ruined, took it to a very good repair shop here in austin. I got a brand new tv for sooo inexpensive. And fyi you can donate the broken to goodwill and they will recycle it.

why is it difficult to fix TV screen but cellphne screen is easier to fix it?

Hi @moroaselekalucia,

You cannot 'fix' cellphone screens either. You have to replace them just as mostly you have to replace TV screens unless you are lucky and it is a tab problem in the TV that you can get to, which a lot of the times you cannot. You nearly have to treat both of them, cellphone screen and TV screen as a sealed unit.

Also it is a lot more expensive to manufacture a TV screen than a cellphone screen, (more internal components and complicated connections in the screen etc). The screen represents the major cost in the manufacture of the TV and the screens are made to order by specialist TV screen manufacturers for the TV manufacturer, so scale of quantity plays a role in the cost of the unit.

You can however fix TVs as long as the screen still works as there are only a few boards involved. In a way it is easier, if you know which board is faulty, to just swap it with a new one and you're fixed. You can if you have the knowledge and the schematics still fix individual components on TV boards to fix the problem as well.

Electronics technicians (TV, cell phone, Fridges, microwaves etc etc etc) are disappearing as manufacturers make electronic devices cheaper and less and less 'repairable' sometimes to the extent of not even providing spare parts and also because consumers do not wish to pay for the skill and knowledge of the technician to repair an 'old' device even if the parts are available. Just do not look at the possibly toxic garbage dump growing behind you.



I've been looking for a cheaper solution and found this link.

My son broke my Samsung 55 inch Smart TV UN55H6350AF LCD Panel by throwing the remote at the TV which I found on for $676.

Hope this helps.


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he broke the tv screen? and you paid that much to repair?

Parts for LCD Screen $675-700

Labor to install $200-250

Total cost of a new TV.

Just part your old TV stand, internal boards etc.. on ebay, Craigslist etc..

Accidents happen. I just did the same and sold the the stand, the 2 internal boards for $15-25 a piece. Kept the remote and bought the same TV.

Hope it helps.


Here is a LCD Pannel you may replace it,


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