How to know my iPhone board battery related version?


I am having problems with an iphone... it is a 3Gs 32gb.. the problem is when I try to restore it, itunes always gives error 29, then the phone gets stuck in recovery mode.. when I fix recovery loop, it will boot up, but then it restarts by itself every 2 minutes or less..

I ve been reading this is a battery problem, and replacing it would solve the problem... I ve done it already but get the same error, I used a battery that works fine with another iphone 3gs, and tried also with a 3G battery but none worked....

so one of the articles I read... described this: "replacing the battery with the proper battery version for the iPhone 3GS (logic board related)" so I don't know if the batteries Im using with this board are compatible, but they both work with their original phones.

what I need to know is if there s a way for me to identify/know which battery version this phone uses or it's related to...

thank you!

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