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Why doesn't my new harddrive show up in diskutil?


I installed a new HD in my mini recently after the old one failed. But I can't see it in diskutil or the installer when I boot up from DVD (I tried all tiger, leopard and snow leopard disks).

First I thought I bought a broken harddrive or there is some problem with the mini.

I managed to boot xubuntu from a livecd on the very same mini. And there I can see the HDD fine; I can format it, read write ... whatever I want to do.

I can also connect the mini in target mode to my macbook and there I can access the HDD fine too.

So I installed snow leopard on the HDD via target mode. Now when I boot up I get a stop sign from the mini.

I'm puzzled - if there would be a hardware problem, why does the disk work in ubuntu?


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Sounds like your new drive is to fast for your machine. Try using the jumpers to slow it down to 1.5. Do a web search for the name of your drive and jumpers to find the correct ones to jump.


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+ The jumper configuration for limiting the hard drive to 1.5GBs should be in a diagram on the hard drive's label. The jumper pins are located on the same side of the drive where the cable(s) plug into it.



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