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Having Display issues, works with external/ no camera detected

am a new member to this community and I'm already getting a headache from my macbook. So my mac has been working flawlessly for the past 2 weeks or so ( Macbook A1342 Late 2009 w/ OSX Lion). I have SMCfan control and istat pro to keep an eye on temps and to stay ahead of the heatsoak game. I did a "deep discharge" of the battery then waited a few hours to plug it back in and when i did and let it charge up, I then proceded to turn it on and do some light surfing if any, mostly idle though. While i was doing that i noticed that the temps were starting to soar up to 80-94 degrees C. I turned up the fans to full throttle to get it cool and it cooled it down to say 60-70's. Okay, now afterwards, I rebooted the mac and then it started giving me more issues as in no display, but I do hear the chime and it seems to boot as normal just no display. I plugged in my mini dvi to hdmi connector to a tv and BOOM, the screen popped right up on the TV like it was supposed to; at this time i became very confused. Now i know that the macbook camera and LVDS cord are connected together so while it was still connected to the external display i attempted to turn on the camera with Facetime and it said camera was not detected!!?? So I'm not sure what the issue is, I am currently deployed to an undisclosed location in SW Asia for a while so I am unable to go to any repair store. I consider myself very technically inclined so repairing this would not be an issue within reason of course. Is it the logic board, if it were it wouldn't start up right?? Is it the LVDS cable, I popped off the back of the mac and looked at the connector and it seems fine, i unplugged it then plugged it back in and no change. When it was connected to the external display, it seemed to be running flawlessly...I was unable to see any problems on the screen, but like i said nothing came up on the mac screen and no camera was found, no green light came on either. Please help...I really need this thing back up and running, and I apologize for the long first post.



MacBook (13-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.4)


Still working on this matter...no luck yet.


First and foremost, thanks for getting back w/ me on this matter. I have done the SMC and PRAM reset several times with no luck. I've re-seated the LVDS cable and checked for any lose or damaged wires, nothing. I've also shined a flashlight up to the screen and i saw absolutely nothing...so I'm not getting anything at all on the screen. It did previously have h20 damage and was repaired over a month ago from a reputable repair facility. I have already ordered a new LVDS cable and a new LCD display and I also have another 2.26 logic board coming in later in the next few weeks. I plan on starting with replacing the cable first, then try it, if nothing then I will move onto the display and if nothing from there guess i will just replace logic board. Do you think it could have anything to do with the Nvidia grapics chip? I've read online about previous mac's that reflow issues, anyone ever heard of these symptoms from a GPU issue??

Thanks again!


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Post(s) with more information are better than shorter posts that omit information. Reset your PRAM and SMC, Google will help you with the instructions if you don't know them. The resets could solve the problem. Take a flashlight or light and point it toward the screen and see if you can find a faint image of your desktop or what should be seen on the screen - please let us know the results. Take a jewelers loupe and look for burnt and/or corroded pins on the LVDS socket and connector. Has this ever experienced liquid damage? If you are not sure look at the liquid damage indicators. This sounds like your LVDS/video cable went out - I've also seen burnt/bad connections cause the problem.

Thank you for the GREAT communication and troubleshooting. The problem on this is going to be either the cable (most likely, especially with the camera issue) or the logic board (h2o related). Little chance that the issue is screen/LCD related as you describe the problem ( again camera issue). If the problem were NVIDIA video chip related you would have the same issues on an external monitor as you do with the attached LCD/screen.

I agree with Cellers on this. Also this model did not have the Nvidia issue.


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If you don't mind, I'll treat you like you were an Apple Tech. This is for a year older model but should do just fine and is the diagnostic procedure given to Apple techs. It should help you diagnose any problem with your machine. If I can find anything else I'll let you know: Knowledge Base document 30612


Page162 on camera

The "Service Source" manuals are Apples machine specific repair guides. Download the one for your machine here: http://torrentz.eu/am/A1342+Macbook-q

Oldturkey may have a better download link for this.


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Oldturkey may have a better download link for this. bump

Darn, I must have totally missed this one :-) anyhow, mayer, can you check to see if this from here is the right manual. May be it can be passed on to Matt...;)

Somehow this is coming in as an unexecutable UNIX file

That is weird, I replced the file, try this one please.


Ok, finally after such a hiatus, I received all the necessary parts for repair. Did the LVDS cable first, no bueno. Next, swapped out the display and still nothing. So i took out the old logic board, I re-did the thermal paste on the replacement board since i had it out w/ MX4 ( heard great reviews about it) and hooked everything back up. BOOM, now it works flawlessly. I would like to personally thank you fine people that helped me out with this matter. It def was a logic board issue, I am attempted to contact the repair company that supposedly repaired it the first time to have them fix the old one or either refund the fee. Thanks again!!!!



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Glad we were able to help.


Thanks guys for all your help, I ran thru the diagnostics in the repair guide which was extremely helpful btw. Now i'm just waiting on the slow mail to get across the pond to the sandbox so I can get to cracking on this repair. I figured first thing is I will try to hook up the new display straight to the logic board before installing it and see if i get a picture, if not then I go into replacing LVDS cable, if nothing then I just replace logic board which i have already acquired. By the time this thing is said and done, I will rebuild this entire macbook on my own! Again, thanks...I'll keep you guys posted on the outcome!!


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I have same problem. My Macbook A1342 Late 2009 turned on but the screen is black. I can see everything on desktop with a flash light. My story are following:

The old screen is freezing at some point when starting up. I have to fold/move the screen a bit to get it fully started up. So i thought it is LVDS cable

I tried to replace LVDS but nothing changed. It still turned on, took installer disc and made sound like it reading the disc. I still can see things on desktop with a flash light

Now it ordered a brand new lcd screen panel. It turned on but black screen. I can see everything on desktop with a flashlight.

I did not see apple logo on back of screen light up.

Do you know how to fix it?


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