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Why is the battery dropping out every couple of minutes?

I just did a screen replacement for my phone and now it turns on and everything works, including taking a charge; however, every couple of minutes (even when plugged in) the phone shuts off and turns back on. I have the AT&T 32gb version of the iPhone 4s. What could cause this?

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An inconsistent voltage supply would be the culprit of this, the iPhone 4S requires 3.7 Volts minimum I think, anything less and you might as well take out the battery as not enough power is being delivered to run the iPhone.

Cheap battery replacements will cause this, either ask for a replacement one or for a refund and go to another company. Too low a voltage won't cause any permanent damage as it is literally like taking the battery out of a BlackBerry or HTC whilst it is on.

Hope this helps! (Remember, buy cheap, buy twice!)


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