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Home button the same size as the 4th gen one?


I am replacing the digitizer on an ipod touch 4th gen. It came without a digitizer and home button. I have ordered an new screen, but before I pay for a new home button as well I was wondering if the spare home button I have from a ipod touch 2nd gen is the same size and would fit as well. I don't have a digitizer to try it on yet so I hope someone knows.

Thank you for your time and answers

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As you can see the iPod Touch 4th Generation has a home button of 10.2 millimeters

on the iPod Touch 2nd Generation you can see the home button has a dimension of 10.0 millimeters

The tolerances are plus or minus .4 millimeters so judging from the blueprints I'd say you're within the tolerance and able to use that same home button, let me know how that works out :)


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thanks a lot we will soon see how well this works

No problem, let me know if you need any other assistance

turns out not. It is so close to fitting (very close), but it is just not close enough. Oh well now we know


I just successfully transferred an iPod touch 2nd gen home button flex cable to a iPod touch 4th gen. Only thing needed is a very thin spacer. I ripped apart the original home button and there was a super slim metal contact I was able to reuse. I did notice the back side on the 2nd gen is offset a little. I just repositioned it on the 4th gen. Ipod touch 4th gen works great now.


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