Why can't my Alienware connect to wifi?

I can only connect to ethernet but when I try troubleshooting or just simply clicking the lower right icon for wifi, nothing but "airplane mode" appears.

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Hi @abygailmag55441,

What happens when you press Fn+F2 (both together), does the WiFi turn on or not?


It still wouldn't work. The only thing that shows is the ethernet connection.



What is the status of the WLAN adapter as shown in Device Manager?

In Win10/11 press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the Device Manager link in the options box that opens.

When in Device manager scroll down to Network Adapters, click to expand the list and the right click on the WLAN entry (it should be either an Intel AC 8260 or Killer Wireless AC 1535) and check what in shows in the Device status box in the General tab