Why does it not turn on?

Can i ask another question here? My friend gave me this same ipod model but when i used my iphone charger to charge it, it wont go thru. i meant to say it won't turn on. Do we turn it on the same thing we turn it off? I dont know about ipods.

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ernestuspenuela, first off, this is a great iPod, I have a couple of those and love the audio. Anyhow, the reason why it does not charge is because it requires a "Firewire" connection.This model really needs a firewire port to charge and restore and prefers to sync through firewire, even so sync through USBis supported. So, you will need a computer that either has a firewire port, or get an additional expansion card or the Apple Dock connector for this model. You will also need a Firewire AC adapter. Once you have this, your iPod should charge if the battery is still okay.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it really is not. You can get the chargers and the card at very reasonable prices. You can read about your iPod on here and amazingly enough, the user manual is still available right here. It is definitely a good investment. Hope this helps, good luck.


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