2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Another cry out for help with water damage

So of course… I spilled tea all over my MacBook. Some keys on the keyboard aren't working. I dismantled the Mac and cleaned it. I put everything back together but now it won't turn power on at all. Prior to tearing it down it would power on and stay but half of the keyboard wasn't working.

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Thanks for the advice after taking a second look, I noticed that one of the connectors from the logic board is broken. The cables are intact. Sigh. So does this mean that I need a new logic board? The cable that is suppose to connect to the broken connector is coming from the speaker. I'm not quite sure if that would interfere with turning the laptop on and off? If I have to buy a new logic board, I guess I should buy a new MacBook right? Does Mac have any special connectors for the hard drive to transfer data from one hard drive to another ?


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You really need a professional on this one just to diagnose it. Minimum, you're looking at upper case. If you had a spare upper you could test it out and know if the logic board was still good.


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If the socket on the logic board broke off, that needs a component level repair. But you can live without sound. It would not cause it to fail to start.



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