Power Macs include G3, G4, and G5 models.

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Power Mac G4 Will Not Turn On

My power mac g4 dual processor won't start. I swapped out the power supply and I'm certain I did it correctly. Still no power. Any ideas? Don't really need the computer fixed for very long. Just need to save important data that idiot me never backed up.

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Did you test he power supply before you installed it? Where did it come from?

I got the power supply from MacProOnline.com. No I didn't test it, just assumed it works.

Which PowerMac G4 do you have, since there are three different variations, does it have a mirrored finish in the CD/DVD drive covers? does it have two oval shaped drive covers? or is it a dark blue, or graphite color on the front with neither of these.

It has 1 CD/DVD drive on the face kind of bluish/gray with a mirrored finish. No more disc drives. It's a 450 mhz dual processor.

Someone mentioned taking out the Hard Drive and installing in another computer or attaching to external enclosure and saving to different computer.

What does the hard drive look like? I know, I don't much about them. thanks.

So it's the first generation PowerMac G4, i'll have to look for a picture of the front panel connector online, since i don't have this model.


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Probably a faulty power switch board. Can you swap it with a known working one ?

If you need a back up simply take the drive out of the tower and put it in an external enclosure then do the back up on another computer.


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agreed +

I don't know much about computers other than how to use them. As far as the power switch board, I wouldn't know how to swap it but sure I could figure it out. would probably just buy a new computer before fixing this one. Will try backing up the data.


You have the G4 Gigabit Ethernet Dual 450 GHz, http://www.lowendmac.com/ppc/mystic-powe...

Here is a teardown of a little bit later machine but it will do for our purposes. When the main door is opened the hard drive remains in the main cabinet. It is on the floor under the big fan. There is a gray ribbon cable attached to it that runs from the motherboard. Also a power connection. It is mounted on a plate and held in place by a small Phillips screw. Remove the screw and pull forward to disingage two tabs that hold it to the floor. You can now remove the four screws that hold the plate on. This can be placed in a USB external IDE enclosure or adapter and plugged into another machine. Power Mac G4 Quicksilver Teardown


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Check the power button assembly cable, as well, it can come dissconencted. What are the symptoms? Does the light go on, then off, or does it do nothing? Do the fans spin up, then stop? Does the red light on the logic board ever come on?


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Nothing comes on. No red lights or anything. Just hope the data can be saved. Someone mentioned taking the drive out of the tower and putting it in an external enclosure then doing the back up on another computer. I can give that a try once I figure it out. Thanks.


Block Image

Your Powermac's innards should look somewhat like this, you should check the Front Panel Connector (Yellow) on both ends, and the power supply connector (Orange)


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Great answer Chris. What app do you use to highlight certain parts of a picture like that?

Windows Paint, just found the photo online, and edited it a little



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