Blacklight not working on iPod Video

Why doesnt the blacklight turn on my ipod video after i touch the wheel or hold buttom?

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kleimin, there are a few things you can try. Try to restore the iPod, check/change the backlight and brightness settings, and lastly you can swap out the display. If none of that works, it will be the logic board. Hope this helps, good luck.


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great but the only issue is that the Wheel doesn't work and i cant reset it or get to the settings. and the screen is new. is there any more suggestions. do you think its the mother board?

Oh I am sorry. I did not realize that your click wheel was not working at all. It is possible that it is only your click wheel that gives you the trouble. If you are certain that the connector for the wheel is properly seated, I would go ahead and replace that first. Just make sure that the clip that holds the wheel to the connector is all the way down. Had one before with a bad clip and that was the reason for the failure. It's a lot cheaper to replace that one first. The logic board would be the last thing I would replace.

Thanks for that

i change the wheel and everything work

however their is no light, the setting are set high

so im not sure. I changed the broken screen about 5 months ago.

its essentially new. what are your suggestions.

Looking at the cost involved of this, I would try a new LCD once more. If that does not fix it, it will be an inductor on the logic board. Those are SMD components and are somewhat difficult to a. find and b. to repair. You might be better of with a new board of a new LCD does not work.



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