DS Lite Touch Screen Purple/Pink Color Issue

Hey Folks,

I was adding in a USB C mod to a Nintendo DS Lite.

The Device was tested prior to opening, no issues, and the mod was installed successfully.

After reconnecting the displays, the bottom touch screen came back with the wrong colors, pink and purple-ish.

I first thought I didn't seat the ribbon cable appropriately, so I reseated several times with no change.

I cleaned and inspected the connector and the ribbon cable, with no signs of damage.

I had another DS lite available, and I swapped both bottom screens

After I swapped screens, the donor screen started to exhibit the color issues, while the original screen on the donor board started to work fine, so it seems to be an issue related to the main board.

Anyone know where to troubleshoot next? Touch and clarity are fine, and the screen works fine on another main board.

NOTE: I also bridged some of the video pins by mistake and think I blew a fuse, so I need to replace those first before I dive back in, but I'd love to know where to look next for this color issue if anyone knows

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