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Will both computers work?

I want to exchange my new Lion MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz 4 GB hard drive, with the WD 8 MB 500 GB that I recently put into my old MacBook 2.16 GHz Duo Core (I am giving this one to my Grand daughter). I am not a tekkie. I thought this way she would have new insides in old body and I would have new body and bigger memory (gosh just what every Grannie wants). Is this possible or could I create problems? Thanks.

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Hook them up in Target mode via a firewire cable. Boot the old machine holding down the "T" key. This will put an icon of the old machines hard drive onto your desktop. Use SuperDuper to clone the new hard drive onto the old hard drive (this will remove all the old data on that drive so move whatever data you want to keep off of it first (like onto the new machines hard drive).

Now both drives are identical and you can move them.


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I currently have nothing stored on the Lion and only iTunes on the old (which I will put onto an external hard drive to transfer). Therefore I shouldn't need to clone anything. I could just move them and then have Apple reinstall Lion on the new computer.......yes?



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