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How to properly ground myself.

What if you just plugged in the computer while off into a extension cord that has the positive and negative prongs cut-off and only the ground remains. Then plug into a wall outlet with just the ground prong. Could this be a happy medium.

I am working on my 6 yr old 24" iMac that popped loudly and then there was a chemical or electrical burning smell so I unplugged it and now I have taken it apart to visually inspect. I live in an ultra low humidity area where everything I touch that is metal or mammal (cats) I get a jolt of volts and sparks can be seen at night.

I am watching a YouTube video on removing my HD, but the slideshow never discusses static, then I noticed the guy had an alligator clamp with a wire coming off it attached to metal on the iMac. Then I stopped especially since I'm working on super low nap carpet.

I'm thinking of some DIY method since I don't have any experience. Maybe I'll just wrap my wrist with a copper wire and put the other end into a grounded outlet, would that be safe. Or I could run the end of the wire not connected to me, run it out my window and shove it into the ground?

Thanks for all you folks adding to this topic for people like myself who are clueless and using a YouTube video, LOL. Tino

Total novice.

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zingdangdodah, at the very least, you should use an anti-static wrist strap connected to the bare, unpainted metal of your case’s frame. Also, before you start working on it, discharge any ESD by touching the bare metal case. I personally do not like any device to be plugged in while working on it. I hate to drop a screw, or other metal part, on a potential power source. Also, it is to easy to accidentally turn the device on while working on it. The other thing to use would be an ESD mat to place the device on while working on it. There are some decent tutorials right here and here as well. These are just the basics and there are many more things you can do to protect your equipment and yourself from ESD. Hope this helps, good luck.


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