does not crank or start

I have a 2013 1.3 chev utility. After testing glow plugs(due to black smoke when accelerating) it started, took it for short drive and parked it. When i wanted to start it again does not crank or start but dash lights are on. Also don't hear the fuel pump coming on. What could be the problem?

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@shauncloete give us a better description of the model of this Chevy Not sure what model a 1.3 Utility is. If anything it sounds like some sort of rebranded import.



Best I can find out about the Chev 1.3D utility is that it is in South Africa and it has a Fiat engine.

Doesn't help with the crank/ignition problem I know. Can't find a repair, wiring or even an owner manual for it ;-)



@jayeff what an oddity :-)