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Graphics Card Upgrade for iMac

Right now my main computer is my iMac (2010 3.6 GHz i5) and it has an ATI Radeon HD 5670. My question is, has anybody tried to put a 2011 iMac's graphic card into a 2010 iMac? I was going to try and get an AMD Radeon 6770m with 512 Mb of vram from the 2011 iMac (21.5") to try and upgrade my current card with. If anybody has any info I would greatly appreciate it. I already have 16Gb of ram and a SSD so this is the last thing I wanted to do to it.



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Please give us the last characters of your serial number, so we can determine your exact machine. There is no 2010 3.6GHz i5 iMac. There is an i3 3.06GHz and the only i5 is 2,8GHz.

There actually is a dual core intel core i5 and 3.6 GHz. It was the highest end model available at the time.

Owen Cunneely, again I ask you to please give us the last 3 characters of your serial number so we can define your machine. (my serial number won't match up because it was after I bought it that I put one of the 3.6 Ghz Dual-Core i5's in it.)

maybe not working, i have try this before not in imac, toshiba satellite i dont remember the exact model it has a module gpu, the original nvidia gpu chip and try the ati gpu chip and it's not working



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AFAIK The graphics card in your Intel iMac is part of the main logic board. Unfortunately therefore it is not possible to increase or change the graphics card.

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I am not afraid to do a teardown as I have been tearing down computers and electronics for close to 5 years now. I know that the connectors will physically match but I don't know if the firmware will.

+ After some research I found the machine in question. It has an integrated Northbridge, video chip. I am perplexed that did not include this system in their video processor upgrade compatibility for the iMac. This is the first time I've run across this irregularity. It appears that Apple has strayed from the norm with this model iMac of using mobile technology on the video and/or CPU. The processor on this iMac is an Intel Clarkdale and classified as a desktop processor, which uses a desktop Northbridge chip - video processor, A.K.A. GPU. Machead3 I am editing your answer back to it's original state, up voting you and offering a sincere apology. I honestly believed I was contradicting you based on a reliable source.

What I am saying is this card I know will physically fit but has anyone heard of someone successfully putting this card in an A1311 iMac from the year before.

I decided to leave the iMac alone and make it into a music, video, and web server. Instead of trying to upgrade it I just ordered a Mac Pro and an AMD Radeon 6970m to install in it. I'm pretty sure this will fix my need for performance.

This answer is incorrect. The GPU is removable. Here's the guide for doing:

iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2389 GPU Card Replacement


Personally I would contact ATI first and ask them about GDDR3 vs GDDR5 iMac graphic cards for those model before even messing around or wasting you time and money. Normally you can't just yank a graphics card just like machead3 stated.

If it where me .. I would backup you iMac HD and one of two things either purchase a used 2011 iMac w the GDDR5 or wait until Apple come out with a new 2012 model. If its true graphics power you want then Mac Pro (towers models) are the best way to go just because of the PCI Express 2.0 slots (16 lane and 4 lane) which what the graphic pros and gamers really need! SSD drives really help a lot also. Processors play a huge part in the graphics cards too .. they have to match the correct specs and data paths to the speeds used to drive each other because of heat issues. ;)

Best of luck ~Xtech


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Personally, I don't know why anyone would buy a MAC and contemplate making a gaming machine out of it. You are stuck with mediocre graphics at best. Some games you will never max out unless you are running duel upper end cards SLI or Crossfire - you just aren't going to get there on a MAC.


There are instructions to do this on this very site. :)

-Edit- But then I see this post is wicked old so meh at least anyone new who happens here through google like I did will find the instructions :P)

iMac 27寸(2009年下半年至2010年款)显卡更换


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