Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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replaced inverter cable and inverter still no backlight

Hi, I've replaced the inverter cable and the inverter but I still have no backlight.

I did inadvertently try and put the cable into the motherboard socket upside down - is it possible i've damaged the contacts in such a way they no longer make contact with the cable?

I didn't really force it before I figured out it was upside down but who knows..

The fault was definitely with the cable originally - if i moved the cable the backlight would go but eventually it did stop working even when I moved the cable.

Any advice gratefully received.



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nigelgardiner, besides the great answer from Stefano Gigante, also check on this question Screen *extremely dim* on boot, external display works great and read the answer given by "Alberto": " on the logic board there is a fuse that supply's the voltage/ currant to the backlight circuit...its F9800.Its located on the board near the botom of the left fan on the component side of the board.(same side that has the cpu and gpu on it). new model had then on top near the led display cable connector is black white dot. The fuse is a smd and its white with just a dot on it.get your multimeter and if its open circuit thats you problem." Just remember that it is a 2A fuse in an 0402 package. May be this will help, good luck.

Good point. I too checked my logic board when my backlight was acting up. But then I just got a new inverter and cable.

The occurrence of capacitor failure in that area is, fortunately, negligibile. The first things to go are the cable (that bends itself at the hinges: I got a "gnarled" Airport cable, as it makes the same route) and the inverter.

Usually follows the CCFL, whose inherent lifespan is doesn't reach two digits.


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Well, I don't know for example if the cable was connected to something on the other end. A test you could make is placing the original cable back like it was, and check what happens.

You should test with all the combinations, I fear. Place back the old cable and the old inverter, and check if "jiggling" it works.

Then the new cable and the old inverter, then the old cable with the new inverter. Check what happens.

You could also find a multimeter, and check if there's energy running in your new cable.

Also, the culprits for an ailing backlight are four, with the latter being an issue so rare to be negligible:

  1. A worn out ord damaged cable
  2. A worn out inverter
  3. An ailing CCFL lamp in the LCD
  4. Ruined capacitors on the Logic Board

So, check if there's still energy running in the cable, maybe do a test with the old inverter too.

Then, to do a complete troubleshooting, you should try with another LCD panel.


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Hi All

Yeah, I've tried putting the old cable back in, still nothing when moving the screen about.

I did check for continuity on the old cable and it was good, prob was it was frayed and had previous solder (not me) repairs so i guess was shorting out which has possibly blown the logic board fuse.

How would I check if i was getting current to the new cable with multimeter?

I will check the fuse as well.

thanks very much.





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