Thinkpad BIOS password reset questions

Thinkpad BIOS passwords are tricky things. I recall them not being dependent on a simple removal of a small CMOS battery but stored in some sort of special thing, it's been awhile since i had to look into this.... however on a model as old as what i am working on not sure if that is applicable or not.

I am looking for some direction or info about how to reset the BIOS password on this X40 Thinkpad i have. ( no machine type# on the bottom)

I would rather try and make use of it and fix it up, couple of other things it needs, and a small laptop would be mine to use..... rather then giving it away for parts or something.

Any input would help, if simply pulling the CMOS battery solves the problem on a model this old then i would be happy to hear that.

Or some kind of Linux tool.

Or if i am just out of luck.

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Please tell us more about this machine and which password you are wanting to remove/recover. Does the machine boot? Can you get to the OPSYS or a prompt? There is the actual BIOS password that lets you change setting in the CMOS/BIOS.. There is also the power on password, the supervisor password and the hard drive password. Are you locked out of the system or the BIOS?

Its a BIOS supervisor password. No system access... Complelty locked out... No HD.... I was aware of the workaround but seemed like a significant amount of work for a laptop of this age, for a newer model yes....... I didn't know about being able to buy a new chip and solder it in. Something i will have to consider with the laptops current condition ( no hard drive, bad battery). im going to try and vote your comment up to an answer...


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Click here for the work around. Click here to purchase a new password storage chip for your laptop. Replacing the chip will solve your problem, it cost a bit more than the work around, but is an easier fix. The fore mentioned solutions are for the Supervisor password, which is the hard one. There are jumper pads in the RAM compartment to reset the power on password.


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Click here For a better price than the original price I gave you. I have not checked Mouser or Newark for availability. This is/was a fairly common chip. At one time it was even found on some sticks or RAM, might still be - I don't know. Thank you for accepting my answer. Good luck with the laptop. I have a couple of T42s to put together.

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I find an article about how to reset BIOS password on Windows laptop, you can read it in:


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I also have X240, I can enter to bios setup but cannot config any thing. so I think It has supervisor password .

please help!!!!


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