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Power button not working after screen replacement(2 small metal pieces

Hi, I really need you guys to help me, recently I opened up my iPhone 4S to replace the screen and I did that successfully but after I put everything back together, the power button will not work at all. I found 2 small metal pieces that I forgot to put back in, but I do not know where they go. I attached a picture of the pieces. Thank you

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The bigger covers the Wi-Fi snap top connector at top of logic board. The smaller covers the antenna cap at the battery connector.

Thank you so much, I'm gonna try that when I get home. I APPRECIATE IT! Really! But anyone know if that would help my power button to start working?


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I found that the two ribbon cables on the new digitiser that you bought are very flimsy. You have to poke them through the casing when you connect the new screen to the out case. And if you don't pull them through the hole properly when snapping the screen and the case together, then they can bend. Too much bending means the cable is comprimised.

I had exactly the same problem as you, whereas everything worked fine after I replaced my wife's screen except the power button.

As luck would have it, she dropped her phone AGAIN and broke the screen so she bought another new digitiser and I was more careful with this one and the power button now works again.


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Thank you so much! I think this was the problem because I remember taking apart the phone twice because I did not properly insert the ribbons through the hole and I ended up bending it. I'm gonna buy another digitizer soon to figure out if you're right. Thank you again!

Yeah, I would think its that, but impossible to tell for sure.

Just be really careful pulling the ribbons through. If you had shut the casing with the cables not through fully, then I would bet its that.



PLEASE HELP!!!!! Trying to put my iphone back together, and I dont know where the small piece goes from that picture!!


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Hi there, the small piece from the picture above goes onto the battery connector onto the logic board. From memory you need to place that part carefully onto the screw hole before securing the battery cable onto its slot on logic board. All should line up as per guide. Good luck. Dg


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