Why is my 3DS giving Black screen of death and/or freezing?

I have the New 3DS XL in galaxy. It is not homebrewed/CFW. This all started when it failed to read the MicroSD- which was initially fixed with a replacement MicroSD.

Now, sometimes if i try to turn it on, the blue LED comes on as well as the backlight (sometimes), but the wireless light does NOT come on. There is also no sound.

If it does boot, it seemingly works fine until one of 3 things happen:

1) It freezes after roughly 10 or so minutes, sound and all. it requires a soft reset and may Black screen of Death if its rebooted.

2) It will throw up an error during a game.

Also to mention, closing the 3DS to put it into sleep mode will ALSO cause it to freeze.

I do not believe it is the SD slot, as it does this with or without an SD card.

Update (03/10/2023)

I noticed tapping it on its back before turning it on helped it boot- and it seems to turn on and work okay once disabling the wireless communication. However it still freezes when being placed into rest mode. This leaves me to believe it may be the wifi chip or wifi antenna.

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