New 3ds xl turns on with wifi (possible BSoD?)

Howdy. So this all started when my a button would only register every now and then when being pressed, so I decided to open it. I cleaned everything and reclosed it and it worked. After a week I tried to boot it up and it turns on with the wifi indicator working, but it won't boot up! The back lights turn on and everything but it won't start up!!! I've tried undoing and redoing the ribbon cables connected to the motherboard, taking out the micro sd card and turning it on. I just tried messing with it and the back lights turn on with the blue light on for about 15-20 seconds before the orange wifi comes on then it goes to sleep like it's closed about 5 seconds after that. I have no idea what to do and I'm desperate for any help, please help!!!

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the orange light is the charging indicator, did you mean that one? and what makes you think it's in sleep mode?


@darthmango the orange light I'm referring to is the wifi indicator. When it seems to go to sleep the backlights turn off and the power button pulses like when it is closed, but it does this while it is open.