iPhone 3G是第二代iPhone。型号A1241,有8或16 GB容量,和炫酷的黑色或洁白的白色塑料背面。修复比第一款iPhone更简单。需要螺丝刀、撬撬工具和吸尘工具。

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Can an iPhone 3G be upgraded with parts from an iPhone 3GS?

For example, can the camera from the 3GS be installed in an older 3G?

Are there any parts that are interchangeable either "off the shelf" or with slight modification between these phones?

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I can only comment on physical compatibility...

Display: no (not compatible)

Logic board: no (extra connector for dock)

Dock connector: no (extra connector to logic board)

Vibrator: looks like you can switch them (but why would you want to?)

Headphone jack: physically should work, but I don't know if it will actually work

GPS antenna: physically should work, but I don't know if it will actually work

Case: probably, but why would you want to?

Camera, looks physically compatible, but I don't know it will actually work.

Sorry I can't comment further. I hope this helps a bit!


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I doubt it. Unless you study an iPhone like the people who write jailbreaking softwares do, you won't be able to do it.


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Well for the parts that have extra features (I mean, for the parts you'd actually want to install) you'd probably need to, aside from all the hardware work, change whatever parameter makes the iPhone OS believe it is either the 3G or the 3GS.

Not discussing of the feasibility of such a thing, it would then require you to change all the parts that are different from one model to the other so not to cause software issues. (e.g. the phone relying on some hardware feature that actually isn't present.)


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hey could you not just change the logic board and the dock connector? would this not work?


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the part that comes with the headphone jack,volume,vibration and sound buttom, and on/off buttom... from 3g work perfectly with 3gs i just tried it and woks perfect......


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