CRT Yoke for vintage tv.

Hi, I'm looking for a CRT Yoke for a 1975 Zenith TV, 24" screen, made in America. I have a repairman but I need the part. He called 5 or 6 places and tried on Amazon and ebay, but couldn't find one. I would really like to get this tv repaired as it has worked well for years before it stopped working, and at its worst worked better than the portable flat-screen tv I've been using since my vintage one stopped working. Thanks.

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@vintagefan we need more info on your picture tube etc. Do you have any pictures your can post with your QUESTION? Or any identifying numbers etc. I go out on a limb here and assume its black and white? Any more identifier on what exact model your Zenith is?




Hi, I don't have any pictures I can post, but here are the specs for the tv:


Date Assembled: January 1975

Model #: F4541W

Serial #: 6839135

Chassis #: 28FC45

And some #, don't quite know what it's for: 912A218. (Maybe it identifies the plant it was assembled in? Or maybe this is the chassis #?)

The tv is in a wood cabinet, which has short legs. If I'm measuring it right, it has a 24" screen.

Hope this information helps.





Just noticed your comment on black and white. Actually, it's a color tv.