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Why have blades in carafe stopped turning easily?

I have a K-TEC Champ HP3 blender. Counter shows I've used it 187 times. For some reason the blades in the carafe have become stiff and won't turn easily causing the motor to sound very high-pitched when I try to use it. It worked fine the last time I used it which was less than a month ago. Tried 3-in-1 oil and doesn't help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Sounds like the bearing has seized up. Oiling it may work but you risk contaminating your food! They are usually a sealed bearing packed with a food grade lubricant.

Washing the carafe in a dishwasher can exacerbate these types of failures due to the high temperatures and chemicals

You may need to replace the entire carafe if you cant get a new blade/bearing assy.

THIS MANUAL appears to be the same/similar device with a different name - Blendtec are a division of K-TEC. Section 7.3 says to contact customer support. Perhaps it is repairable??


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