Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Screen goes black but MacBook is still on!

Hello, the problem is that when i work on my macbook often the screen goes black but the macbook is still on & if i look to the screen i see window & the mouse but i don't have light ... so to resolve this i close the screen then i re open & the screen is on but many times i'm forced to close / reopen 5 6 times or reboot the mac ! i don't know whats wrong ... the hardware test is OK ... :s


i moved the screen many times to test if it is the cable, but the screen still black & when i do F1 / F2 the screen light on. The thing that i don't understand it why for sometimes & not always or often ... If i do an update from 10.5.8 to 10.6.3 it can resolve the problem ? i will test because i have the cd of the update ... i will reply next time.

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i have a similar problem only my screen usually comes back on if i just move it slightly. what should i do? just replace the cable?

I also have the same issue. Recently my MacBook began to die abnormally quickly, and now in the middle of use, the screen goes black as if i turned the brightness all the way down. I can still see activity if i shine a light on it, but i cannot see without it. I can presss F1 all the way, then slowly press F2 again, but it just goes black after about half a second. Very frustrating. Would I have the same issue with the inverter?

Is this a problem that can be caused by impact? I had a pedestrian decide to walk in front of my bike this morning causing me to come off with the Macbook in one of my panniers (padded by a bag and a thick coat). Twice today now the screen has gone black for a couple of seconds then woken up again when I mess around with the buttons and move it about (only found this thread after the second time so haven't determined what the problem is).


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Please read this excellent answer from ABCellars:

Display will often only light up at strange angles - loose contact?


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Lemerise and AB Cellers hit it on the nose. Your problem could be the inverter cable. It could also be a failing inverter. If the screen comes right back on when the screen is moved, I would say the cable, if it's taking time to come back on then I would bet on the actual inverter. To avoid going into it twice, just get a new inverter with cable and replace both. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number and we can get you to the exact correct part and guide for repair.


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I had the same problem with my black macbook A1181 , and the problem at mine was NOT the inverter !! the problem is at the NEON in the display the 2 wires that come out from the inverter ( black and grey , are mine) ,are going straight in to the display , and at the bottom along the display it's a removable piece that is held with some tape and two very little screws at the sides , i've took the piece out , and the black wire at the terminal of the NEON was burned out , i've cut the burned part of the wire , i've cleaned the NEON terminal and solded the black wire back on , and it works like a clock !!


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Great advice, I had the exact same problem and your fix worked perfectly, except my grey wire needed re soldering, not the black one. Wish I read this before buying an inverter and cable. Thanks again


I dropped my macbook and when i close the lid to put it to sleep, then reopen, the screen will show for about 3 seconds then go black but I will be able to see my desktop under the sunlight. I been reading through many posts and played around with the F1 F2 keys.

It's working now until I close the lid or the hard drive goes to sleep again, but I won't be taking any chances haha

So I dimmed the screen down to the lowest setting (even though the screen was black) and then kept pressing F1 and F2 really fast and the screen lights up. But I noticed as soon as I put it on the highest setting it would go black. I eventually kept pressing F1 and F2 back and forth and got my laptop to stay on the medium setting.

I don't know what the actual problem is but I feel like it might be related to the hard drive. I'm too poor to go fix this at the apple store :( Yesterday I closed and opened the lid over 20 times in one sitting just to try to get the screen to stay on.


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