2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Mac won't power up after replacing upper case

I just followed the step by step instructions on replacing the upper case. After completing the project, the Mac won't power up. I understand that others have had the same problem. The Mac was working fine before except that I had to use a USB keyboard since liquid spilled on my keys. The USB keyboard overrode the normal keyboard so thats how I was able to get by.

When I attach the charger, the green light stays on instead of switching to orange to indicate charging. But even with the charger attached, it does not turn on.

In theory the computer should be working the same as before, except with a new functional keyboard right?

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Remove the Bottom case then try to power up with power pads near by keyboard jack on the Logic board.

see the question for power pads :

Where on the logic board are the power-on pads?


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Step #28 Upper Case Replacement Guide

You pinned the keyboard ribbon under the battery.

Remove battery, connect ribbon to Mother Board.

Use this opportunity to adjust the track pad "click" or lack there of by adjusting the T8 fat screw.


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