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best tools and screwdrivers to use

which screwdrivers are best to use to repair MacBooks? I've seen some in repair videos on various macbook repairs and upgrades and they were the right size but had a magnetic tip. the last upgrade i did, i really could have used a magnetic tipped driver. is the one ifixit sells have a magnetic tip or do you know where i can get some good ones? (thats not to say ifixits aren't good)

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所有超过US$100.00或包含 Pro Tech工具包的订单免费送货!




This is really a sweet little kit, I've put mine together over the last year: Classic Pro Tech Toolkit

Choice of tools is kind a matter of how deep your pockets are and just how professional you want get. For most repairs the 54 piece set is excellent: 54 Bit Driver Kit

The $300 Professional set is something I'd like to get: Professional 56 Driver Set

I really like the 26 bit driver set because of the larger diameter driver (it allows for much more torque). 26 Bit Driver Kit All these are magnetized when using the drivers. I'm sure iFixit could put together exactly what you need if you tell them exactly what you intend to work on and how much you have to spend on tools. Even an excellent box to keep them in: Oak Gerstner Toolbox

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Professional 56 Driver Set



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Well I'm not sure why ifixit is so over priced on the moody tools. $300 is ridiculous when you can get the same exact set for $170 on Amazon.


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Ifixit sells exactly what you are looking for yes. You can purchase the tool bit set separately or go even as far as the Pro-Tech Base Toolkit. They even have a magnetizer/demagnetizer if what you receive isn't good enough.


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The 54 Bit Driver Kit works well and has magnetic tips. For 24.99, you can't beat it.


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