My DAEWOO side-by-side refrigerator leaks from the water dispenser

Hi, I have an almost-8-year-old DAEWOO American style refrigerator. The original problem was that the fridge stopped cooling properly a few days ago. I went online and the first solution that popped up was to reset the appliance. I unplugged it for almost an hour or so, and it started working normally when I plugged it back in. But then another problem began today morning: there's now a leak from the water dispenser. It's not from the outer outlet though, and the water's leaking from the ice container in the freezer. I noticed this when I opened the freezer door and a drop suddenly fell. It's neither much nor persistent, but I feel like there is a connection with the other problem, and I'm honestly worried. The digital monitor ocassionally shows a "QUICK" message ever since the cooling problem began that quickly disappears again. Does anyone have any ideas what the actual issue might be? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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